50+ Cute Nicknames for Angela

Nicknames for Angela

Angela is a beautiful name that has a pure and holy meaning behind it. The name angela is bestowed upon women. It is quite a common name and has many derivatives and pet names. The name is quite popular in the United States of America as well as some European countries like Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and the Baltics.

Angela is very popular, and for good reason. It has connotations with the word ‘angel’, a messenger of the Christian God. It is a very old name but has continued to exist today. There are a few spelling changes for the name Angela, like – Anngela, Angella, Angellah, etc., but the meaning remains the same.

Although the name Angela has been around for many centuries, it is still a popular name, and many famous women possess the name, Angela. Some of the famous people named Angela are


  1. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany
  2. Angela Bassett, an actor
  3. Angela Rye, an attorney of Law
  4. Angela Kinsey, an actor
  5. Angela Davis, a political activist
  6. Angela “Angie” Harmon, a model
  7. Angela Everhart, a film producer
  8. Angela Stone, a record producer

And what does Angela mean? Where did it come from?


Origin of the Name Angela

The name Angela is an old and powerful name and has a Latin root. The name is a derivative of the Greek word ángelos (ἄγγελος) which directly translates to “angel”, a messenger of God. The name is in popular use among the religion of Christianity and denotes a close connection with the Almighty Father.

The name Angela has spawned innumerable nicknames and loving pet names. Such a lovely name requires its own set of charming and alluring monikers.

Here is a brief but comprehensive list of nicknames for people named Angela:


Cute Nicknames for Angela

People named Angela definitely deserve the cutest nicknames, so here are some ideas you could try out on Angela you know!

  1. Goosey – Goosey is such a cute name for Angela! This is definitely a moniker that sticks!
  2. Angie
  3. Angel
  4. Gilly
  5. Anna
  6. Lola
  7. Gilly-Weed
  8. Annie
  9. Nelly
  10. Ginny – If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, then you’ll love this nickname! Ginny Weasely is a fierce and passionate witch, so go make a Potterhead proud!
  11. Anne
  12. Annie Cat
  13. Janey


Funny Nicknames for Angela

If the Angela you know enjoys humor and can take a joke, you can use these funny and cute pet names for them –

  1. Jelly
  2. Jellicle Cat – If you’ve seen the Broadway production of Cats, then you know what a Jellicle Cat is! You can call t
  3. Jolly Polly
  4. Jelly Beans – If your Angela has a sweet tooth, then you can call them “Jelly Bean” or “Jelly Beans”. Jelly Bean is the name of a character in the Archie Comics.
  5. Lala
  6. Holly Golightly – Truman Capote’s novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s gave birth to the eccentric and beautiful Holly Golightly. Portrayed by none other that the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, Holly Golightly is a fun name.
  7. Nana – Angela might not be old enough to be a Nana, or grandmother, herself, but it sure is a funny name!
  8. Gogo
  9. Hogi
  10. Jolly Jo
  11. Genie – Hey ho! If Angela likes Aladdin, then they’ll appreciate this funny name!
  12. Lana Banana
  13. June Bug
  14. Jujubee


Short Nicknames for Angela

Smaller names for Angela are more endearments than just names. Here are some pet names you can call your Angela!

  1. Jojo
  2. Jules
  3. Gina
  4. Julie
  5. Ang/ Ange – The shortened version of Angela is Ange or Ang, and it’s a pretty common nickname.
  6. Ann
  7. Anna
  8. Lee
  9. Lange
  10. Linda
  11. Lindy
  12. Lara
  13. Jo – Jo is as short as you can get! A cute pet name for Angela, Jo is a sweet moniker for the name.
  14. Gigi – Gigi is a cute short name for Angela. If Angela loves anything to do with fashion, they’ll love this name – Gigi Hadid is a famous model.


Creative Nicknames for Angela

Angela is a short sweet name, but there is so much you can do with it! Some pet names seem completely different from the actual name, but a nickname can be anything. Here are some creative names for Angela.

  1. Joanna
  2. June
  3. Nina
  4. Lana
  5. Gela
  6. Elle – Elle is a very soft and sophisticated name that can be great for Angela.
  7. Ella
  8. Lana
  9. Luna – Luna is a beautiful name that stands for the moon in a bevy of languages like Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, etc.
  10. Lennie
  11. Jupe
  12. Jessie
  13. Elia – Elia is an uncommon and pretty quirky and beautiful pet name for a person called Angela.


Cool Nicknames for Angela

If the Angela you know is a cool cat, here are some names to suit their personality!

  1. Josie – If you’ve read the Archie Comics, you should know about the cool all-girl band started by the character Josie – Josie and the Pussycats.
  2. Gina
  3. La Luna – La Luna directly translates to ‘the moon’, and there’s nothing more cool and magical than having a name that means both angel and the moon!
  4. Big A – Big A is a pretty cool and intimidating nickname for someone named Angela. If the Angela you know is all business and seriousness, then they deserve this nickname.
  5. Jenny
  6. Lena
  7. Johnnie
  8. Andy
  9. Juicy – Juicy can be a sassy nickname for Angela.
  10. Big G – Just like Big A Big G is also a pretty great name for Angela and stresses the second syllable of the name.


Best Nicknames for Angela

Angela is a beautiful name that deserves the best monikers, so here are some gorgeous and ephemeral monikers for you or Angela in your life.

  1. Angel
  2. Angelica – Lengthening the name Angela to Angelica gives it sophistication and worth.
  3. Lily
  4. June
  5. Jonesy
  6. Julie Bear
  7. Angie Boo
  8. Anna Banana
  9. Gilla
  10. Gene
  11. Jenna


Angela is a great name and anyone who is lucky enough to be christened so should be proud of it. It is a gorgeous name that alludes to meanings so much more magical and powerful than anyone can possibly understand.

Angela is a holy name, and the name itself offers a link between the person and God Himself.

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