50+ Adorable Nicknames For Audrey

Nicknames For Audrey

Grace, Timeless, Beauty Elegance, Poise, Finesse, Enduring, Elegant- We can go on and on about how all these adjectives are not quite enough to define a name as lovely as Audrey.

Audrey has a classic ring to it. We all can agree that the name merely enhances the existing beauty of every baby girl who is named Audrey. The quality of charm and sophistication are ever attached to it.

Seldom do we witness names that have a noticeable impact and leave a mark of virtue. Wrapped with gentleness, the name Audrey transports you to early summer morning and the feeling when you witness the sunshine first penetrate the room through the window.

The enchanting sound associated adds a peculiar characteristic and amalgamates the essence of harmony with novelty. Discovering and picking a nickname for Audrey can be a task wherein you have to pull out all the stops to select the perfect one.

Hence, to ease out the process, we have curated a list for you to easily choose one nickname from an extensive alternative of cute, funny, cool, and unique nicknames.

Before we dive into the pool of nicknames, let’s have a quick look at the history and records of Name Audrey and how it has progressed throughout the years.


Meaning and Etymology

Audrey is originally Anglo-Norman and, it is a class of Anglo Saxon name Æðelþryð, constituted of the components æðel “noble” furthermore þryð “strength”. Consequently, the name’s meaning is derived from “noble strength”.

The Anglo-Norman version of the name was then employed to the historical form of her name Saint Æthelthryth, which got a modern spin with Saint Audrey. Its Anglo-Saxon form Etheldred also was able to carry along and survive in the modern and contemporary period.

During the 17th Century, there was a tremendous decline in the use of the name Audrey. This dissolution was a consequence of Saint Audrey’s standing as “cheaply adorned” and “pretentious”. Lace Necklaces belonging to the era fell out of fashion which eventually led the name to acquire worth as vulgar and indecent.

The popularity of the name then revived in the 19th Century, with its peak in 1910-the 1930s. Although, it witnessed a downfall in the 1940s. The interbellum period testified the zenith of the name, while it did not make it to the top 100 popularity rank in the 1940s. This change ultimately led to a drop.

The name Audrey was not commonly provided in the latter 20th Century. The 1990s census presented Audrey as the 173rd most popular name in the United States and, hence it gained back fame in the 2000s.

Audrey was ranked 100th in 2002 and rose to the rank of 41 in the year 2012. Countries like Canada, Belgium, and France also witnessed the popularity of the name as it ranked in the top 100 in their respective census.


Popular Nicknames for the Name Audrey

Our constant trips to ranking chart websites supported us in analyzing the actual popularity of the name Audrey in the contemporary world. The analysis eventually leads us to draw a list of utterly popular nicknames that would do nothing but add a sense of familiarity to the person.

  1. Adi – This is the most popular short derivative of Audrey because of its one syllabled nature.
  2. Addie – Awesome option for a person who adds enormous joy to your life.
  3. Audie – Audi fans gather right away! We got an excellent nickname.
  4. Drey – Pick this one for your generous Audrey.
  5. Drea – This is for the miss goody two shoes.
  6. Dree – Adding an extra EE never really fails.
  7. Dre – A short nickname that translates to flower in Latin.
  8. DeeDee – A playful nickname with repetition for a lighthearted soul.
  9. Aude – This one is definitely made for the popular high school cheerleader.
  10. Dee – We love this one because it is buzzed like a bee.


Cute Nicknames for the Name Audrey

Audrey comes with beauty and grace, but we should never forget the childlike spirit that exists within the name. In order to enhance and draw attention to the cuteness trait, we have listed a few adorable and squishy nicknames for Audrey.

  1. Oddie – This is for the one who owns her extraordinary self.
  2. Auds – We would use this nickname for the shy toddler in the room.
  3. Audz – Looking for an exotic ring? This one is for you.
  4. Rey – A beautiful endearment inspired by sun rays.
  5. ReyRey – Another fabulous dichotomic nickname with repetition.
  6. Audrina – Hail the queen Audrina Patridge!
  7. Audra – The name is procured from the Greek goddess of strength.
  8. Audball – A gorgeous nickname for the one full of life and vigor.
  9. Reya – Seems like a stretch but this is the most angelic Arabic translation of Audrey.
  10. Aira – This one surely gives a dreamy Persian princess vibe!


Cool Nicknames for the Name Audrey

Who doesn’t love a nickname that takes their personality from 1 to 100 real quick? Cool nicknames do the exact thing for you. They take a name and make it 100 times cooler in milliseconds. Thus we have curated the most dependable cool nicknames for Audrey.

  1. Aidria – Choose this exalted name for your Audrey who will define a cult.
  2. Dreya – Pick this for the woman who is gentle, kind and docile.
  3. Dria – A precious nickname that means “sea” in Iranian.
  4. Addy – Use this for your little mathematic genius.
  5. AudsDawg – This one is for “too cool to be in school” Audrey.
  6. AudsBunny – A smart and clever bugs bunny reference that you will love.
  7. AudeBoo – All Scooby-Doo lovers, where are you? Here is the coolest nickname for you.
  8. AudiRoo – An audible reference for your music inclined Audrey.
  9. Saint Audrey – This ought to be the coolest nickname for Audrey as it signifies the origin of the name.
  10. Ms. Aud – Use this for the Miss “Know It All”.


Unique Nicknames for Audrey

Scanning for a perfect unique nickname for your baby girl who won’t have to share it with any of her mates and stand out in the crowd? We have curated one-of-a-kind nicknames for your angel Audrey to own it like a queen.

  1. Hepburn – Inspired by legendary actress “Audrey Hepburn”, this is for the one with phenomenal acting talents.
  2. Audris – It is an Old German derivative of lucky.
  3. Aquilina – This transports you to the land of underwater fairies.
  4. Audrelina – Animated for the one with spirit and shine.
  5. Audis – Inspired by Dandy culture, this nickname is for a poet.
  6. Drelina – Pick this for the woman who is always ready for adrenaline rushes and adventures.
  7. Little Aud – Derived by the most beloved cartoon character in the 1960s.
  8. Dresa – This is for the spendthrift fashionista who loves playing dress-up.
  9. Aussie – An Australian spin to good old German Audrey.
  10. Aus – We would use this for the one who engages intense conversations.
  11. Aurey – This Hebrew origin name defines Spreading Light.
  12. Dreas – A nickname that is inspired by the Greek word Andreas which means “warrior”.


Funny Nicknames for the Name Audrey

A fun spin to a name as classic as Audrey is always a great idea! Look no further! The funniest and hilarious nicknames for Audrey are right here! Trust us. These names will leave you feeling elated!

  1. Audge – A nickname that rhymes to the instrument gauge, and is suitable for a science head.
  2. Dede – Derived from Latin term Dead, which defines intelligence.
  3. Auggie – An adorable and fresher-sounding nickname for Audrey.
  4. Aud Lou – The Japanese translation for the happy and joyful kid.
  5. Odd Tree – Pick this nickname for the tall and the unique one.
  6. Aud Pie – A charming and festive nickname for the foodie soul.
  7. Aud Bear – This one’s a Narnia reference for the tiny beaver of the house.
  8. Owdrey – Smart and observant Audrey deserve an owl animated nickname.
  9. A-rey – A digitalized and tech-associated nickname for Audrey.
  10. Aud Pod – Use this is for the introverted genius packed with intellect.


Frequently Asked Questions About Name Audrey

This tiny little two syllabled name might be dichotomous, but it does have a mixture of questions attached. We believe a good and insightful FAQ never hurts anyone. Does it?

We have listed a few questions to dig deeper into the origins of the name.

Is it a Biblical name?

There is no historical evidence that Audrey is found in the Bible/Torah/Quran.

What does the name Audrey symbolize?

The name Audrey symbolizes “Noble Strength”.

What year was the name Audrey most popular?

The name Audrey gained the most popularity in the year 1926.

Is Audrey a German Name?

Audrey is originally related to Old High German names as it is an Anglo-Saxon name.



We truly believe those adorable two palms, with cute little rosy cheeks, and tiny feet deserve an endearment that furthers with these 50 plus nicknames that we have listed out.

Always remember there is never a right or wrong while choosing the perfect name for your person. What matters, in the end, is your love and affection that reflects in the nickname.

Ultimately, you should select one on the basis of your instincts. Don’t muddle over, browse through all the options and choose the one that will be the most suitable one for your Audrey.


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