60+ Beautiful Nicknames for Aurora

Nicknames for Aurora

Hey there! We are about to open some more little boxes of love, and this time, they are for Aurora. Aurora is a name that undoubtedly speaks of beauty, elegance, integrity, and strength.

You might have known this name as held by a Disney princess who is redeemed by a prince, but don’t think of a girl named Aurora as a ‘damsel in distress.’

For all we know, Aurora reflects a graceful blend of courage and kindness. If you happen to have someone close who goes by this name, you know that they are nothing less than a treasure.

All sections in this article are loaded with varied and brilliant nicknames for Aurora, and each of the suggestions is accompanied by a tiny note of advice to help you choose the best nickname for Aurora.

We would ask you to go through the lists at your ease and weigh your options well to find the one that fits her. Now, let’s jump right into the magic hole of nicknames!


Cute Nicknames for Aurora

We suggest you massage your jaws for a bit because this list will make you smile all the way along. And if you want to do the same to Aurora, you should definitely pick a cutesy nickname for her from this bundle. These names will make her cheeks flush red, and her eyes glitter with love and gratitude.

So, take a plunge in this sugar bowl and let us know how you like it!

  1. Ro – A tinnie-minnie nickname for an Aurora who you always want to see happy.
  2. Rora – Cut the name short to get this pretty little nickname.
  3. Uro – This one is not only cute but very unique too.
  4. Roro Bunny – If Aurora is a naughty little girl who keeps hopping around and doesn’t stay still for a minute, then call her by this pet name.
  5. Aurie – What do you think about this gorgeous nickname for Aurora?
  6. Li’l A – This one is a no-brainer if Aurora is a tiny tot who can make your day just by being around you.
  7. Rora Cake – If Aurora is like a yummy and chocolatey Dora cake, then you can use this one for her.
  8. Muffin – Another cutie-patootie nickname for someone who adds only sweetness to your life.
  9. Rollie Pollie – This uber adorable nickname is loved by all and makes a lovely endearment for children.
  10. Choco Roll – Call her this if she can lift up your mood like a delicious choco roll.
  11. Rorange Pie – If Aurora is a mix of sweet and tangy, then this customized nickname will fit her well.
  12. Auro-nion – Made out of ‘minion,’ this one will make her feel cozy and special.
  13. Raisin – One of the cutest foods out there, this one will make a fine and dazzling nickname.
  14. Aury Berry – Call Aurora by this pet name if she fills your day with love and vibrance.
  15. Oreo – If she is one of those people who have a hard exterior but are soft at heart, then this cookie name is for her.
  16. Teddy Baur – If Aurora knows what to do when you are feeling dull, then that cutie has to be called by this name.


Funny Nicknames for Aurora

Welcome to our laughter fest! The following nicknames are insanely funny, and you can take credit for the amazing sense of humor when you call Aurora by these.

So, if you think that a funny nickname would suit your relationship with her the best, then check out the names below and we’re sure you will find something great.

  1. Audio – This one is for an extremely soft-spoken girl who needs to turn up her audio.
  2. Roast-ora – If Aurora is super sarcastic, snazzy, and is amazing at roasting people, then go for this one.
  3. Snora – A humorous pet name for the girl whose loud snores don’t let you sleep at night.
  4. Autocorrect – Tickle her funny bones with this nickname if she is that friend who keeps correcting people’s grammar.
  5. Sephora – This rhyming nickname
  6. Photora – For an Aurora who is obsessed with getting her pictures clicked wherever she goes.
  7. Robot – If Aurora’s brief words and actions remind you of a robot, then this colorless person has to be called by this pet name.
  8. Au-ramble – For the chatterbox who keeps mumbling about her life.
  9. Au-ranty – If Aurora has something to rant about every time you see her, then reserve this nickname for her.
  10. Au-rage – If you think that Aurora is usually irritable or angry, then this would make a really funny nickname.
  11. Euro – For an Aurora who is from Europe and is having a hard time settling in.
  12. War-ora – This one is for the fiery girl who will pick up a fight the instant she feels wronged.
  13. Bore-ora – Is Aurora someone who can’t focus on one thing for too long and gets bored easily? If yes, then this one is for her.
  14. Horrora – If she is always up for a horror movie, then you can go ahead with this one.


Cool Nicknames for Aurora

Time to unleash the cool side and call your friends by a delightfully dashing nickname.

If you think Aurora is someone who should be called by a cool and fancy name, or if you feel like she could use a shot of confidence booster, then you must have a look at the following list of nicknames.

Read through and pick your favorite!

  1. Auro – Auro means gold, and we think that is reason enough to call your special someone by this name.
  2. AR – A crisp and classy nickname that doesn’t need much thought.
  3. Roomie – If Aurora is your roomie, then we think this pet name is cool enough.
  4. Au-radical – This one is for the rebellious, wild child that Aurora is.
  5. Rora Wrath – If Aurora can lose her temper within seconds, then you can poke her with this moniker.
  6. Robin Hood – If Aurora is like a savior for all her loved ones, then this heroic nickname would suit her.
  7. Score-ora – This one is for the Aurora who plays a sport and is a champion scorer.
  8. Au-rifle – If Aurora is a skilled shooter, then this would make a dapper nickname for her.
  9. Queen Rora – If she is someone who just has to give out some orders to get their things done, then calling her a queen will be right.
  10. Ranger Girl – If Aurora is a fearless fighter, then call her by this one.
  11. Aurix – An exquisite nickname for someone strong and spirited.


Creative Nicknames for Aurora

Tailored for a girl who is a bit more special than everyone else for you, the names that lie below are jam-packed with creative energy.

These names have unusual beauty and freshness. Call her by any of these, and it will make Aurora feel like it is made just for her.

Peek into this pile of names and see for yourself.

  1. Aura – A simple yet soulful name for someone whose aura is divinely positive and uplifting.
  2. Sunshine – This one is for the person who can make a dull day better just by being there for you.
  3. Red – Red is the color of love, they say, and you can use this tantalizing color as a nickname too.
  4. Cinem-ora – If Aurora is a cinephile, then this pet name will fit her like a puzzle.
  5. Dinosaur – This would make an amusing nickname for someone who is extremely old school or has the soul of a ninety-year-old.
  6. Beaurora – Call her beautiful but in a way that no one would ever call her.
  7. Rosebud – A rosebud can be more pleasing than a flower sometimes. Call Aurora by this endearment, and we’re sure she will love it.
  8. Aroma – For the girl who smells of lilies, peaches, vanilla, or any of the luring fragrances you could think of.
  9. Auracle – We twisted ‘oracle’ a bit to create this nickname for someone who is a believer of signs from the universe.
  10. Au-ramp – If Aurora is a model and is made for the ramp, then why not call her by this one?
  11. Aurizon – If looking at Aurora is as wonderful and soothing as looking at a horizon, then go ahead with this one.
  12. Roratouille – Does Aurora love to cook? If yes, then this animated mouse character will make the perfect nickname for her.


Unique Nicknames for Aurora

Your love for Aurora is unique, and so has to be the nickname that you give her. If you wish to call her by a name that no one would have ever called her by, then the following set of nicknames is for you.

Glance through the names, and you will surely find something that fits your dear one.

  1. Sleeping Beauty – Aurora is the name of the protagonist of this famous Disney Fairytale, and so, it’ll make a nice nickname. Also, if Aurora is a sleepyhead who can take a nap at any time of the day, then you call her this.
  2. Disney Princess – For pretty much the same reason that we mentioned above. Also, it has a ‘princess’ in it. Do you need to look any further?
  3. Rory – Popularized by the widely-loved show ‘Gilmore Girls’, this name has won many hearts.
  4. Robin – How about this beautiful little bird as a nickname for someone who is equally enchanting.
  5. Orah – This suave and stylish name will charm not only Aurora but everyone who hears it.
  6. Au-rose – If Aurora is your lady love, then pick this one because nothing can be as romantic as calling her rose.
  7. Rockstar – Whether she is into music or not, this nickname is a great choice for anyone who makes you feel like grooving with happiness.
  8. Au-ramona – This delightful Spanish name means ‘wise protector’ and will make an amazing nickname for Aurora if it proves true for her.
  9. Decora – This one rhymes with Aurora and will be the perfect pick if she is into decor management of any sort.
  10. Au-runner – Is your Aurora an athlete or someone with super swift legs? If yes, then you know what to call her.
  11. Flora – Another lovely rhyme for Aurora, which will be right for her if she brightens up your day as flowers do.
  12. Borealis – Yes, you guessed it right. We are referring to the magnificent phenomenon of Aurora Borealis here.


All good things come to an end, and so has our list of beautiful nicknames for Aurora. We hope this round-up of nicknames proves to be helpful for you, and you find a few sweet and spicy monikers to call Aurora by.

Even if you don’t come across a suitable name, you can twist and turn any of these suggestions and create a name on your own. But do give up on the idea of giving her a nickname, as this gesture will glaze up your relationship and will make her ecstatic.

Whether you pick one or create one, do involve us in your process and let us know which names win for you. We will see you again with another set of vibrant nicknames. Till then, happy nicknaming!

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