80+ Cute Nicknames For Amelia

Nicknames For Amelia

Amelia is one of those names that never seems to go out of trend, an elegant name that sounds enchanting. If you just bonded with a girl named Amelia and are wondering what are some cute nicknames that go with this name, then this article is calling out to you.

Today we will give you more than 80 adorable pet names that you can give to your relative, friend, or even your boss named Amelia. We have good old classic names and some trendy nicknames all in one place. So have a look, and take your pick, because we are determined to help you choose the perfect nickname for your Amelia.

Amelia is the sort of name you would expect on a rich diva-like girl, who is swanky and sensitive at the same time. Ever wondered what it means? Read on ahead and find out.


Origin and Significance of the name Amelia

Amelia is a feminine name with origins in the Latin language, this name has come about from the German word “amal”, which means work. The connotations attached to this name are of fertility and diligence.

In the Urdu language, the name Amelia means a princess or the daughter of a prince. Now, that’s amazing!

A vintage name with a contemporary vibe and means a princess, there’s everything to love in a name right there.
Now that we know what Amelia means, let’s have a go at some beautiful nicknames for this alluring name.


Popular Nickname for Amelia

If you need a good old classic nickname for your colleague Amelia, you are at the right place. The names below are warm-hearted nicknames for Amelia, that anybody would appreciate having.

  1. Amy – The most obvious nickname for Amelia, also Big Bang Theory Fans will relate to this.
  2. Amie – An alternate way to spell this classic nickname which is relatively unused.
  3. Emma – We are swooning over this name, and we know you are too!
  4. Mila – If you are a fan of short names, this one is a winner for you.
  5. Emmy – If Amelia in your life is like an award to you, then might as well call her this.
  6. Emelia- A minor tweak in the original name and a whole new one is ready.
  7. Max – An all-time favorite nickname, which we approve of.
  8. Liam – A boyish name that is quite unique from other names.
  9. Emelie/Emily – Another beautiful name that is strikingly similar to the name Amelia.
  10. Lee – Perhaps for Amelia who is into Kung-Fu.
  11. Amia – A Latin origin female name that means “beloved”, a superb choice for a nickname.
  12. Molly – If Amelia is like a mother figure to you, just like Molly Weasley was to Harry Potter.
  13. Ella – Hebrew word for goddess, what a serene name to give to your special someone.
  14. Lia – A short, sweet, and cute name for your best friend.
  15. Mia – A classic short name fit for a diva.
  16. Lily – Another popular pet name taken after a beautiful summer flower.
  17. Melania – A contemporary name that sounds very classy. (Hint-Previous First Lady of USA)
  18. Amal – Why not pick the root word for the name Amelia, as a nickname for it as well. (Also, who doesn’t love Amal Clooney?)
  19. Miles – Another one of those nicknames that is simple yet elegant.
  20. Allie – Charming and cute nickname for Amelia which never gets boring.
  21. Ama – An upbeat name that is short and sweet, perfect for your new buddy.


Cute Nickname for Amelia

If Amelia is the name of the woman you love or have a secret crush on, a cute nickname can be the stepping-stone in your relationship.

We have some endearing pet names for Amelia listed below that can make her feel special and loved.

  1. Mama Bear – A cozy name for someone whose hugs are warm and cuddly.
  2. Mine – What an affectionate name for Amelia who is the love of your life.
  3. Milli – A ladylike name for someone who is dainty and sweet.
  4. Amiable – A perfect nickname for a sweet-natured and soft-spoken Amelia.
  5. Emu – Want a name that’s short, cute, and stylish? Check! Check! Check!
  6. Inny Minny – A nickname that takes you back to your childhood.
  7. Alia – Any Alia Bhatt fans out here?
  8. Angel – If you are looking to nickname your baby girl who changed your world, here is a winning nickname for you.
  9. Amulet – Amulets are good luck charms or an object that protects the owner, isn’t it heartwarming to call a woman you love your amulet.
  10. Jell-O Mello – Rhyming words as pet names with the word Jell-O, nothing can be cuter than this.
  11. Lulu – Another swoon-worthy name that says that you adore a person.
  12. Moon – If she is your sun and your stars, you can call her moon. A classic romantic nickname for a reason.
  13. Milo – A chocolaty milkshake name to take you back into the good old days.
  14. Leilani – A tasteful name for Amelia who has impeccable style and class.


Funny Nicknames for Amelia

Want to be that witty person in your group, who lightens the mood with their witty remarks and humorous nicknames?

Here you go, we also have some chuckle-worthy nicknames for Amelia that are absolute crowd-pleasers.

  1. Mule – Animal names as nicknames is one trend that’s never going out of style.
  2. Oatmeal – Is your Amelia always on a diet? Here is the perfect pet name by which you can tease her.
  3. Meow – For a catty Amelia, who is wild and free.
  4. Mill – When Amelia is a hard worker, going on and on round the clock.
  5. Loan – Playful dig for Amelia who is always broke and looking for quick cash.
  6. Lemony – If Amelia smells fresh all the time, you can use this fun name for her.
  7. Oily – Tease Amelia with an Acne problem by calling her this.
  8. Mail/Male – Many fun probable scenarios with these names.
  9. Mole – If she rocks those beauty spots, this name is practically calling out to her.
  10. Lime – When she is saucy, but you like it!
  11. Anime – Anime fans, this one is for you!
  12. Limo – For a girl who likes to ride in fancy wheels.
  13. Momo – The one thing we can never get enough of. (This one goes well for a plump Amelia)


Cool Nicknames for Amelia

When it comes to nicknames, the key to a good nickname is always creativity and innovation. We have put our minds at work and curated some unbelievably trendy nicknames for you that will lift your spirits up.

  1. Omen – It is a bad omen not to give your friend a nickname. No kidding!
  2. Eminem – Nickname after the Rap God himself, is there anything better than this?
  3. Em/M – Our nickname list is never complete without an initial as a nickname. They are hard to beat when it comes to chic names.
  4. Mi – Just added an I to the initial and got a swanky little nickname for your buddy Amelia.
  5. Pizza – We know it does not go much, but both the names ending in aah sound might help. Also, we love pizza and wanted to include it somehow.
  6. Lexi – We are loving the laidback vibe of this name.
  7. Leyli – A name that is worthy of a diva-like girl.
  8. Amway – A giddy name that will make your Amelia wonder where it came from.
  9. Amaze/ A Maze – This name serves two purposes; it is a subtle compliment for a woman who amazes you or a dig at one who confuses you. Cool, right?
  10. Adelina – A classic Latin origin name meaning “noble or nobility”. A kind-hearted Amelia is the one for this name.
  11. Amira – A bubbly name for a chirpy girl who is the light and life of your group.
  12. Tequila – An apt name for Amelia who is your booze buddy or an alcoholic.
  13. Mali – A south African country, which can also be a unique nickname.
  14. Lion Queen – A feminist version of “The Lion King”, for a spirited young woman who is going to conquer the world.
  15. Camilla – A royal name for those of us who are fans of “The Crown”.


Mean/ Rude Nicknames for Amelia

If you have a love-hate relationship with Amelia, it might be a good idea to have two nicknames for her. One that she loves and one that she hates, here are some nicknames which she might hate, but will come in handy when she is getting on your nerves.

  1. Mono – A gory but laughable name that is short for mononucleosis infection. (more popularly known as “the kissing disease”)
  2. Menial – You can only use this name for someone you are very close with.
  3. Maniac – If Amelia drives you crazy, this is what you can call her by and calm yourself.
  4. Lame – A candid choice of nickname for Amelia who is cracking PJ’s too often.
  5. Smelly – A hilarious name for an Amelia with bad breath or the one who forgets to shower.
  6. Melanoma – To name somebody after Cancer would be quite disturbing in our opinion.
  7. Meal – The word meal can be made by jumbling up letters from the name Amelia. If Amelia is always eating, you can call her this.
  8. Melon – An offensive name for your chubby buddy Amelia.
  9. Lonely – Calling out your recently single friend Amelia as lonely can be mean, but also funny.
  10. Annabelle – Only if she scares you as much as the movie Annabelle scared you.


Unique Nicknames for Amelia

Take your relationship with Amelia to the next level by giving her a nickname that is out of the ordinary. These unique pet names will set you apart and make her smile at your nicknaming skills.

  1. Lone Wolf – A motivational nickname for Amelia who makes her own way in the world.
  2. Ilia – In Hebrew the word Ilia means “God is Lord”, if you want a religious nickname, here you go!
  3. Ammonia – An off-beat choice, but that is what makes it stand out from other names.
  4. Aluminum – Probably for a strong-willed and dexterous Amelia of your group.
  5. Lemonade – A refreshing summer drink that kind of goes with the name Amelia.
  6. Mica – A mineral that can be a witty nickname for a geeky Amelia.
  7. Amiga – Spanish for a friend, this name is an easy-going nickname for an Amelia you just met.
  8. Amoeba – Seems like a weird nickname to give, but it’s also something that will set you apart.
  9. Amylic – A unique name for a Grammar Nazi Amelia. (Hint- Amylic means the proper arrangement of words to form verses)
  10. Malia – A name which means “rebel, the sea of bitterness, dark”. Fun Fact-This is also the name of Barack Obama’s eldest daughter
  11. Louis Vuitton – Amelia a fan of luxury brands? Here is a pet name for her.
  12. Monalisa – This name taken after the historic artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci, it’s an agreeable nickname option that you might not have heard of.



And that’s all from us! We hope this post has given you what you were looking for or inspired you to create your own pet name for Amelia.

If you do have something better on your mind as a nickname for Amelia, why not share it with us by leaving a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

Till then, happy nicknaming!

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