50+ Popular Nicknames For Avery

Nicknames For Avery

Avery is a unisex name, suitable for both boys and girls. This name was originally used for boys, but it is increasingly becoming a very popular name for girls as well. Avery could be that cute guy in your class whose sense of humor is impeccable or a colleague who has helped you through your tough time. Even though your bond with each Avery is unique, we will help you find the right pet names for each of them in one place.

We are here to help you find some amazing nicknames for Avery, be it a guy friend or a girl. We have curated a list of 50+ beautiful nicknames suitable for someone named Avery, and we are sure that you will find one you like.

But you might be wondering how this unique name came about and what does it even mean, before we get on with our nicknaming, let’s tell you a bit about the origin and meaning of this distinguished name.


Origin and Meaning of the name Avery

The name Avery has come about with twin roots. It is speculated that this unique name has been born from the combination of Old English words ‘aelf’ and ‘ric’ which means elf and power respectively. So, Avery means “ruler of the elves” or “powerful elf”.

We know it seems like a weird name, by looking at this version of its significance, but you must remember that elves were conceived to be magical and powerful creatures, so their ruler was supposed to be invincible and super cool.

It is also probable that this name came about from the French and German root words of Alfred or Alberich, all of which roughly translate to the same meaning, “elf counsel”.


Popular Nicknames for Avery

When it comes to finding nicknames for a relatively less widespread name like Avery you can feel confused. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some popular choices for nicknames for someone named Avery.

  1. Ava – This name effortlessly follows for a girl named Avery, the most popular choice for a suave nickname for Avery.
  2. Avalon – A name that gives out a powerful vibe, this one is for a gym freak.
  3. Avril – French name which translates to the month of April, if you want to name someone born in the month of April, this is a good choice.
  4. AV – You can never go wrong with initials as a nickname.
  5. Eve – This name is as eternal as the story of Adam and Eve itself.
  6. Vivi – A name that catches on quickly and never gets old.
  7. Arvo – Australian slang for an afternoon, a lazy and laidback name for a boy.
  8. Ivy – For all brainiacs who might land up in Ivy League colleges.
  9. Archie – A name that is getting all the buzz around, a trendy name for Avery!
  10. Eva – Only a tad bit different to Eve, but you can take our pick.
  11. Avalee – Just tweaking the original name a bit, we get this fun nickname.
  12. Audrey – Any Audrey Hepburn fans out here?
  13. Avy – Short and stylish, two important qualities of nicknames in one.
  14. Arya – Game of Throne fans, no need to look ahead. We know you found what you were looking for.


Cute Nicknames for Avery

The nicknames that stick around for a long time and are loved by all, always have one thing in common, it is the cuteness element that sets them apart. An adorable nickname says how much you love the person you give them to and is bound to make your relationship stronger.

So, here are some cute nicknames for Avery, that will surely make you smile.

  1. Avocado – It is cuter than you think to give food items as nicknames to your loved ones.
  2. Ree Ree – A classic endearing nickname choice for someone named Avery.
  3. Berry – Keeping the trend of cute food nicknames going on, this one sounds adorable. Perfect for a little girl.
  4. Mon Vie – French for “my life”, what a special name for the love of your life.
  5. Ara – This nickname works for boys and girls both, short and simple.
  6. Vow – There is nothing more beautiful than a vow to your loved ones, this name speaks volumes about your feelings despite being short.
  7. Rory – Gilmore Girls fans out there, this one is for you.
  8. Cutie – This name needs no selling, it’s rightfully a blockbuster nickname.
  9. Violet – A flower and a color, this name is a cute alternative from the cliched nicknames out there.
  10. Lil-V – If you are looking to nickname a newborn Avery, this one is for you.
  11. Bakery – If Avery loves to bake mouthwatering treats, this nickname is perfect for them.
  12. Evelyn – This name is a safe choice for a nickname that will be loved by all.
  13. Fairy – Specially curated for a little baby Avery, who is obsessed with fairytales.


Funny Nicknames for Avery

A nickname is not just a name, it is an expression of your unique bond with a person. If you happen to share a fun relationship with someone named Avery, we also have some quirky nicknames for you to choose from.

These names will tickle your funny bone. Have a look!

  1. Celery – Calling out all the health junkies out there, we have something for you too!
  2. Ivory – For someone who as precious to you as Ivory itself. This one is our personal favorite.
  3. Avalanche – For someone who takes life by the storm. A powerful nickname, which fits in perfectly.
  4. Curvy – A perfect nickname for Avery who rocks those curves.
  5. E 3 – If Avery who happens to be the third child in the family, this a fun name to give them
  6. A worry – If Avery makes you constantly worry about herself, she is a worry in your life already.
  7. Lake Erie – A fun take on the name, we know this made you laugh too!
  8. Armani – For your Shopaholic friend, a name after a luxurious international brand.
  9. Savory – If you savor their presence in your life, you can choose this name that will express your feelings aptly.
  10. Ray – For Avery, who is like that ray of sunshine in your life, making it brighter and more beautiful.
  11. Viva – Nobody likes those intimidating viva sessions, but we are sure to love this nickname.
  12. Arrow – For Avery who is as straight as an arrow.
  13. Lottery – What could be a more flattering nickname than to call some literally, a lottery.
  14. Av-Bee – If Avery is as busy as a bee, this nickname can be a reminder for them to make time for you.


Unique Nicknames for Avery

A name as unique and different as Avery deserves a nickname that is just as distinctive. Listed below are some unique options for a nickname for someone named Avery, which you will probably not find anywhere else.

  1. Avelynn – Adds a touch of Victorian spice to an otherwise contemporary name.
  2. Veer – An Indian origin name which means “brave”, goes perfectly for a boy Avery.
  3. A 1 – This is a catchy name that is a compliment for someone who is number 1 in your life.
  4. Eywa – We hope you get the Avatar reference here, Eywa signifies the universal energy of nature. Beautiful and enchanting nickname for Avery.
  5. Ira – An extremely famous name with origins in many languages, among them is the Hebrew one which means “the watchful one”.
  6. Reva – Just randomly jumble some letters from the name and arrive at a unique nickname.
  7. Wavy – If Avery sports wavy hair, why not use this distinctive name for them.
  8. Avon – It means river and is a popular name through and through.
  9. A Very – An offbeat choice, made by just adding an additional apace, but who said all nicknames make perfect sense. Silly ones are honestly so much better!
  10. Arwen – A name right out of the Lord of the Rings universe, that we totally approve of.



Here we are at the end of our 50+ awesome nickname list for Avery. We hope you have as much fun giving these nicknames to your dear Avery, as we had listed them out for you.

We are always on the lookout to add more quirky nicknames to our article, if you happen to think of any more probable nicknames for Avery, then please do send them to us. We might include them in our list here for more people to see.

Happy nicknaming!

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