100+ Cute & Funny Nicknames For Andy

Nicknames For Andy

The charm of the name Andy makes it a hot favorite amongst parents all across the United States and the United Kingdom. What adds to the appeal of this name is the pleasing impression of a fun, next-door guy. With such a cool vibe, a boy named Andy is usually known to be a people person.

If you have someone called Andy on your hearty list of family and friends, then giving him a nickname will only make your relations more affectionate. Oh, does that sound like a task to you? Well, it’s not! With our comprehensive curation of cute and funny nicknames for Andy, you’ll be able to find a suitable one for your dear one within minutes.

But before we get to that, let us explore the roots of the name ‘Andy’.


Meaning and Origin of Andy

A variant of the Greek name Andreas, Andrew, means ‘strong, or manly. It is derived from the element ‘Aner’, which means ‘man or a warrior’.

The name has been carried by three kings of Hungary, and the current Prince of York making it quite aristocratic. Other well-known men who go by the name are Andrew Jackson, the 7th U.S. President, Andrew Garfield, the British-American actor, and Andy Murray, the lawn tennis player to name a few.

Now, it’s time to enter the vast land of nicknames for Andy!


Popular Nicknames for Andy

Loved by all, popular nicknames are a no-brainer. Have a look at the ones we got for you!

  1. Andy – Simple and classic is always a great choice.
  2. Ando – We think this one’s got the cool kid undercurrent.
  3. Andre – A French twist makes everything more alluring.
  4. Anderz – This one’s spunky enough to make Andy popular.
  5. Newy – For the new kid in town named Andy.
  6. Rew – Why look anywhere else when you can just clip the last three letters off?
  7. AnMan – Giving it a touch of masculinity.
  8. ND – This is definitely the cooler way to spell Andy.
  9. Andreo – This one is for the happy-go-lucky friend named Andy.


Cute Nicknames for Andy

Let go of all the reins and pick the cutest nickname for that adorable human called Andy.

  1. Annie – This will sound super cute if he is fine being called by a girl’s name.
  2. Ruru – Double up the last synonym for extra loveliness.
  3. Candy – One of the cutest pet names, it rhymes with Andy.
  4. Alvin – Do you remember the cute cartoon chipmunk? Of course, you do!
  5. Apricot – One of the tiniest fruits for a smallie Andy.
  6. Honey Bun – We just can’t get over this warm endearment.
  7. Anny Bee – Try saying honey bee in a cute voice and you’ll get a lovely nickname for Andy.
  8. Darlin’ Drew – Alliterations never fail to do the magic.
  9. Dooby Doo – We all grew up watching the very entertaining Scooby-Doo. Why not name your baby after it?
  10. Amor – French for ‘love’, this is the perfect nickname for Andy if he is really close to you.
  11. Rolo – If you are a fan of those rolled chocolate candies, then this one’s for you.


Funny Nicknames for Andy

A nickname is worth a good laugh. Let’s try calling Andy by these funny nicknames and see how he takes it.

  1. Antique – Does Andy like collecting period pieces? Well, this is the name for an old soul like him.
  2. Andy Brandy – A gigglesome nickname for an Andy who is insanely brand conscious.
  3. Andrichie – A peppy nickname for that rich guy who goes by the name Andy.
  4. Andrill – For the construction guy who is always surrounded by tools.
  5. Andrude – If you want to let Andy know that he is rude, do it with a light-hearted joke like this nickname.
  6. Andrustle – For an Andy who makes weird rustling noises.
  7. Androast – For a chef called Andy who serves the best roast in town.


Weird Nicknames for Andy

Bizarre things are always in trend. So, let’s have a look at these bizarre nicknames for Andy.

  1. An-few – Use this rhyme to Andy to tell him that there are only a few like him.
  2. Anglue – A mean secret nickname for someone who just won’t get off you.
  3. An-deo – A strange nickname for someone who uses the best deodorants ever.
  4. An-dino – If dinosaurs fascinate him, then Andy can easily be called this.
  5. Andevil – If you can call Andy evil on his face, then go for this.


Creative Nicknames for Andy

We got our creative juices flowing and came up with some interesting nicknames for Andy. Have a look and let us know how you like it!

  1. Adrino – For someone whose adrenaline is always high.
  2. Antrue – always speaks the truth
  3. Captain A – Will probably make him feel like Captain America!
  4. An-groove – For an Andy who sets the dance floor on fire.
  5. Ruby – Name him after a precious stone if he is someone you treasure.
  6. Andy-iana – Is he as adventurous as the famous fictional character, Indiana Jones? If yes, then don’t think much and pick this up!


Unique Nicknames for Andy

If Andy doesn’t bore you, why bore him with regular nicknames? Let’s pick a unique one!

  1. Angel – This one is cheesy for sure, but who doesn’t like being showered upon with such love?
  2. Anubis – The name of an Egyptian God, this one fits well for a mythology enthusiast.
  3. Angie – A cheerful name for someone you find sweet.
  4. Mr. A – This sounds like a character from crime fiction and clearly makes for a thrilling name.
  5. Anthurium – Doesn’t he brighten up your face like these gorgeous red flowers?
  6. Dreamy – For the dreamy boy who is lost in another world all day.
  7. Andrius – Another name with the same meaning which sounds like a Roman God’s.
  8. Dragon – One of the most enchanting mythical monsters, this makes for a great nickname.
  9. Andre 3000 – Name him after this popular rapper if he is into rapping himself.
  10. Androshky – This is how the Russian might like to say it.
  11. Androcles – From the popular tale of ‘Androcles and the Lion’.
  12. Andrain – If he is as soothing as the rain, then he deserves that name.
  13. Da Ruler – For someone who rules your heart!



So, we did our job of acquainting you with some refreshing nicknames for Andy, and we hope that we did it well. Now, it’s upon you to pick the right name for your dear one. Take your time, and go for the best!

Also, if you have some suggestions for the same, we would love to hear from you.

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