50+ Lovely Nicknames For Angelica

Nicknames For Angelica

Nicknaming is a fun task. It’s a way to express your feelings and emotions towards someone. But sometimes it can be quite hard to find an appropriate nickname for someone. If you’re looking for some adorable nicknames for a girl named Angelica, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll find plenty of catchy nickname ideas for your dear Angelica.

There are few names that meld a pure sense with life and vibrancy and Angelica is one of those very rare gems. One simply cannot imagine a drab, sulking Angelica, and surely she is one whose smile is fit to light up a room.

Angelica is likely to be the one always available with help, all sweetness, but wait, not lacking in style either. It’s a name that equally has sparks of spirituality, fairyland, and modern strength; a grace and beauty, fortified with inner might.

For such a one, you need to find the very right pet name, and for that, we are here to keenly offer help! We have put together for you a list of over 50 nicknames to crown your lovely Angelica with. And to make your task happier we have arranged them in categories so that you can get right to the kind you are looking out for.

If yet confusion persists, don’t worry! We have added small descriptors along each name to aid you with the choice that will land you in the happiest place with your Angelica.

You can dive right in and make your choice, though you might first want to take a moment and briefly learn more of the meaning that the beautiful name Angelica comes with.


Origin and Meaning of the Name Angelica

Angelica, you guessed it, does refer to angels or ‘the messenger of god’. The name arrived via the Latin route – from the word Angelicus, meaning ‘angelic’, which stems from the Greek Angelos, referring to a ‘messenger’ and eventually to ‘messenger of god’ or ‘angel’.

Angelica is also a delightfully versatile plant with tiny white flowers, whose stem is used for flavoring cakes and to make candies. One couldn’t ask for a more festive vibe! And to add to the wholesomeness, the root supplies medicinal benefits.

The name also figures in literature in the Orlando poems of the Italian Matteo Boiardo (15th C.) and Ludovico Ariosto (16th C.) where-in Angelica is no less than a princess: an elusive, alluring presence that represents desire and womanhood.

You can hopefully now appreciate the historically rich name more and also are all set to jump in and take your pick on a pet name for your special Angelica.


Popular Nicknames for Angelica

A nickname is just the thing to cement a bond and in some cases even concoct one! Here are the best of the picks that are very likely to stick.

  1. Angel – The very obvious but no less sweet option. You cannot go wrong with this.
  2. Angie – The nickname Angie allows Angelica to also harbor her naughty side while being a super cute one too.
  3. Jelly – This scrumptious candy says much about your bond, you have to really adore her to call her ‘Jelly’.
  4. Bel – Another from the mystical fairyland like Angelica itself, the name has a great ring to it (yes, yes you hear it too!).
  5. Angela – It works as a separate name too, with a more casual vibe than Angelica.
  6. Jelly bean – This popular name oozes affection. You could pick this for your little one or a special friend.
  7. Jelica – Relaxed on the angel bit, Jelica is cool and casual and is a hit of a nickname for a friend.


Cute Nicknames for Angelica

A lot can be said with the right pet name and here is a collection that aims to strike and melt the heart just so. Take your pick!

  1. Gnome – Recalling and placing Angelica in the fairy world, is a very cute one for sure.
  2. Angeliki – Best used with a friend, it’s a great way to bond and convey sweet feelings.
  3. Kiki – Short, sweet, and edgy, Kiki is both cute and has that more breezy aspect.
  4. Engy – A little on the funny end but the name tends to carry a nice earthy vibe. Engy is likely to care for the environment and be a little numkin too.
  5. Sweets — A out there pet name, but completely works if Angelica is indeed the sweetheart.
  6. Engi bengi – Partly a teasing name. Start with this if you are looking to break the ice or want that playful relation with Angelica.
  7. Angebel – It matches the vibe of Angelica while adding a fun little charm.
  8. Gel – A versatile name, it would be equally useful with teachers, friends, or coaches.
  9. Ann – Sweet yet lady-like Ann is likely to bring out the best from one.
  10. Anny – It’s the perfect name to express that affection to your Angelica.
  11. Angs – A great casual one to use for a friend or a good old buddy.


Funny Nicknames for Angelica

If you believe in tickling the funny bones as the best way to a person, we are in agreement, and here you have a list to set that train going!

  1. Jellybelly – While the rhyme makes it fun it is especially apt if Angelica loves to indulge that sweet tooth.
  2. Archangelica – You cannot miss the humor here. It’s a great tease and especially if she is a favorite one with the teacher, or gets her way at home.
  3. An-hell-ica – Sounding a bit like a lisp, this funny mispronunciation of Angelica cleanly lands it on the opposite end of ‘angelic’. Perfect if Angelica, you think, is nothing like an angel.
  4. Angelita — Going the Spanish way, the name has an edgy vibe.
  5. Senorita Angelitas – Simply emphasizing the Spanish bit and adding that tease of ‘senorita’.
  6. Angelipa – Referencing the pop star singer Dua ‘Lipa’ here. If your Angelica can sing away, this is the one.
  7. Vange – The ‘ge’ or ‘j’ sound being operative here, Vange has that urban slang air.
  8. Chika – This cheeky Spanish name works for most women (If she is into it!).
  9. Vangie – Also reminiscent of Phoebe’s name in Friends ‘Regina Phalange’, Vangie actually has a very similar meaning to Angelica – the messenger of good news!
  10. Lulu – Short funny and cute. It’s likely to stick!
  11. Pickles – Angelica Pickles of the animated TV show “Rugrats” gave the name some popularity. It’s a funny and great character and so a great reference and name.
  12. Anger-ica – If Angelica happens to have a short fuse, take her up with one.


Cool Nicknames for Angelica

Here are some of the most chee`k and balanced nicknames Angelica will be super happy with.

  1. Angelique – Actually a French version of Angelica, Angelique but scores a lot more on the cool charts.
  2. Anjelly – Anjelly is for sure fun; other than the reference to jelly, altogether it sounds like an Americanised version of the Indian ‘Anjali’.
  3. Al – Similar in sound to pal, it definitely carries that bud vibe to it. It’s breezy as cotton.
  4. El – This mono-syllable somehow manages to be classy, vibrant, and casual all at once. Pick this if your Angelica just carries herself that stylish way.
  5. Ellie – This is hands down one of the sweetest sounding pet names, fit for one who sits well with the delicate feminine energy.
  6. Ella – Well Rhianna’s echoing ella ella in her ‘Umbrella’ song made this a little funny, but Ella still has that classy and cool air.
  7. Anj – A short and simple truncating, it works well.
  8. Gigi – Well the name now immediately recalls the top model Gigi Hadid. If your Angelica is a fashionista, this might just be the one.
  9. Gems – This favorite colorful burst of chocolate candy makes a great pet name, just as most confectionary bits do.
  10. Allie – This might be an under-rated one and might just set Angelica apart with its casual uniqueness.
  11. Anhz – Fun, casual, breezy.
  12. Lee – If she has a more spunky side to her, this works.


Unique Nicknames for Angelica

You believe in going off the beaten turf and getting adventurous, well, we have you covered. Here is a list of singular nicknames that will set your connection apart.

  1. Arabel – Great in sound, Arabel also evokes the fairy-tale land.
  2. Ilia – A greek name. It carries that pure sense to match Angelica.
  3. Jacques – The interestingly pronounced Christian French name is sure to give the girl an interesting persona.
  4. Evangeline – Rather puritanical sounding for today’s age, it can but work if you want to give that pure Christian air.
  5. Gale – If she is unstoppable and swift as the wind – in movement, or in mind.
  6. Angelien – Close to the given name, this brings out the feminine.
  7. Aingeal – An Irish twist to the pronunciation of Angel, Aingeal can be fun and sweet.
  8. Andela – A Balkan version of Angelica, Andela sure has a unique sound to it.
  9. Lia – This is a great-sounding name, again close to the magic-land space Angelica sits well with.
  10. Aurora – If Angelica recalls the heavens with its reference to angels, this heavenly-sounding name recalls the magical sky-lights.



That was your list of over 50 names to choose the very right one for your Angelica. In case we skipped any, we would be happy to hear. Do let us know.

But we sincerely hope you found an apt one and had as much of a good time going through the list as we did curate it.

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