70+ Popular Nicknames for Amber – Cute and Funny

Nicknames for Amber

Amber is a popular girl’s name. Derived from amber an organic gemstone of hardened pine resin. Known as nature’s time capsule. Fossils may be preserved within the hardened resin. Amber, the color, is a honey-like hue found between yellow and orange on the color spectrum. Here are 70 nicknames with which an Amber may be tagged.


Cute nicknames for Amber

Cute names that come from her family.

  1. Honey – A nod to the color. Particularly, if Amber has that complexion.
  2. Red – If your Amber is a red-head. Also, a color reference.
  3. Lamber – Baby Amber is as cute as a lamb.
  4. Ambi – Little Amber is as innocent as Bambi.
  5. Ambs – When Amber is too formal.
  6. Ambsy – Interchangeable with Ambs.
  7. Am-bear – Amber’s as cute as a Teddy Bear.
  8. Ambi-Ambi – Baby talk at Amber.
  9. Ambi-Pambi – More baby talk.
  10. Ambers – Amber is growing up but she’s still your little girl.
  11. Amberta – Amber and her family are from Canada. Or, Aunt Roberta took charge.
  12. NovAmber – if she is born in November.
  13. Amberstein – Like Einstein
  14. Amberina Jolie – If she is as beautiful as Angelina Jolie.
  15. Ambert Downey Jr.
  16. Amb-sterdam
  17. Amb Lee – one who loves Chinese food.
  18. Ambourghini – Lover of Luxury cars.
  19. AmbeRose
  20. Ambridge – A Cambridge university alumni.

Funny nicknames for Amber

It’s her high school and college friends who know the true Amber. They poke fun because that is what friends do.

  1. Ham-ber – Amber is a real cut-up, the life of the party. She “hams” it up.
  2. Bam-ber – Amber loves to cook. She seasons like Emeril, “BAM!”
  3. Amberts – When Amber’s little sister ended everything with a “t”
  4. Bert – When the middle school kids heard Amber’s sister.
  5. Berty – At first Bert was derogatory, but her friends could call her Berty.
  6. Amb-erino – End any name with “erino” before you go to Vegas.
  7. Amberrass – Watch what you say to her as Amber blushes easily.
  8. Am-Bare-Ass – Amber’s college days were wild, there was streaking.
  9. Ber-Be-Ber-Be-Ber – When Amber gets called on the carpet (head shaking).
  10. SamBernardino – When Amber talked like a Valley Girl. Southern California Amber.
  11. ShazamBer – No one finishes before Amber. Tests, lunch, racing. Amber moves like Shazam!
  12. Amberyay – Amber goes Pig Latin. When the grade school kids wanted to talk in odecay.
  13. Tam-Ber – When Amber wields a chain saw, it’s not TIMBER! It’s TAMBER. Look out below.
  14. AmBurst – When Amber just cannot contain herself. She knows she should hold her tongue, but the words are out.
  15. Ambroiled – When Amber is hot under the collar. Do not cross her path lest you receive her wrath.
  16. Jamber – When Amber finds herself between a rock and a hard place.
  17. Ambermeister – Amber is in to home brewing. It makes her hoppy.
  18. Amburrr – Amber is always cold. Throw another log on the fire.
  19. Aim-ger (phonetic) – Amber is mad and she Is not afraid to show it.
  20. Cramber – Amber the night before Finals. It may be an all-nighter.
  21. Amberghetti – Amber always orders the pasta when dining out. Linguini, rigatoni, ravioli, even spaghetti Amber will have it with red sauce, white sauce, oil & parmesan.
  22. Amberterian – Amber has strict diet rules. Of course, they only apply to her. It is not vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free. But, it better be Amber approved.
  23. Amburro – Sometimes Amber is as slow as molasses. Don’t pin the tail on her.
  24. Cramberry – Amber loves the holidays. Pass the cranberry sauce. Homemade may be special, but Amber likes it old school open that can.
  25. Slamber – Amber is very opinionated. And, she speaks her mind. Don’t give her an opening or you will be slammed.


Cool nicknames for Amber

Somewhere among those funny nicknames comes the one that sticks. It’s the cool nickname. The nickname Amber could keep the rest of her life.

  1. Ambo – Amber is tough as nails like Rambo.
  2. Ram-ber – Another spin on Rambo. Her pension for camouflage lends to the mystique.
  3. Samber – Amber just has that demeanor. Sometimes she’s just a Sam.
  4. Ambster – The Ambster has a sharp tongue. Everybody likes Amber.
  5. Camber – Amber is just a little off-center. She sees things a little differently.
  6. Amberger – Amberger is a good college buddy. A cool nickname can always take a “the” in front of it. The Amberger.
  7. Am-dog – It’s not a party without the Am-dog.
  8. Amb-ski – The Amberger meets the Am-dog.
  9. Big A – Matches her personality. Emphasis on the A. It can be Big A or Big Aaaaaaa. The longer the A the happier everyone is to see Amber.
  10. A-B – It’s her blood type and her nickname. Depending on Amber’s mood. She can be AB Positive or AB Negative.
  11. Gember – Amber is just as precious as the gem for which she is named.


Aunt nicknames for Amber

Becoming an aunt can be traumatic, but she’ll work it out with her niece/nephew.

  1. Auntie Amber – She’s such a good Aunt.
  2. Aunt M – She’s the coolest Aunt.
  3. Tia A mbar – The family has a Latin twist
  4. AuntBer – Amber’s not quite ready to be called Auntie.
  5. Auntie A – The good, cool Aunt.
  6. Namby – Aunt Amber plays nanny


Clever nicknames for Amber

Special nicknames for special occasions, circumstances.

  1. Amberitious – Ambitious Amber is headed for valedictorian.
  2. Amberulatory – Ambulatory Amber never sits still. At 13,000 steps on her pedometer Amber really steps it
  3. Amberful – She’s just so darn nice. Amber is just wonderful.
  4. Amberly – When everyone wants to do it like Amber
  5. Amberica – Amber is patriotic.
  6. Ambertiful – When Amber dolls it up she’s beautiful.
  7. Amberlicious – Reserved for the romantic interest in Amber’s life. Enough said.
  8. Amberivalent – When Amber just doesn’t care one way or the other.
  9. Prime Amber – When Amber started to learn number theory. Amber is indivisible.
  10. Ambroid – Amber is precise. Like a machine.
  11. Amberosia – Amber is a dessert expert. Nectar to the Gods.
  12. Ambread – Amber is a master baker. Don’t touch her sourdough starter.
  13. Ambergency – There’s a crisis. Call Amber. Her cool head will prevail.
  14. Ambearable – When Amber really gets on your nerves and you just want a break, she is unbearable.
  15. Amberista – When Amber goes guerilla warfare there is nothing she will not do to get the job done.
  16. Ambernastic – Amber is a gymnast par excellence. Flexible, acrobatic with a style all her own.
  17. Amberoidery – Cross-stitch, bedazzled. crochet, macramé that Amber is crafty. She’s the girl if you split
    your pants or need that prom dress altered.

So, there you have it. From new-born through adulthood, a plethora of Amber nicknames.

I hope you like these names. Let us know which one of these names you have your eyes on. If you have any other ideas of Amber nicknames let us know in the comment section.


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