160+ Awesome Nicknames For Andrew

Nicknames For Andrew

The name Andrew stands among some of the classiest and most appealing titles for boys, adding an incredible character and charm to any personality. From Andrew Garfield to Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, this name has stretched its way through some of the most popular personalities in the world.

However, despite the prominence of this name, finding a great nickname for Andrew might not be as easy as it appears, which is why, today, we have handpicked over 100 awesome pet names for the special guy in your life! Additionally, each nickname accompanies our friendly advice so that you make the right choice.

But before we scroll through our list of the best nicknames for Andrew, let us first explore the meaning and origin of the name.


Meaning And Origin Of The Name Andrew

Andrew is a famous English name that is taken from the Greek term Ἀνδρέας, Andreas. It usually translates into “strong,” “manly,” “brave,” “warrior,” and “courageous.” This name, in the New Testament, was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, and also the first disciple to be called by him. Although the major origin of Andrew is Greek, yet, this name was also taken by the patron saint of Russia, Greece, and Scotland.

Despite the fact that Andrew slipped a little and dropped out of the Top 20 names in 2013, it firmly found its way back among the Top 10 names in the past two decades. In fact, Stanley Liberson, a sociologist researcher revealed that Andrew was the leading male’s name which was picked by highly educated parents of a boy.

Now that we know the meaning of Andrew and where it hails from, let us head straight to our list of over 100 nicknames for the stellar name!


Cute Nicknames For Andrew

Does the special guy named Andrew in your life deserve a pet name that is ultra-sweet and adorable? Are you looking for a nickname that he might even be embarrassed about whenever he is around his boys or his crush?

Have a look at some of the most delightful nicknames for Andrew:

  1. Candy – Use this nickname for someone named Andrew who is as sweet as a candy.
  2. Pandrew – A nickname for an Andrew who reminds you of a cuddly Panda.
  3. Dru – A short and simple version of the nickname Drew.
  4. Drew Bear – Use this pet name for a tall, dark, and handsome man named Andrew.
  5. Andyroo – Pick this nickname for a toughie, but a cutie!
  6. Rew – Another short nickname for Andrew that we love.
  7. Dreamy – Pick this one if the guy named Andrew is the man of your dreams.
  8. Andy BunnyBoo – Pick this nickname if your boo’s name is Andrew.
  9. Andy Dandy – A pet name for a highly sophisticated man.
  10. Sugar-Drew – A nickname for the sweetest guy you know!
  11. Roo – The nickname “Rew,” but with a different spelling.
  12. Drew Woo – Use this nickname for a man who woos everyone with his charm.
  13. Dew – Looking at baby Andrew must be certainly as refreshing as looking at a dewdrop.
  14. Merry Drew – Use this adorable nickname for a guy named Andrew who is always cheerful.
  15. Lil Rew – A nickname for a little and adorable toddler.
  16. Andrello – A pet name for Andrew with an Italian twist!
  17. Druuuu – A nickname with a lot of emphasis on the “U.”
  18. Mountain Drew – Use this for an adventurer who is not feared by anything.
  19. Drew Boi – This nickname fits perfectly on Andrews of all ages.
  20. Drewby – A playful nickname for a compulsive mischief-maker named Andrew.
  21. Dy’ – This nickname is pronounced as “Dy.”
  22. Dewey – A loving nickname for a guy who is as gentle as morning dew.
  23. Drewberry – Pick this cute nickname for a hottie who is sweeter than a berry!
  24. Drewy – This will definitely suit a little boy named Andrew.
  25. Drew Boo – Make your loved one feel special with this heartfelt nickname.
  26. Drew Nut – It will sound just like a doughnut, but with a personalized spin.
  27. Cookie Doo – We know you love cookie dough. So, we made it rhyme with Andrew.
  28. Drooly – An amusing nickname for a drooling toddler named Andrew.
  29. Andsy – A pleasant name that will make you feel closer to Andrew.
  30. Li’l A – Get this nickname printed on baby Andrew’s onesie and he’ll look so adorable!
  31. Dre – Short and crisp, this one sounds zestful.


Funny Nicknames For Andrew

If the Andrew in your life is gifted with a great sense of humor and loves some fun, then it is a great idea to go for some quirky, whimsical nicknames that bring an air of laughter whenever they are heard.

Have a look:

  1. Mandy – A feminine variant of the name Andrew, which makes it hilarious to be used on a guy.
  2. Sandy – A nickname to throw a jibe at someone who is very unhygienic.
  3. Eww – Pick this nickname for an Andrew who just makes you want to puke!
  4. Andy Candy – If someone named Andrew is twice as sweet and savory as candy, then he has probably earned this name.
  5. Booby Drewby – Pick this pet name for a chubby guy named Andrew.
  6. Chimpandrew – Use this comical nickname for a guy you’d compare to a chimpanzee.
  7. Drewbin – Pick this nickname for someone who does a lot of trash talk.
  8. Andy Bandy – A nickname for an Andrew who keeps meeting accidents or hurting himself.
  9. Ant Rew – Use this nickname to tease a very skinny-looking guy named Andrew.
  10. Handy Mandy – Pick this nickname for a guy who is great at doing odd jobs.
  11. Drowsy – A giggle-inducing nickname for someone who loves his naps.
  12. Andy Gandhi – A punny nickname for an Andrew who is an old soul trapped in a young man’s body!
  13. An-Drool – If the Andrew in your life drools in his sleep, then he’s literally earned this pet name.
  14. Doobie-Doobie – Pick this nickname for a man who is always stoned!
  15. Drewpy – A nickname for a very lazy-natured guy named Andrew.
  16. Scandrew – Use this nickname for a scandalous and troublesome man.
  17. Andy Nuts – A nickname for someone who is a bit of a klutz.
  18. Drewpanzee – An ideal nickname for a goofy weirdo named Andrew.
  19. Andry – This nickname is custom-made for a short-tempered Andrew.
  20. Ant-rew – A good-humored name for a tiny man called Andrew.
  21. Andruff – A funny take on an Andrew who happens to have a flaky scalp.
  22. Crew – Does your Andrew have a cool crew cut? If yes, this is your pick.
  23. Androop – This is for a perpetually sleep-deprived, droopy Andrew.
  24. Andork – A slangy nickname for Andrew if he is socially awkward.
  25. Laundrew – By chance, you have a funny laundry story associated with Andrew.
  26. Android – For a tech geek called Andrew who happens to work with Android.
  27. Dizzy Drew – If Andrew is weak-hearted, and gets dizzy at a minor inconvenience, then go for this humorous nickname.
  28. BigDrew – For the big tough guy that everyone’s scared of.


Popular Nicknames For Andrew

The best part about picking a popular nickname for someone you love is that there’s always a guarantee that you won’t go wrong with it!

Glance through some of the most commonly-used pet names for a guy named Andrew:

  1. Andy – Hands down the most popular and sought-after endearment for Andrew.
  2. Drew – Short and sweet, Andrew would love it.
  3. Daddy Drew – Pick this nickname for your old man.
  4. Andre – If this guy is French, or a dreamy man, then this is it!
  5. Drey – Culled from the common nickname, Drew.
  6. Andrea – A variant of Greek origin for the man named Andrew.
  7. Andro – Pick this Greek nickname for someone with a manly profile.
  8. Andrez – Another Old Greek nickname that we love.
  9. Andreios – Use this nickname for a macho man.
  10. Andriy – This is a Ukrainian nickname for Andrew.
  11. Andrzej – A polish term of endearment for a guy named Andrew.
  12. Anndra – You can use this Scottish nickname for someone who hails from Scotland.
  13. Androcles – This nickname translates into “Glory of a man.”
  14. Drel – Similar to the nickname, Drew, but without the “W.”
  15. Da-Drew – A nickname for someone who is like no other.
  16. Andrius – Use this exotic nickname for a charming guy.
  17. Anderz – A pet name for Andrew, but with a little twist!


Weird Nicknames For Andrew

The closer you are to a person, the crazier you can go when it comes to keeping a nickname for them.

If you are all game for some of the weirdest nicknames for someone named Andrew, then look no further than this list:

  1. Aindriu – This is an Irish variant of the name Andrew.
  2. Andras – Pick this nickname for a guy named Andrew with a Greek origin.
  3. Andraz – This pet name is a Slavonic variant of the name Andrew.
  4. Andreu – A fitting nickname for a man who is strong, manly, and courageous.
  5. Andris – This is a Greek nickname for a “warrior,” bearing the name Andrew.
  6. Andreo – A nickname with Spanish roots.
  7. Andrii – This is a Ukrainian rendition of the name Andrew.
  8. Anderson – This pet name has a mature and simple ring to it.
  9. Andronicus – This Classical Greek endearment translates into “male victor.”
  10. Andrewski – Use this for a guy named Andrew who is a know-it-all.
  11. BlueDrew – If he likes all things blue, then this is what you call him.
  12. Van-drew– If Andrew’s van is your regular ride, then this is the ideal nickname.
  13. ChewDrew – This is quite a weird name but will go well if he is always chewing gum.
  14. An-Shrew – Name him after this tiny mouse-like creature for some amusement.
  15. Foodrew – For all those foodie Andrews around.
  16. Andred – For that weird guy named Andrew who is seen in only red clothes.
  17. Dressy Drew – This one is for Andrew who likes to dress up and grab a million compliments every day.
  18. Drenzo – A fantastic nickname for your brother from another mother.
  19. Drew Driver – If Andrew is a pro at fixing broken furniture, then this is a pretty funny name as it sounds like screw drives.
  20. Drewcula – For that super annoying kid named Andrew.
  21. Andrough – For the rough guy who keeps getting into trouble.
  22. Mandrew – Just a little trick to make him feel more manly.
  23. Androne – For someone who irritates you by hovering above constantly.
  24. Androught – For an Andrew who barely eats anything.
  25. AndrewCurios
  26. AndrewTypos


Mean Nicknames For Andrew

No matter how painfully annoying the guy named Andrew in your life might be, he deserves a nickname.

However, the fun part is that as much as nicknames are a kind of endearment, they can also be treated as an instrument of mockery!

So, have a look at some of the meanest nicknames for you to choose from:

  1. Adopted – Tell the person named Andrew in your life that he’s adopted.
  2. Baby Face – Pick this nickname for someone who still looks like a baby.
  3. Snollygoster – Use this nickname for someone with a shrewd personality.
  4. Pillock – A pet name for a foolish person.
  5. Smellfungus – Someone with an excessively faultfinding nature.
  6. Ninnyhammer – Use this nickname for a simpleton.
  7. Hobbledehoy – Pick this nickname for a gawky, awkward man.
  8. Mooncalf – A nickname for someone who is very absentminded.
  9. Dunce – A mean nickname for someone who has difficulty learning things.
  10. Dipstick – Pick this one for an annoying person.
  11. Chaos – Use this nickname for someone named Andrew who causes anarchy whenever he is nearby.
  12. Chucky – Use this nickname for a man who acts like a psychopath.
  13. Hambone – For a very lazy man named Andrew.
  14. Mario – For someone who just keeps jumping around.
  15. Shrimp – Pick this nickname for someone who is very skinny.
  16. Tattletale – A pet name to call out someone who always tells on others.
  17. Dufus – Pick this nickname for someone who is a big-time goof.
  18. Eggheadrew – For a dumb Andrew in your life.
  19. Fart-a-potamis – Pick this nickname for someone who farts a lot.
  20. Giganotosaurus – For the tallest guy named Andrew.
  21. Muggle – A nickname for someone you subtly want to call a failure.


Creative Nicknames for Andrew

  1. Andream – Is he so good that it is almost like a dream?
  2. An-Jew – For an Andrew who is Jewish and doesn’t mind being called by that name.
  3. Fan-drew – If Andrew is the biggest fanboy you have ever met, call him this.
  4. Sand-drew – If Andrew is big on beaches, then go for this with your eyes shut.
  5. Artrew – For an amazing artist named Andrew.
  6. An-Brew – Replace the ‘D’ with a ‘B’ to get a freshly brewed nickname for an excellent coffee maker.
  7. Papa Drew – If your dad’s name is Andrew, then this makes for an adorable nickname.
  8. Duro – A Spanish currency, Duro makes for a spunky nickname for Andrew.
  9. Rewpee – While we are on currencies, another cool name would be this modified spelling for the Indian currency, Rupee.
  10. Andrewlicious – For the spectacular chef named Andrew who makes delicious food.
  11. Androck – For that die-hard fan of rock music.
  12. Hamdrew – Does Andrew love ham? If he does, this is a suitable option.
  13. McDrew – Let’s jazz up the name with a simple ‘Mc’.
  14. Andrewhol
  15. AndrewLyster
  16. Just Andrew


Unique Nicknames For Andrew

If the Andrew you know is like no other, then it’s best that you get him a nickname that’s as unique as his personality.

Here are a few pet names to get you started:

  1. Astro Andy – A nickname for someone who loves astronomy.
  2. Scooby Drew – Use this one for a guy named Andrew who is the underdog of his group.
  3. Mean-Drew – If the Andrew in your life is the meanest you know.
  4. Anjew – Fits just right if the guy is Jewish!
  5. And – A shortened version of the name “Andrew.”
  6. Peek-a-Drew – A nickname for a kid who likes playing peek-a-boo with you.
  7. Androminator – If Terminator’s name was Andrew, he’d be named Androminator.
  8. Angrew – For someone with a fiery temper.
  9. Werd – A nickname derived by reversing the last four letters of Andrew.
  10. Andie – “Andy,” but with a different spelling.
  11. Mr. A – For someone who wants to make a statement!
  12. An-Man – Another unique nickname that we love.
  13. Dreux – Quite a cool nickname for Andrew.
  14. Fun-drew – If he is fun to have around, then compliment him with this nickname.
  15. Gran Drew – If your grandpa is called Andrew, then you have found the perfect endearment for him.
  16. Drew Beau – For your one and only!
  17. Andrey – Andrew will definitely love this upbeat nickname.
  18. Wandrew – For an Andrew who is always found moving around aimlessly.
  19. Andreoli – Give it an Italian twist and make it sound like ravioli.
  20. Androse – For an Andrew who is as lovely as a rose.
  21. Drewpiter – If Andrew is an Astronomy buff, why not name him after a planet?
  22. Dandrew – Just adding a ‘D’ in the beginning takes the coolness a notch up.
  23. AndrewBot
  24. AndrewRevenue
  25. AndreW
  26. Andrewism


So, there you have it folks – plenty of awesome nicknames for someone named Andrew. We hope that our all-inclusive list has guided you to choose the perfect pet name for your loved one.

Lastly, in case you feel like we’ve accidentally left any popular nickname or you’ve come up with a creative endearment, then don’t forget to share it with us!

Happy nicknaming!

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