80+ Cute And Funny Nicknames For Anthony

Nicknames For Anthony

Although the name Anthony has been on the decline among boy names for the past few years, it still charts highly due to its distinctiveness. In fact, it has been an American baby’s staple moniker since people began tracking names back in the 1900s.

Anthony bears quite an interesting history dotted with impressive characters and figures, varying from the acclaimed celebrity Anthony Hopkins, to general Mark Antony.

We know that finding the perfect nicknames that suit one’s personality can be an exciting task. We also know that with so many options flooding the web, it can turn into an arduous chore.

Therefore, today, we have put together some of the cutest and most whimsical nicknames for someone named Anthony that we’re sure, you will be in absolute awe of!

Whether it is a family member, a lover, a new pet, a best friend, or even yourself to pick a nickname for, each option that we mention is accompanied by our opinion to help you make the right choice!

But, before we head to the list of nicknames for Anthony, let us first explore what this name really means and where it hails from.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Anthony

Anthony is a masculine name that is a derivative of Antonius or Antonii, an ancient Roman family name carrying an unknown etymology. This name is translated as “of inestimable worth,” and “priceless.”

In the 17th century, the name Anthony was broadly associated with the word “Anthos,” a Greek word that typically means “flower.” Today, this Christian name has grown multifold in terms of popularity, especially in countries such as the United States of America.

This name bears a Latin origin, wherein Anthony was deemed “to be highly praiseworthy.” A name common among saints, it has been used in various languages for males.


Cute Nicknames For Anthony

We believe that an excellent way to start your research for nicknames for Anthony is by beginning with a list of adorable names.

This is because cute nicknames are sure to be loved by people and steal their attention in a moment!

So, if you want to go for something heartwarming, here are some of the cutest nicknames for Anthony that will get you smiling.

  1. AJ – Inspired by the popular boxer, Anthony Joshua.
  2. Andy – This nickname is short for Ant, unless one day, someone calls him Andy, and voila!
  3. Antin – Another endearing nickname that’s short for Anthony.
  4. Anth – For those who simply cannot do with a complicated name.
  5. Antóin – In case you want to take the Irish route.
  6. Antolicious – Quite a cheesy name for your dreamy partner!
  7. Antoine – This nickname for Anthony originates from Europe.
  8. Antonin – A Czech/French nickname that translates into “priceless.”
  9. Priceless – A literal interpretation of the original name. Use it for the priceless man in your life.
  10. Antun – This is a Croatian-rooted nickname for a man who bears the name Anthony.
  11. Antonius – An adorable Latin variant of the name Anthony.
  12. Antomini – Cutely use this nickname for a short-heightened guy named Anthony.
  13. Tony – Perhaps the most commonly-used nickname for Anthony, but one of our favorites indeed! Spelled backward, it says “Why not?!”
  14. Ant – Quite a sweet and simple way to address Anthony, however, no Anthony may like being called an Ant.
  15. Twan – A charming name that sounds as if it hailed from the far East!


Funny Nicknames For Anthony

If the loved one you’re searching nicknames for can hold your deepest secrets and cheer you up when you’re down, you should at least get them a notable nickname!

A funny title is an excellent way of lightening the mood and enjoy every moment you spend with that person.

Whether you wish to take up a funny word related to their name, or something that echoes their personality, here are some of the most comical nicknames for Anthony:


  1. T-Pony – A hysterical nickname for someone named Anthony.
  2. Tony Thunder – Use this for a powerful person who commands wherever he heads to.
  3. Tony Stark – A true Marvel aficionado would know!
  4. Tony Hawk – This nickname is inspired by the popular actor, skateboarder, and owner of Anthony Frank Hawk, a skateboarding company.
  5. Tony Flex – Funnily pick this for an extrovert Anthony who cannot help but get everyone to notice him!
  6. Pepper Toni – Perhaps a fitting nickname for someone who loves Pepperoni on their pizzas.
  7. Stoney – In case you want to indirectly throw a jibe at someone who is always high!
  8. Irony – Rhyming words certainly make the greatest nicknames.
  9. Big Tuna – Another funny nickname for someone named Anthony.
  10. Nino – This nickname means “baby” in Spanish, making it a fun option for a little boy.
  11. Rantony – A nickname for an Anthony who just cannot stop talking!
  12. Pony – A nonsensical nickname, but we love it!
  13. Sentimony – A nickname for an emotional and sensitive Anthony.
  14. Nini – Taken by how the last two letters in the name Anthony are pronounced.
  15. Man of Thrones – For a Game of Thrones fan.
  16. Phoney – A nickname that rhymes with Anthony. Use this for a fraudulent person.
  17. Ant-Horny – Use this one at your own risk, for someone who is always aroused.
  18. An-Toney – A perfect nickname for an Anthony who loves to sing.
  19. Nona-Bear – The best way to cutely embarrass Anthony in your life!


Cool Nicknames For Anthony

As much fun as it’s keeping a hysterically embarrassing nickname for your beloved, getting them a cool one also sounds like a great idea!

They can flaunt it wherever they go, and they’d love you even more for gifting them the nickname they love.

If you are finding a cool endearment that creates sparks whenever heard, then look no further than this list:

  1. Tim – From the “Thon” in Anthony to Tin, then Tim, and boom!
  2. Anton – A moderately obvious nickname, but it works.
  3. Tone – A fairly easy and breezy nickname.
  4. Tone-Tone – Sometimes, doubling a word makes it a great nickname.
  5. Ant-Man – Inspired by Ant-Man, the popular character from Marvel.
  6. Aunt Tony – This is more of a teasing nickname that resembles the original name’s pronunciation.
  7. Iron Man – Who doesn’t want to be as cool as Iron Man?
  8. King Tony – A royal nickname for royalty!
  9. Nat – A nickname created by shuffling some letters in the name Anthony.
  10. T-Bag – The “T” in this nickname is taken from Anthony.
  11. Tee – Inspired by the pronunciation of T in Anthony.
  12. Thanos – This Marvel villain-inspired nickname that outshines all others!
  13. Tiger Ton – A nickname for a frightening or stern-faced Anthony.
  14. T-Rex – This is an appropriate nickname for a condescending and tall Anthony.
  15. Mara-Thony – Use this for a guy named Anthony who loves running.
  16. Niel – An eccentric extension of the last two letters in the name Anthony.


Embarrassing Nicknames For Anthony

If you still want to have harmless fun and get them a nickname that leaves the Anthony in your life blushing, here are a few super embarrassing nicknames to choose from:

  1. Actor – A nickname for a classic dramatic character!
  2. Toothpick – For a skinny friend.
  3. Thunderbirds – A nickname for an angry friend.
  4. T-Cunning – Use this nickname for a cunning man named Anthony.
  5. Punny – A rhyming nickname for someone who loves punning around!
  6. Giant-Hony – Pick this nickname for a chubby Anthony.
  7. An-Funny – An ideal nickname for an Anthony who loves cracking jokes.
  8. An-Dummy – Use this for a guy who is a bit of a weirdo.
  9. Antennae – A nickname for an Anthony who loves poking his nose in others’ business.
  10. Funny-Money – A suitable nickname for someone who is ridiculously money-minded.


Cute Boyfriend Nicknames For Anthony

Do the common terms of endearments like “baby” and “sweetheart” appear a thing of the past?

Well, now you need some cute nicknames that match both; your boyfriend’s name and personality.

Moreover, what better way to tell your partner that you love them? Find a cute and unique nickname for Anthony and get going!

  1. Honey – An obvious nickname for a boyfriend named Anthony.
  2. Nini Poo – A dose of extra sweetness for your special someone!
  3. Precious – This nickname is somewhat identical to Anthony’s literal meaning, “priceless.”
  4. My Dummy – For a boyfriend named Anthony who is a dummy in love.
  5. Dreamy – Use this for a good-looking man.
  6. Apple pie – Another sugary sweet nickname that’ll accentuate your PDA game.
  7. Anny – A Hebrew name that means “prayer.”
  8. Hon – A shortened version of Anthony, and an extremely romantic nickname.
  9. Thankony – For someone you are thankful to have in your life.
  10. Sugarplum – Why? Because your man’s no less than a sweet candy!
  11. Honey Bun – If your boyfriend is sweet to the core.
  12. Hot Cakes – In case you want to devour in a whole lot of frosting! *wink wink*
  13. Hercules – For a strong, muscular boyfriend named Anthony.


Unusual Nicknames For Anthony

Let’s be honest, there’s nobody in this world who doesn’t love a unique personality, say, someone like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory!

On top of it, a one-of-its-own-kind nickname to match one’s persona is an added cherry on top!

So, listed below are some marvelously distinctive nicknames for someone named Anthony. Have a look:

  1. Andon – Belongs to the Slavic origin.
  2. Antal – This Latin nickname translates into “break of the day.”
  3. Antonello – For someone who is in awe of Spain, its people, and everything about it!
  4. Antonius – Looks like this nickname is made for a guy meant to lead.
  5. Antwan – This nickname originates from France.
  6. Thonus – Yet another unique Latin nickname that we love!
  7. Anakin – An American nickname that means “warrior.”
  8. Andre – Pick this one for a manly Anthony.
  9. Angelo – An Italian derivative that translates into “messenger of God.”
  10. HAN-Solo – For an Anthony who is a lone-wolf.
  11. An-Fun – A fitting nickname for Anthony who is super fun to chill with!
  12. Ani-Gma – Some wordplay for someone with an enigmatic personality.


Conclusion: Nicknames For Anthony

Keeping nicknames for someone you dearly love is the best way of strengthening your bond and having a little fun with them. This was all about some of the cutest and funniest nicknames for someone named Anthony.

Remember, it’s not just about settling on the perfect nickname, but also about enjoying the process!

We hope our compilation of endearments has helped you choose the one that strikes a chord with your heart. If you can think of some more nicknames for Anthony, then make sure to enlighten us!


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