50+ Adorable Nicknames For Autumn

Nicknames For Autumn

The season of Autumn or fall marks the transition from summers to winters, beginning in September (Northern Hemisphere) or March (Southern Hemisphere) when the duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools considerably.

The season of fall provides a much-needed respite from shooting temperatures and prepares us for the frosty days that lie ahead in the year. The falling leaves paint the world orange, and it is also the color that is associated with Halloween that is also celebrated during this time.

This name has been long used as a feminine name in the United States and parts of Europe.

If you are on the lookout for a name that is hippie and classic, not too heavy on scriptures, something that is evergreen and fresh, or if fall is your favorite time of the year then the name Autumn is a deserving candidate. It’s also a great way to address baby girls who are born during fall, simple and sweet.

Today we will give you 50+ adorable nicknames for Autumn in this blog post, together with some quirky tips on where they suit better. But before that let’s know what this name stands for.

Origin and Significance of the name Autumn

The most striking feature of the Autumn season is the shedding of leaves, hence the name Autumn which is derived from the Latin root “atumnus”, meaning fall.

To Autumn” is a celebrated poem by John Keats, where he describes this season as a time of natural bounty and fertility or “mellow fruitlessness”.

Autumn is a time to sit back, relax and express gratitude for all that we have been bestowed with, the festival of Thanksgiving and Halloween are both key elements of this joyful time period of the year. Many fruits and vegetables are also harvested during this time hence autumn symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

It is probable that you already have a woman named Autumn in your life but could not think of an appropriate pet name for them.

Worry no more! We are here to save the day, here is our blog giving you more than 50 adorable nickname ideas for the name Autumn, all of which are as unique and refreshing as this name.

Read on ahead and find out what they are, and who they can be best used for.


Famous Nicknames for Autumn

The nicknames listed below are unbeatable classics for the name Autumn. They are short, simple, and unique, and will help you express your adoration for your Autumn.

  1. Autie – A classic short name for someone named Autumn which is a safe option to choose.
  2. Ottie – Here is a different take on the above name.
  3. Amy – Big Bang theory fans will swoon over this name taken after Sheldon Cooper’s love interest in the show.
  4. Tums – Here is another short name that oozes out love and joy. This one is especially suitable for a baby Autumn.
  5. Auttery – A random name that sounds awfully sweet.
  6. Tanya – Here is a unique attempt at a nickname that is suave and chic.
  7. Toni – Short, simple, and sweet: all the attributes of a good nickname in one.
  8. Tatum – A professional basketball player, use this as a pet name for a sporty Autumn or for an Autumn who is tall.
  9. Atom – A scientific name that means the smallest building block of matter, a name which is fit for an infant named Autumn or a geeky science student.
  10. Tim – Another overused nickname that goes for all kinds of names one of which is surely Autumn.
  11. Aunty – Use this name to tease your buddy Autumn who is a bit old school.
  12. Matte – Matte makeup is all the rage right now and so can be this nickname for a stylish girl.


Cute Nicknames for Autumn

Endearing nicknames are a crucial tool that helps solidify your bond with your loved ones. Find some awfully cute pet-names for the love of your life named Autumn, that will make you go Awww!

  1. Otter – What’s better than a nickname taken after a cute and fuzzy little creature.
  2. Tutu – We can never get enough of rhyming syllables as nicknames that sound awfully endearing.
  3. Auts – Love the trendy vibe that this short and stylish nickname offers.
  4. Oven Mitts – Is Autumn a professional baker? If Yes, then this name is tailor-made for them.
  5. M&Ms – For an Autumn who is sweet as this chocolate. Also works for a child who loves candy.
  6. Tatter Tots – If you are looking for a nickname for a kid, this one can be your innovative choice.
  7. Momento – Isn’t this a perfect name to let your Autumn know that you cherish them deeply.
  8. Team A – Sweet way of telling your Autumn that you will always be on her side, no matter what.
  9. Cotton – A cute name for a soft and cuddly Autumn with a tender heart and the best hugs.
  10. Humdrum – Here is a name fit for a woman who is the life of a party.
  11. Ottoman – Sounds quite similar to Autumn, an offbeat name for you to choose.


Funny Nicknames for Autumn

What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to names for close buddies a whole lot of things, an inside joke, a crude comment, or even a sarcastic and offensive remark. Here are some hilarious nicknames for Autumn who is your best pal.

  1. Bottom’s Up – A witty nickname option for your Booze buddy Autumn.
  2. Rum – An intoxicating woman named Autumn is the one for this name.
  3. Auto – This can be used for someone who is a good driver or fond of going on long drives.
  4. Potty – We feel sorry for the Autumn who will have to bear this gross nickname, but it gets full points for being hilarious from us.
  5. Fortnite – Here is a name after a hit multiuser videogame for all the gaming ninjas out there.
  6. Tummy – Another one for your plump aunt or granny Autumn. We can also see a baby Autumn pulling off this name quite well.
  7. Satan – An evil nickname for your elder sibling Autumn who is always pranking you and getting on your nerves.
  8. Dumb – Well, what use is a best friend if you cannot give them demeaning pet names like this one.
  9. Eatery – Chubby girl Autumn is the one for this slightly offensive nickname.
  10. Atta Boy! – This is common slang for Well done! A name that is high on energy for a bubbly girl.


Cool Nicknames for Autumn

If you want a name that is a trendsetter and fit for a teenager, you have landed at the right place. These new-age nicknames will be a game-changer for you. Have a look!

  1. Bell Bottom – Here is a name for a fashionista named Autumn.
  2. Almond – We always have a unique nickname suggestion for health junkies. Also, a valid option for a baby Autumn.
  3. Ooty – A famous hill station in India, perfect for a mountain head.
  4. Autotune – A quirky name that can be opted for Autumn who is into music or sings professionally.
  5. Toyota – An Automobile manufacturing company might just be a unique nickname that sticks for a long time.
  6. Mutton – A name fit for a hardcore carnivorous, who cannot do without lamb chops.
  7. Akon – Is Autumn the Rockstar of your life, well this name this made for them specially.
  8. Hottie – Flattering nicknames for your girlfriend is always a good idea.
  9. Nuts – A witty way to call your buddy who is only a tad bit crazy.


Unique Nicknames for Autumn

A unique nickname may come in handy if you just met a girl named Autumn, who you wish to make a solid impression on. Have a look at some nicknames that will set you apart from the crowd.

  1. Audi – A name that is calling out to fans of fancy wheels.
  2. Audrey – Looking for a celebrity nickname for your special girl? Here you go!
  3. Fall – The most obvious pet name that follows the name Autumn effortlessly.
  4. Quantum – Is Autumn studying to be an engineer? Well here is a geeky name that will be suitable for them.
  5. Eminem – Who would not love to be called the king of rappers.
  6. Minty – An Autumn who smells amazing all the time can be given this nice and little name.
  7. Oats – For Autumn who is always obsessing over her weight and watching what she eats.
  8. OOTD – Abbreviation for “Outfit of the day”, a trendy name for a stylish girl who loves to dress up.
  9. Nutty – Another distinct name that can work as a shorter version of Autumn.
  10. Tattoo – For Autumn who is already inked or planning to have a cool tattoo soon.
  11. Yum – Urban slang is used for a person you are attracted to.



Finally, we are at the end of our list of 50+ adorable nicknames for Autumn. We know you like each of them and it’s tough to pick just one. If you have any more nickname suggestions for Autumn, we request you to send them in, because there is no such thing as too many options.

Happy Nicknaming!

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