50+ Cute Nicknames for Andrea

Nicknames for Andrea

There are many ways to profess your love and care to an individual. You can make handmade gifts, you can cook for that person, you can even buy something that the person longs for or you can easily bestow the person with a nickname. In this article, you’ll find 50+ cute nicknames for Andrea that’ll make them go aww!

Naming someone is very significant as this could strengthen your relationship with the person. Nickname is just not a name that is given by someone close to you. Check out this list of amazing nicknames for Andrea that you can choose from easily.


The origin of the name Andrea

The name Andrea is actually a unisex name, meaning that the name can be given to both a male and a female. The derived version of the name ‘Andrea’ that is used for males is ‘Andrew’. Both names are widely used. The name Andrea was first introduced to us through the Greeks.

The name was derived from the Greek word ἀνήρ (anēr) and was later modified into many cultures differently in accordance with their own linguistic preferences. The Greek meaning of the name is referred to as ‘the resentment or opposition towards females’. The original name ‘Andrèas’ represents the meaning of having possessed such endearment function with a hypocoristic characteristic.

Each and every name of the Greek culture that starts with the prefix ‘Andr-‘ will fall under the category of the same connotation. Apart from this, the name is also associated with a biblical reference. According to the Bible, it was saint Andrews who became one of the few first disciples of Jesus.

Few Cute nicknames for Andrea

Here we have clustered a bunch of cute nicknames for Andrea that would suit anyone.

  1. Andrea-san
  2. Andrea-Kun
  3. Andrea-chan
  4. Andrea-sama
  5. An-san
  6. An-sama
  7. An-chan
  8. An-Kun
  9. Rea-Kun
  10. Rea-san
  11. Rea-sama
  12. Rea-chan
  13. Rea-Kun
  14. Drea-san
  15. Drea-Kun
  16. Drea-sama
  17. Drea-chan

You can come up with your own cute nickname. The nickname of your own invention will be more unique and close to your heart. The easy way to make your clown cute nickname is to think of something that reminds you of the person, it could be a characteristic trait, it could be something she likes, it could be anything personal that you only acknowledge. Take that word and add ‘san’, ‘chan’, ‘Kun’, ‘sama’ after it.


Few funny nicknames for Andrea

We have put together a bunch of funny nicknames that you can choose from for the person you adore.

  1. Dora the Explorer – an Andrea can be a Dora too.
  2. P-andrea – if not Dora, then maybe as troublesome as a pandora box?
  3. Andera
  4. Andronicus – we all know what it means.
  5. Android – if she is emotionless, choose this name.
  6. Andrea – if a person utters the word ‘and’ more, then choose this name.
  7. Ant-rea – if she has the strength of an ant then choose this name.
  8. Anduin – if she is a star war fan please choose this.


You can come up with your own funny nickname for the person named Andrea. The key to making your own funny nicknames lies in the funny memories you share with the person. It could be a funny memory or it could be some inner joke that you and the person share.

Take one word that describes the memory or a word from the inner joke and add that word after the name of the person. The funniest thing would be if you could integrate a pun or sarcasm into the mix.


Few cool nicknames for Andrea

If you are thinking of giving your close friend a cool nickname, then choose any from this lot.

  1. Bunny – if she is as fast as a bunny, choose this name.
  2. Palm-top tiger – if you have seen Toradora then this is the name one should go with.
  3. Andrea lionheart – a person as brave as a lion should be named no less than this.
  4. Andrea, the fox
  5. Andrea, the man – why not?
  6. Andhera – the word means ‘dark’ and sounds like Andrea. If she is a goth, this is the name you should go with.


Few clever nicknames for Andrea

You can come up with any kind of nickname for the person you love, but coming up with a clever nickname is tougher. We have put together a few clever nicknames for the name ‘Andrea’.

  1. Andrya – if she is just the replica of Arya stark then choose this name.
  2. Aarju – in Hindi, it means ‘to desire’.
  3. Andria – if she is a piece of melody (aria), name her android
  4. Ryuk – If she loves apples, this is the name.
  5. AnDRYa – what if her sense of humour is as dry as a dessert?


The easy way to come up with the cool and clever nickname for the name Andrea is to include some pun and sarcasm in the name.

Few Short nicknames for the name Andrea

If all these long names take too much of an effort for you to even pronounce, here are some short nicknames for the name ‘Andrea’.

  1. An
  2. Ann
  3. Annie
  4. Anna
  5. Ana
  6. Ahana
  7. Rea
  8. Rhea
  9. Ree
  10. Eyaa
  11. Dre
  12. Dee


Few Famous people named Andrea

Here we have jotted down a few famous people named after Andrea. Choose the name of the celebrity that you think is similar to the person you love.

  1. Andrea Alföldi – Hungarian race walker
  2. Andrea Allan – American actress
  3. Andrea Anders – American actress
  4. Andrea Armstrong – a basketball player
  5. Andrea Ávila – Argentine jumper
  6. Andrea Baker – American actress
  7. Andrea Barber – American actress
  8. Andrea Berg – German singer.
  9. Andrea Arnold – Director
  10. Andrea Lopez – Singer
  11. Andrea Bocelli – Italian opera singer
  12. Andrea de corr – Irish singer.


Few Fictional characters named Andrea

Here we have put down a few fictional characters named after Andrea. Make sure that you choose the character that shares the same character traits as the person you love to increase the accuracy.

Andrea from Walking Dead

Andrea from Beverly Hills 90210

Andrea from The West Wing

Andrea from The Devil Wears Prada.

Andrea from 28 days.


We would like to conclude with a bit of advice that it does not matter which name you choose, as long as the name is the vessel through which you can profess your feelings, it will be alright. The name should bring a smile to that person’s face.

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