80+ Nicknames for Anna

Nicknames for Anna

Hello there, it is expected that you are here looking for a nice nickname for your dear Anna. Well, you are in the right place. This article will be your one-stop solution for nicknames to choose from because here we’ll show you a list of 80+ awesome nicknames for Anna.

Almost every girl prefers short beautiful yet trendy nicknames for her. We know making a nickname is a tough task to do, specifically, when the name is very short already.

We understand your dilemma to create a nickname from a four-lettered name, Anna. That’s why we are here to help you through this article and to make the tough task easy for you. Our 80+ nicknames collection has a lot to offer you in your purpose.

This 80+ long list is at your help to select multiple nicknames from various categories that contain some cute, funny, creative, cool, clever, Russian, and best Anna nicknames. Anna might be your close friend, wife, newborn baby, girlfriend, your office best friend, sibling, or maybe you yourself, Choose nicknames for anyone you want to.

We have added different variations of different languages for the name and a detailed description against every uncommon or new name to lessen your confusion while choosing that one particular name. There is no room for confusion when it is the matter of selecting a name for your loved one. Love should sound louder.

Before further proceeding, just go through the below section to know about Anna’s origin and meaning.


Origin and meaning of Anna

Anna is the feminine attributed name which has its origin in Hebrew and Greek language. Anna is the dominant form of the ‘Ann’ family for its monosyllabic structure and easy pronunciation, used by generations throughout Europe.

Anna is a Latin form that has evolved from the Greek ‘Avva’ and also the Hebrew name ‘Hannah’ which means ‘beautiful’ or ‘grace’. The name has become popular in Europe for its association with Saint Anna (popular in English as Saint Anne), the mother of the Virgin Mary. ‘Anna’ and ‘Hanna’ are the most common forms of ‘Ann’ family. The name was used by numerous queens and saints.

In the literary context, Anna appeared in Virgil’s Aeneid in pre-Christian Europe. After that in the 20th century, the name was associated with Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Moreover, Anna has been made popular when used for the sweet younger sister of Elsa in the animated film Frozen.

Anna remained in the top ten of the most liked names list for almost 25 years and only decreased from the position for the past couple of years. In 2008, Anna ranked the 54th most used girls’ name in the USA and has been used for generations in Russia, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands and in so many other places.

Check out our list of nicknames for an oversimplified yet exotic name, Anna.


Cute Nicknames for Anna

Anna itself is a cute name. You are looking for other cute variants for Anna? Here it is.

  1. Ana – Bulgarian variant of the name Anna.
  2. Ann – Swedish version of Anna.
  3. Anne – Basque variant of the name Anna.
  4. Annie
  5. Anni – a Finnish ve
  6. Anyu
  7. Ahnnasion for the name Anna.
  8. Annah
  9. Aska – this name is a diminutive for Russian ‘Annushka’ which itself is a diminutive for Anna.
  10. Anona
  11. Annora – English way of Russian informal diminutive ‘Anyura’, a nickname for Anna.
  12. Annina
  13. Anah


Funny Nicknames for Anna

Siblings and best friends use funny nicknames. Those nicknames are generally targeted, specified, and hardly non-decodable by others. Best friends use funny nicknames on each other for almost without any reason.

This depends on the bond-share and understanding between them. Keeping all these factors in mind we have created some funny Anna nickname puns for you to call your friend from time to time.


  1. Anna Conda
  2. Anna Gram
  3. Anna Mull
  4. Anne Matter
  5. Anna Montana – improvising the American teen sitcom ‘Hannah Montana’.
  6. Anna Ther
  7. Annabelle
  8. Indy Anna
  9. Nanny Granny – if you want to tease your friend by calling her a granny.


Creative Nicknames for Anna

Here are some creative nicknames that may help you.

  1. Handy Anna
  2. Ban Anna
  3. Anna Logue
  4. Ann Tenna
  5. Anna Graham
  6. Anna Lynn Guss
  7. Anna Liddick
  8. Mari Anna
  9. Hanne – Swedish version for the name Anna.
  10. Hene
  11. Henye
  12. Neh
  13. Anisoara – the Romanian variant.
  14. Anka – the Bulgarian variant.
  15. Anelia – the Bulgarian variant.
  16. Anja – the Danish variant.


Cool Nicknames for Anna

Eyeing for a cool nickname for the name Anna? Anything trendy is surely cool. We have shortlisted some trendy cool nicknames someone called Anna.

  1. Nan – English
  2. Anz – a cool way of calling the nickname ‘An’
  3. Nanny
  4. Anneli – German, Swedish
  5. Elian
  6. Ene
  7. Anna-Lisa – the Swedish version of the name Anna.
  8. Lian
  9. Ahana
  10. Annet – Norwegian variant of the name Anna.
  11. Anais – Occitan variant of the name Anna.
  12. Anouk – French variant of the name Anna.


Clever Nicknames for Anna

Want to add some witty tone to the nickname? We have created some Anna nicknames that will serve this purpose of yours.

  1. Ana Maria – Romanian
  2. Anna Greta – English, German, Swedish
  3. Annalyn – English
  4. Leann
  5. Lianna
  6. Lana
  7. Nena
  8. 58. Anelle
  9. Maryan
  10. Mana
  11. Ette – was taken from ‘Ette’


Best Nicknames for Anna

We all want to have the best and if it is the matter of choosing a nickname for ourselves or for the closest one then we want the best of the bests.

That’s why we presented some best nicknames that you might have been missing in other places. Read on.

  1. Anita
  2. Hanna
  3. Ani
  4. Hanaa
  5. A
  6. Annick – Breton
  7. Ona – Lithuanian
  8. Jana
  9. An
  10. Nenie
  11. Anu – an Indian version.


Russian Nicknames for Anna

The usage of diminutives depends so much on people’s habits and culture. The Russian language has its own certain way of creating diminutives from a name.

However, Anna is not such a big name to make diminutive from it. Still, Russians have been using these nicknames for a long time now. Check the below list to know more.

  1. Anya – the most popular Russian diminutive for the name Anna.
  2. Ania
  3. Aine – it is the Irish spelling of the name Anya
  4. Ahha – formal version for Anna.
  5. Anechka – an informal related name for Anna.
  6. Anyuta – an informal name for Anna specially used by relatives.
  7. Anyusya
  8. Anyura – informal.
  9. Nyuta
  10. Nyura – a very unpopular diminutive for Anna in Russian. This name came out of use during the early 20th century and was popular among peasants.
  11. Nyusha – an informal name used mostly by relatives.
  12. Myusha – just as ‘Nyusha
  13. Annushka – this is not a very popular nickname for Anna in Russia but it still maintains its unique existence.


Thank you for reading our article. We hope we were able to help you in your searching for nicknames for Anna. If you think we have missed any important nickname that should have been here then feel free to tell us.

Comment down below your suggestion and we will update our list for better. Thank you, good day dear.

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