60+ Adorable Nicknames For Barbara

Nicknames For Barbara

From the European landscape to the American territory, Barbara is positioned as one of the most classic girl names for all age groups. Whether it is a lively girl with this name or your white-haired, dear grandmother, Barbara is a rhythmic staple with an even fascinating history! In fact, it is one of the chicest titles that echo a dash of panache with subtlety.

Now that you are venturing in the nicknaming expedition, you must be familiar that picking the perfect pet name for your loved one is no child’s play. From deciding on an endearment that best suits your beloved’s personality, to making sure that it pleasant-sounding, there are an array of things to consider before setting your heart at the one.

This is why, today’s article is about some of the most adorable nicknames for women named Barbara, along with our friendly word of advice on each option so that you pick the best one out of the lot!

But before gearing into our list of nicknames for Barbara, let us first explore what this name means, and where it has originated from.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Barbara

The name Barbara bears a Latin origin, and is the feminine rendition of Barbados, the Greek phrase that translates into “funny or strange.” Additionally, the earliest records of this name, according to researchers, have spawned from the Roman Catholic Saint Barbra.

He was popularly known for having been imprisoned within the confines of a tower. Subsequently, this led to him becoming a patron of stonemasons, architects, geologists, and fortifications.

Some of the most notable bearers of this gorgeous name include Barbara Pym (a novelist), Barbara Stanwyck (an actress), and Barbara Gordon, who was the Batgirl of the comic books.

Another interesting fact is that this name joined the Top 100 race during the 1913s, and finally jumped its way through the Top 10 almost after a decade and a half. From 1937 to 1944, Barbara bagged the Number 2 position and made an impeccable comeback among some of the sassiest names starting with B for females.

Now that we are familiar with the history of this name, let us plunge straight into the list of nicknames for Barbara.


Cute Nicknames For Barbara

A cute nickname is absolutely essential for anyone you hold dear in your heart. A girl with such an adorable nickname like Barbara deserves an even more adorable nickname that helps reflect her dazzling personality wherever she goes.

If you are looking for a pleasant pet name that puts a warm smile on your loved one, then look no further than this list:

  1. Barbie – This nickname resembles the name Barbara, and who wouldn’t love being addressed as a Barbie?!
  2. Baba – Pick this delightful-sounding pet name for a little girl named Barbara.
  3. Bonnie – An appropriate nickname for a marvelous woman who is the Bonnie to your Clyde!
  4. Barbu – In case you want to keep it extra sweet, go for this nickname right here!
  5. Babsy – Because calling your loved one “baby,” is too mainstream.
  6. Babbie – Another endearing nickname for Barbara that we adore to bits.
  7. Bar – A simple, short, sweet, and significant nickname for a girl whom you dearly love.
  8. Barb – This nickname is derived by taking the first four letters from the original name, Barbara.
  9. Itsy Bitsy – Pick this bewitching nickname for a little toddler bearing the name Barbara.
  10. Bebe – This utterly adorable nickname bears a Latin origin and translates into “foreign woman.”
  11. Barrrrr – Pronounce this nickname with a whole lot of emphasis on the Rs at the end.
  12. Barbs – For someone who wants to add a dash of quirk to a cute nickname for someone named Barbara.
  13. Babie – Not your conventional nickname, but a rather sophisticated one with a unique spelling.
  14. Bougainvillea – Nickname your gorgeous, youthful gal-pal named Barbara after a flower.
  15. Pudding – What a cute way to address someone who means the world to you! Isn’t it?
  16. Babz – This is yet another cool nickname that has a spunky ring to it.
  17. Bee – Pronounce this nickname the same way you would pronounce the letter B.
  18. BB – Double trouble, because why not?
  19. Ara – This cute nickname of Arabic origin is derived by taking the last three letters from the original name Barbara.


Funny Nicknames For Barbara

If you feel like all the funny nicknames for Barbara have already been taken, then think again! Listed below are some of the most comical and giggle-inducing pet names for the special woman in your life.

You can use them as they are, or give your favorite one your very own personalized spin! Have a look:

  1. Booger – Pick this nickname for the most unhygienic woman you know.
  2. Blabber-box – A funny-sounding nickname that you can give to a lady who simply doesn’t stop talking.
  3. Banana – Pick this nickname for a very slim-looking girl named Barbara.
  4. Boozey – Use this pet name for a woman who is also an alcoholic.
  5. Blueberry – Because there is something undeniably whimsical about food nicknames!
  6. Ms. Bicker – Use this nickname for a girl who always keeps bickering.
  7. Bacardi – Another lighthearted nickname for a girl named Barbara who loves her share of alcohol.
  8. Baddie – A nickname that is ideal for a girl with a badass nature.
  9. Barmpop – This is a slangy nickname that ideally translates into “an idiot.”
  10. Bazinga – Pick this Sheldon Cooper-inspired nickname for a lady named Barbara who is blessed with good humor.
  11. Baby face – Use this nickname to tease an adult who has a baby-like face.
  12. Bee-a-tch – When you have a sudden urge to cuss someone, but subtly!
  13. Beef Patty – Quite an offensive nickname that’s meant for a fat girl named Barbara.
  14. Bear – Use this nickname for a very hairy-looking girl bearing the name Barbara.
  15. Bib – Pick this nickname for a playful girl who acts very kiddish.
  16. Bluffy – A nickname for a woman who is great at being pretentious.


Unique Nicknames For Barbara

If the girl named Barbara in your life is as rare as a gem, then she probably deserves a unique nickname that sets her apart from the crowd. Have a look at some of the most exquisite endearments that we are sure you will love:

  1. Era – A spectacular nickname that you can use for a stylish girl named Barbara.
  2. Lara – This nickname somewhat rhymes with the name Barbara.
  3. Carla – This is a German nickname that usually translates into “free woman.”
  4. Arbara – Spell Barbara backward, and there you go!
  5. Barbzb – This nickname is culled from the fan group of Nicki Minaj, the popular American rapper.
  6. Busy B – Pick this nickname for a woman named Barbara who tends to work a lot.
  7. BB – The more the Bs, the merrier it is!
  8. Queen B – This stellar pet name is inspired by Beyonce’s nickname.
  9. Bibi – A nickname of Persian origin that translates into “lady of the house.”
  10. Barbi – We love the way this nickname is spelled.
  11. Babette – This is a French nickname meaning “My God is my oath.”
  12. Bobbi – A unique Latin pet name that you can use for a toddler named Barbara.
  13. Arbara – Just ditch the B and you are good to go!
  14. Babb – Another feisty nickname that is pronounced as “Bayeb.”
  15. Aria – This Italian endearment translates into “wind,” or “melody.”


Creative Nicknames For Barbara

If your beloved has a penchant for creativity and an impressive artsy side, then she is sure to love a thoughtful nickname that is curated with ingenuity. Listed below are some of the most creative set of pet names that you can pick for someone named Barbara:

  1. Barbera – This is an Italian variant of the name Barbara.
  2. Barabal – Pick this Scottish derivative of the name Barbara for a girl who is somewhat tomboyish.
  3. Berry – Use this fruit-inspired nickname for a sweet-natured woman bearing the name Barbara.
  4. Barbel – A stunning nickname that echoes a whole lot of sass.
  5. Barbarella – This princess-like nickname rhymes with Cinderella.
  6. Arb – In case you do not wish to go too overboard with your nickname.
  7. Babsie Boo – This is a bewitching nickname that you can use for your boo!
  8. B’ra – This nickname is pronounced as “Bee-ra.”
  9. Babs – Yet another cool nickname that is ideal for a girl-next-door kind of Barbara.
  10. Burberry – This nickname is culled from the popular British luxury brand with the same title. Pick this for someone who is a compulsive shopaholic!
  11. Bar Bar – Use this pet name if you are all game for some double-trouble!
  12. Barba – Another awesome nickname that’s a shortened version of the original name Barbara.


Conclusion: Nicknames For Barbara

So, this was all about some of the greatest nicknames for women named Barbara. No matter which one you choose, nicknames are always ought to be fun and help strengthen your bond with the people whom you dearly love.

We hope that our chain of nicknames has helped you find the one that mirrors your beloved’s personality, or at least inspired you to curate one of your own!

If you have another awesome nickname for Barbara that you think is worth sharing with our readers, then make sure to send it across!

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