90+ Cute and Funny Nicknames for Arthur

Nicknames for Arthur

The best way to tell someone that you love them is to give them something handmade, such as a gift. There is another thing that you can do that requires less work is giving them a nickname. Giving someone a nickname is a very intimate process. It means that the person is important to you. Giving a name that would suit him or her is tough. But worry not, we are here to help you. In this article, we will discuss the Best nicknames for Arthur.

The nicknames related to the name Arthur have to be something that would carry out the person’s characteristics. If it is given as a sense of joke, you can insert a bit of zestiness into the name. If it is out of affection, then you have to come up with a name that professes your feelings more.

What we mean to say is the nickname should become a vessel of what you are trying to convey to the person. It could be a joke; it could be love; it could be meant as respect. But before we jump into the discussion where we give off nicknames to help you choose from, we should do a little background check on the name Arthur.


The origin of the name Arthur

‘Arthur’ is a masculine name that is given to men. The origin of the name is pretty disputed, but many tend to think that it has been derived or somewhat influenced by the name of King Arthur. It has been derived from the welsh background, which was then adapted to German names and even Dutch names.

The name later became an influence for many cultures to come up with their variants. The name Arthur was first attested in the early 9th century in Welsh-Latin text Historia Brittonum. It was in there where it was referred to a Celtic Britain general who had fought against the Saxons who were invading their land.

This particular characteristic later gave birth to the characterization of King Arthur that ruled medieval legend and even literature. Later it influenced various cultures such as Celtics, Romans, Latins, Finnish, Welsh, germanic to come up with their variant. The meaning of the name means the ‘bear-king’ or ‘warrior-king.’


Cute nicknames for Arthur

Here are some of the cute names that you can give your loved ones. Though the name bears a fierce meaning, doesn’t mean it can’t be cute.

  1. Arthur-Kun
  2. Arthur-san
  3. Art-san
  4. Art-Kun
  5. Arty-pie
  6. Arty-sugar
  7. Arty-honey
  8. Arty-love
  9. Arty-heart
  10. Arty-mun
  11. Party-moon
  12. Arty-sun
  13. Arty-Kun
  14. Arty-san
  15. Arthur-san
  16. Arthur-Kun


Funny nicknames for Arthur

A serious name such as Arthur can also have a funny meaning connotated to it. It doesn’t have to be too serious. You can choose any nicknames from here.

  1. King Arthur – a royal name for Arthur.
  2. Art-party – someone who divulges in art.
  3. Arty-party – for someone who loves to party.
  4. Smarty-arty – for Arthur who is smart.
  5. Arthor – influenced by the Norse god Thor.
  6. Authur – Arthur who is an author. Someone who likes to write.
  7. Art-hurt – yes it seems pretty lame but someone who gets hurt a lot can be named after this.
  8. Aye-heart – I heart you.
  9. Earth-os – can be dedicated to that Arthur who is a geologist.
  10. Lil Artie – a perfect name for Arthur who loves to rap (like Lil pump)
  11. Arthur boy


Merlin nicknames for Arthur

Merlin was the wizard introduced in the medieval literature of welsh poetry and Arthurian legends. He first appeared in Geoffrey Monmouth’s literature. But in a piece called in “Le Morte d’Arthur,” Merlin was depicted as the mentor to Arthur. The names that he called him are funny and are worthy to be mentioned here.

  1. Clotpole
  2. Cabbage head
  3. Dollop head
  4. Royal prat
  5. Spoiled brat
  6. Arrogant brat
  7. Useless toad
  8. Useless toad of a servant
  9. Courage
  10. Strength
  11. Magic
  12. Wart
  13. Idiot
  14. Boy king


Popular nicknames for Arthur

Arthur is a very popular name but there are other popular nicknames suited to this name too.

  1. Aragon
  2. Arabia
  3. Artoo
  4. Bear
  5. King
  6. Prince
  7. Felix
  8. Fenix
  9. Phoenix
  10. Arthenia
  11. Athenian
  12. Arthesia
  13. Earthesia
  14. Earthsea
  15. Artesia
  16. Artemis


Variants of the name Arthur

There are various names that were later derived from the name Arthur in different cultures. Each name can be used as nicknames.

  1. Artair
  2. Arte
  3. Arther
  4. Arthour
  5. Arthuro
  6. Arto
  7. Artur
  8. Arturo
  9. Artus
  10. Arttu
  11. Artturi


Short form of the name Arthur

If those names are too much of an effort to name then you can definitely choose the short forms of the name Arthur.

  1. Ar
  2. Art
  3. Ari
  4. Artie
  5. Arty
  6. Artsy
  7. Artsu
  8. Artsua
  9. Artsuya
  10. Thur
  11. Su
  12. Thuri
  13. Thurs


Common nicknames for Arthur

However, if you are looking forward to naming a person named Arthur with an ordinary and simple name then choose anything from here.

  1. Archi
  2. Arya
  3. Aryu
  4. Ace
  5. Ruth
  6. Rae
  7. Thor
  8. Ruth-san
  9. Arya-Kun
  10. Routh


Famous people names based on Arthur

You can also choose a famous person’s name to describe your friend however make sure that the personality of the celebrity that you are choosing to describe your friend after shares the same personality.

  • Arthur Garfunkel
  • Arthur brown
  • Sir Arthur Sullivan
  • Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Arthur Miller
  • Arthur Clarke
  • Arthur Rimbaud
  • Arthur Koestler
  • Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Arthur Fiedler
  • Arthur Ashe


Characters from movies and books based on the name Arthur

There are many characters named after Arthur. When you choose a particular character, ensure that the characteristics of the person match with that of the character. It will be a justified nickname.

  • Arthur Shelby – Brother of Tommy Shelby from peaky blinders.
  • King Arthur – a legendary British king who led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders.
  • Arthur read from Arthur
  • Arthur Beasley from Harry potter
  • Arthur slugworth from Roald dahl’s work charlie and the chocolate factory
  • Arthur Spiderwick
  • Arthur Cheney
  • Arthur dent
  • Arthur Spooner
  • Arthur morgan
  • Arthur Denton
  • Arthur Owens
  • Arthur chippings
  • Arthur Petrelli.
  • Arthur hastings
  • Arthur Mitchell


The last piece of advice that we would like to conclude this article with is that you should give the name that speaks most to you. The name should be the carrier of the emotion that you feel for the person.

The nickname should address that feeling. We have provided you with more than 100 nicknames for the name Arthur addressing each expression.

Hopefully, it will help you out.


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