60+ Cute & Funny Nicknames For Benjamin

Nicknames For Benjamin

The name Benjamin reminds us of the greatest world leaders of all times, varying from President Benjamin Harrison to Benjamin Franklin. This title also makes for an excellent biblical choice as it was recorded in the Old Testament as the youngest son of Rachel and Jacob. Benjamin is also a popular name for founding a Hebrew tribe.

Today, in a world of fast-paced trends, Benjamin remains a classic. It is a stylish name that echoes trustworthiness and conventionalism, both at the same time.

Therefore, its uniqueness makes it all the way more important to find a fitting nickname for someone bearing this name, which is why, in this article, we have handpicked over 60 cute and funny nicknames for Benjamin!

Additionally, each nickname comes with our friendly advice to help you make the best choice for the special person in your life.

But before we get started, let us first explore the meaning of Benjamin and where this name hails from.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Benjamin

Benjamin is a famous name for males that is taken from “Binyamin,” a Hebrew name. It was first recorded and used in Genesis, which is a text in the Bible).

Jacob’s son, Benjamin, also discovered one of the twelve Israeli tribes. Typically, this name translates into “Son of my right hand,” and can be a great title for a man who is the last son in a family, just the way it is used Biblically.

Now that we know the meaning and origin of this name, let us head straight to some of the greatest pet names for Benjamin!


Cute Nicknames For Benjamin

Wondering what the most adorable nicknames for the Benjamin in your life are? Then you’re at the right place!

Scroll through some of the cutest monikers for Benjamin that will make you go “Awww!” in a split second!

  1. Beanie – A cute nickname that’s taken from a small-sized hat worn towards the rear end of the head.
  2. Bee – Use this nickname for someone who keeps buzzing around with enthusiasm.
  3. Ben – One of the most sought-after nicknames for Benjamin that we love.
  4. Bennie – Quite a playfully cute nickname for someone named Benjamin.
  5. Button – Pick this nickname for someone who is cute as a button!
  6. Beni – This nickname is pronounced as “Be-nny.”
  7. Benny – Another variant of Beni with the same pronunciation, but different spelling.
  8. Benjy – A delightful diminutive of the name Benjamin.
  9. Benji – A similar nickname as above, but it is spelled differently.
  10. Jam – Taken from the letters in the middle of Benjamin. Also, a great nickname for someone who loves jam!
  11. Jamie – Pick this nickname for a little toddler who is too young to pronounce his name.
  12. Benjuu – A delightful combination of Benjamin and Boo, that you can use for your boyfriend.
  13. Banana – Pick this pet name for someone whom you go bananas with whenever they’re around!
  14. Ben Junior – A fitting nickname for the second-born child of the family.
  15. Benn – Use this nickname for a big boy named Benjamin!
  16. Jay – This nickname is pronounced as the letter “J.”
  17. Benj – In case you’re all game for a short and sweet pet name for Benjamin.
  18. Jamin – A nickname that is taken from the last five letters of the name Benjamin.


Funny Nicknames For Benjamin

Nothing beats the fun you experience by picking a funny nickname for your loved one that leaves everyone around you bursting into fits of laughter!

If a light-hearted, whimsical pet name is what you are seeking, then look no further than this list:

  1. Bamboo – Pick this nickname for someone who is a bit of an idiot.
  2. Blueberry – A giggle-inducing way of addressing someone who is sweeter than a berry!
  3. Bamboozo – Pick this nickname for a compulsive liar.
  4. Banjo – This nickname is inspired by a musical instrument bearing the name.
  5. Benji Bro – Use this pet name for the coolest guy you know.
  6. Ben-Jammin – Pick this nickname for someone who is the life of the party!
  7. Ben 10 – This pet name is culled from the popular animated series and is ideal to keep for a young boy named Benjamin.
  8. Babyface – A nickname for an adult with a baby-like appearance.
  9. Big Ben – A nickname that’d look funny on a large-sized, chubby boy named Benjamin.
  10. Baghead – Quite an offensive way to call out a druggie.
  11. Barmpop – Another crazy nickname for a guy named Benjamin who is very stupid.
  12. Beersty – An ideal nickname for a man who is always thirsty for beer.
  13. Burpie – Pick this nickname for someone who is a big-time foodie.
  14. Bazinga – Sheldon Cooper’s favorite phrase to use, and so is ours! Use this for a genius.
  15. Blabber Chabber – Use this nickname for someone who just cannot seem to stop talking.
  16. Blooper – Pick this one for a guy who is barely serious about anything.
  17. Booger – This nickname belongs to a very unhygienic guy named Benjamin.
  18. Bagel – Food names always appear comical to us somehow.


Mean Nicknames For Benjamin

A mean nickname is a great way of getting back at someone who shares a very crazy equation with you. Here are some of the meanest pet names for someone named Benjamin, that we’re sure you will love!

  1. Lamebrain – Pick this nickname for someone who cracks the lamest jokes.
  2. Farty – Use this nickname for a guy who farts a lot.
  3. Blop – A slangy and abusive pet name that is synonymous with that of a dog.
  4. Fatso – Body shaming is not cool, but use this if you want to be extra mean!
  5. Deadhead – Use this person for a guy named Benjamin, who you think is mentally retarded.
  6. BIV – An abbreviated version that’s short of “Booger in view.”
  7. Baghead – An offensive nickname for someone who is a drug addict.
  8. Goob – Another slangy nickname for someone who is stupid.
  9. Stinker – A nice way to call out someone who stinks really badly.
  10. Donkey – Use this nickname for a guy named Benjamin who is the fool in your circle.
  11. Hefty Wefty – A mean nickname for a fat man bearing the name Benjamin.
  12. Nutter – An informal slangy nickname for someone named Benjamin.
  13. Class Clown – Pick this pet name for someone who possesses a clown-like personality.


Popular Nicknames For Benjamin

If you are wondering what the most sought-after and cherished pet names for the name Benjamin are, then look no further than this list of the most popular nicknames for your loved one:

  1. B – We think single-letter pet names sound extremely cool.
  2. Enj – Another short nickname that is a perfect fit for youngsters and adults alike.
  3. Nim – This nickname is curated by reversing the last three letters in the name Benjamin.
  4. Benja – One of the most dearly used pet names for someone named Benjamin.
  5. Beng – In case you want to go for a short nickname that’s similar to the original name.
  6. Beejey – This one is pronounced as “bee-jay.”
  7. Benito – Pick this nickname in case the guy named Benjamin in your life is an Italian.
  8. Benjen – Culled from the fictional character in Game of Thrones, named Benjen Stark.
  9. Beniamino – Another Italian variant for the name Benjamin.
  10. Franklin – This pet name is inspired by the late Benjamin Franklin.
  11. Frank – A shortened version of the aforementioned nickname, ideal for someone who is interested in politics!
  12. Batman – Use this nickname for someone who is a Benjamin Affleck fan from Batman.
  13. Benjermin – This nickname is exclusive to a guy who belongs to Germany.
  14. Bunny Benny – An adorable way of addressing someone who is younger, and so very dear to you.


Unique Nicknames For Benjamin

Great nicknames are similar to movie theatre seats because the best ones are always taken!

However, if are someone who would rather make do with a unique endearment than a name that is popular (but common), then have a look at our list of the finest nicknames for someone named Benjamin:

  1. Binge-Man – Use this nickname for a guy who loves hogging on food.
  2. Enjamin – Just ditch the “B” and you are good to go!
  3. Peni – A cute, Irish variant of the name Benjamin.
  4. Benoni – A unique nickname that translates into “son of my sorrow.”
  5. Bruno – A typical dog name, but makes a delightful nickname for someone named Benjamin.
  6. Mr. B – The perfect blend of sassy and classy.
  7. Bibi – A Hebrew variant of the name Benjamin.
  8. Yemin – Yet another Hebrew variant that’s also a unique nickname for someone named Benjamin.
  9. Benniton – An American term of endearment that translates into “Little blessed one.”


Conclusion: Nicknames For Benjamin

So, this was all about some of the cutest and funniest nicknames for someone named Benjamin. We hope that our all-inclusive list has helped you find the perfect nickname that strikes a chord with the special guy in your life or at least inspired you to create one that matches his persona.

Remember, that in the end, it all boils down to enjoying the nicknaming journey and picking a name that strengthens your bond with your loved one.

Lastly, if you have another nickname in mind that you think is worth mentioning, then be a dear, and don’t forget to share it with us!

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