80+ Awesome Nicknames For Archer

Nicknames For Archer

One of the most chivalrous names of all time, Archer is a name that instantly grabs attention. It makes us visualize a man who is assertive, optimistic, and radiant. It almost feels like you are safe and nobody can harm you as long as you are with someone called Archer.

If your Archer is also your knight in shining armor, then why not show some love with a dazzling nickname for him? From cute to charismatic, we have all sorts of nicknames here. And the short message attached to each nickname will help you understand their users better. So, let’s buckle up and find some awesome nicknames for Archer!

But before we open the bag of nicknames, let’s enhance our understanding of the name’s meaning and origin.


Meaning and Origin of Archer

Archer, as the name suggests, means a bowman. It is derived from a surname of Latin origin which was borne by skilled Middle Ages archers. The roots of the word can be traced back to Old French ‘archiere’ or Old English ‘archere’. This occupational name has been used occasionally as a first name since the 19th century.

People started using it as a first name in the late nineteenth century. It saw a slump in its usage for a century or so and then appeared on the charts again in 2009. Today, it is a substantially sought-after name not only in the United States but across the world.

Some famous faces of this name that you might recognize are Archer John Porter Martin, a Nobel Prize laureate, Jeffery Archer, a novelist, and Archer Baldwin, a former politician.


Common Nicknames for Archer

Some of the most used ones, these nicknames have a special place in one’s heart. To the bearer, it feels more familiar than their original name.

So, let’s go through some of these good old nicknames for Archer.

  1. Arch – Common yet cool, this is a highly preferred nickname for Archer.
  2. Archie – Probably the most used nickname for Archer, this one is a winner of many hearts.
  3. Archy – Another way to spell Archie, this is also pretty common.
  4. A.R. – Initials always form quite an impression.
  5. Arco – The perfect nickname for a fun-loving Archer.


Cute Nicknames for Archer

Spill your jar of love with the cutest nicknames for Archer. The ones mentioned below will make him smile for hours.

So, dive in and fish for the most suitable one for your cutie!

  1. Cherry – If baby Archer looks all rouge and juicy like a cherry, then call him by this fruit name.
  2. Ary – A tiny name that will suit both kids and adults.
  3. Chi Chi – This has the cutest sound a name can ever have.
  4. Little A – For that little boy who is a treat to look at.
  5. Arrie Berry – Another cutesy name with yummy berries in it.
  6. Choco – If Archer is a big fan of chocolate (who isn’t?), then call him by this peppy name.
  7. Cher – A French word that means ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’ and is used to address a man or a boy.
  8. Chip – This pet name can have multiple meanings, but one thing will remain constant – its cuteness!
  9. Aachie – A more adorable way of saying ‘Archie.’
  10. Arly – This cute name will match Archer’s innocence.


Funny Nicknames for Archer

It’s time to brush up your comic sense and a hilarious nickname for Archer from our stack. Infused with humor, the following nicknames are created to make you and your friends laugh.

  1. Roach – What can be funnier than calling your friend by an insect name?
  2. Ar-chew – A chuckle-worthy name for an Archer whose teeth are always at work.
  3. Ar-chem – This is for a nerdy Archer who enjoys chemistry.
  4. Charger – This might sound a bit corny, but can be used for someone who never fails to charge you up.
  5. Starch – For a cunning Archer who sugarcoats everything.
  6. Arch Nemesis – This nickname needs no explanation. But you better use it carefully.
  7. Archore – This sounds exactly like ‘Archer’ and will make a great pet name for someone who keeps trying to escape the chores.
  8. Argherita – Margherita, but customized for Archer.
  9. Archive – This will make a really funny nickname for an Archer with sharp memory whose mind is like an archive.
  10. Ache – This will certainly crack someone up if they think that Archer comes bearing a headache.
  11. Arby Carby – For a fitness freak who is too conscious about his carb intake.
  12. Snatcher – A slightly rude nickname for an Archer who took a position that was yours.
  13. An Archy – A witty name for Archer if his living space is a total mess.
  14. Archini – For a foodie who loves these cheesy balls of deliciousness.
  15. Chirp – If Archer has a shrill voice, then this nickname will surely induce laughter.
  16. Rooster – A suitable name for someone who is ‘early to bed, early to rise.’


Cool Nicknames for Archer

Below stated are some hip and happening nicknames for Archer. Call him by any of these names and it will light him up. To pick a cool nickname for him, go ahead and explore!

  1. R Scar – A villainy name that will shoot up his coolness quotient.
  2. Arrow – If he’s anything like an actual archer, then this weapon nickname will sound quite cool.
  3. Ace – Boost up his confidence with this nickname.
  4. Captain Arc – If you think Archer makes a good leader, then call him by this charming nickname.
  5. Richie – A perfect pet name for someone who owns heaps of wealth.
  6. Armour – For the tough guy who is fascinated with historical wars.
  7. Cheetah – For the super-swift boy who excels in all his tasks.
  8. Rancher – This cowboy-ish nickname is for someone who loves the countryside.
  9. Catcher – For a baseball player who has a huge number of fans.
  10. Champion – Something that anybody would love to be called.
  11. Mr. A – This one sounds like a character from those 90’s comics.
  12. Aru – In Sanskrit, this is another name for the sun.
  13. Archenator – A robot name for someone who is into sci-fi and action films.
  14. Arc Man – A trendy way of calling him a superhero.


Creative Nicknames for Archer

On a scale of 1 to 10, these nicknames score an 11 on creativity! So, if any of the above nicknames didn’t make the cut for you, we are sure this list will. Have a look and pick your favorite!

  1. Marcher – For an Archer who is inclined towards being a part of an army.
  2. Bowman – The literal meaning of the name, this is quite an amusing nickname.
  3. Archeese – For the cheesy lover boy who says the most cringy things.
  4. Art-cher – If Archer makes extraordinary art, then the artist needs to be felicitated with the name.
  5. Archiever – Call him an achiever but with a twist.
  6. Artemis – The Greek goddess of hunting and archery makes for the perfect pet name here.
  7. Arithmetic – If solving arithmetic problems is a child’s play for Archer, then this is a nice option.
  8. Carcher – Ask him anything about cars and he will know.
  9. Armchair – If your old man or granddad is named Archer, then this would be a funny way to address them.
  10. Acre – A brainy nickname for an Archer who is into real estate
  11. Archaeo – If Archer is an archaeologist or even a history buff, then this pet name would fit just right.
  12. Archimedes – If your Archer is anything like this famous philosopher and scientist from the past, then go ahead with it.
  13. Ar-chill – This wordplay is for an Archer is cool as a cucumber, all the time.
  14. Thatcher – A rhyming nickname for Archer if he is connected to England in any way.
  15. Archekov – And that’s how the Russian would modify the name.
  16. Arky Barky – For an annoying Archer who speaks a lot.
  17. Cheetos – This yummy snack makes for an ideal nickname for a hoggish Archer.
  18. Arcos – For an Archer is a fan of the popular show, Narcos.
  19. Ara – In Arabic, this is referred to as a boy who is strong and opinionated.


Unique Nicknames for Archer

Giving someone a unique nickname is a pathway to their heart. Embedded with some of the most unique nicknames for Archer, the following list is all set to impress you. So, peak in and select the one that strikes a chord.

  1. Arky Sharky – A spunky nickname that Archer will love.
  2. Ar-cheer – Sounds like Archer, and tells him that he brings you to cheer.
  3. Archos – If he always has bags of nachos stacked in his kitchen, then nothing can be more appropriate.
  4. Preacher – Is Archer one of those wise men who always have advice for you? If yes, then you can for this name.
  5. Achilles – This great Greek hero of the Trojan War will be a quirky choice for a nickname.
  6. Arthur – This widely-loved American animated character can be made into an interesting nickname.
  7. Chief – For an outgoing Archer who loves taking initiative.
  8. Star-cher – Just call him a star and your relationship with him will shine brighter.
  9. Archerino – Let’s give the name an Italian spin.
  10. Cheddar – Such an adorable name to call a loved one by.
  11. Chap – A staple endearment for a close friend.
  12. Chilli – If everything on his plate has to be insanely spicy, then this is the pet name for him.
  13. A-rock – For the rockstar who can’t stop adoring.
  14. Airy – If seeing Archer feels like a breath of fresh air, then this short and sweet is for him.
  15. Arsh – An Urdu name that means ‘throne’ or ‘heaven’.
  16. Ardor – For an Archer who is full of passion and enthusiasm.
  17. Ruby – A simple name for a gem of a person.


Conclusion – Nicknames for Archer

All good things come to an end. And so does our compilation of awesome nicknames for Archer. We hope our suggestions relieve you of the tedious task of thinking of a nickname for that special guy called Archer. This extensive list is here for you to refer to until you decide on that one perfect nickname.

In the process, if you create any new nicknames for Archer, then make sure you let us know!

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