60+ Beautiful Nicknames For Allison

Nicknames For Allison

If you’re looking for the best nicknames for your dear Allison, you’re in the right place. We’ve collected more than 60 beautiful nicknames for Allison that would work well on your sweetheart!

Nicknames form an important part of a cute relationship, especially if they are funny and beautiful. The best part about nicknames is that it seals the love between two people in a very beautiful way. Nicknames help to create a sense of intimacy and bonding between two people.

Finding nicknames for a gorgeous name like Allison is a treat in itself. Soft and energetic at the same time, this name holds good vibes only. In this article, we have tried to compile a slew of cute and charming nicknames for a lucky girl who goes by this super attractive name, Allison.

But before we dive into the nicknames, let’s get a brief on the meaning and origin of this name.

Meaning and Origin of Allison

Allison means ‘noble’. Scottish dialects have been using this diminutive of Alice since the Middle Ages. However, since the 1990s, Allison has been much more popular than Alice.

Once a boys’ name which meant ‘son of the noble one’, this sprightly name is now used clearly, exclusively used for girls. Famous women who have been named Allison include American actresses Allison Brie and Allison Janney.

Now, it’s time that we enter the wonderful land of nicknames!


Popular Nicknames for Allison

If you don’t want to go for anything too fancy and stick to the sweet old nicknames that are easy to form and understand, then we have a few fine ones listed below.

Have a look and pick something that jazzes up Allison’s identity.

  1. Al – A cool cut from the nickname, this one has been popular for years.
  2. Ally – This rightly complements the cheerful nature of Allison.
  3. Sonny – Another common and casual nickname that goes with Allison.
  4. Alice – One of the prettiest nicknames, this one is straight out of those bedtime stories.
  5. Lily – Who would not like to have a beautiful flower name?
  6. Liso – For that chirpy friend called Allison.
  7. A’son – This one is for that dashing girl who is the life of a party.


Cute Nicknames for Allison

Pour out your love with a cute nickname! Allison will definitely enjoy being pampered and called by warm and mushy nicknames. And if she is a kid, then these are just the perfect nicknames for her.

So, go on and have a glance at these rosy pet names for that special girl.

  1. Elly – Bringing up the picture of a cute elephant baby, this nickname will sound best on a chubby kid.
  2. Lulu – A nickname that is both smart and sweet.
  3. Ally Pop – Sounds like a lollipop and will suit a fun-loving loving called Allison.
  4. Baely – Is she your ‘before anyone else’, then you can go with this with your eyes shut.
  5. Son Amour – Customize the lovely phrase, mon amour, for your special Allison.
  6. Dollison – For that beautiful girl who is nothing less than a doll.
  7. Cinnamon – This quirky name is for someone who adds flavor to your life.
  8. Sunny Bunny – Shoot up the cuteness quotient of your nickname by adding ‘bunny’!
  9. Ally Bun – One of the most adorable things that you can call a toddler is a bun.
  10. Al Berry – If little Allison reminds you of sweet and juicy berries, then pick this for her.
  11. Li’l A – A simple and sugary nickname for a tiny tot called Allison.
  12. Aladdin – Disney characters are always a win!
  13. Olli – Just pick a few letters from the name to create this cuddly pet name.


Funny Nicknames for Allison

Being humorous is a quality that everyone adores. So, if you think that you are close to Allison and she won’t mind being called by funny nicknames, then you must not think any further and go for a chuckle-worthy name for your friend.

Have a look at the crazy nicknames stated below and you’ll find something that fits Allison.

  1. Ail-ison – A humorous nickname for an Allison who is always down with some ailment.
  2. Droolison – For that ever-hungry friend who starts drooling at the sight of food.
  3. Callison – If Allison is calorie conscious, then this is the perfect pet name for her.
  4. Bullyson – Call out that mischievous bully with this witty nickname.
  5. Alli-run – For that amazing athlete who you are proud of.
  6. Limoson – If Allison is that rich kid who catches eyes with her luxury cars, then this is what you call her.
  7. Amazon – A super funny nickname for an Allison who can’t do enough of online shopping.
  8. Alli-sing – If Allison is known for her impressive singing skills, then this is a nice option.
  9. Allergy – A mean but gigglesome nickname for someone you don’t want to be around.
  10. Algebra – The ideal name for a math enthusiast named Allison.
  11. Aloe – A popular plant with multiple health and beauty benefits.
  12. Allisuck – Pull her leg with this rude nickname if she is your best buddy.
  13. Alexa – Make everyone laugh with this amusing nickname for an obedient Allison.
  14. A-lie-son – For an Allison who you hate for being a liar.
  15. Owlisson – A suitable name for Allison if she is a night owl.
  16. Ally Dally – You can have a good laugh about this if Allison is an extremely slow mover.
  17. Addition – Another funny rhyme for someone who is a new addition to your group.


Cool Nicknames for Allison

Cool nicknames are a great way of letting someone know how highly you think of them. They are chic, urbane, and all things that a youngster would like in a nickname. If Allison is a new friend, then giving her a cool nickname will be the nicest way of taking the friendship forward.

So, why not pick something for her?

  1. Alligator – One of the coolest names out there for a close friend.
  2. Lis – A short and sassy name for a girl who is great at making conversations.
  3. Al Gal – Quite a funky name for that carefree girl called Allison.
  4. Artison – Call her an artisan if she is an art expert.
  5. A-One – A great way to let her know that she is the best.
  6. Sally – This dainty and delightful name of Hebrew origin refers to ‘princess’.
  7. Alchemist – If Allison is someone who loves getting into deep conversations about life, then she deserves this unique nickname.
  8. Alpha – For that strong and powerful girl who grabs all the attention.
  9. Aliyah – This Arabic female name means ‘achieving great heights’ or ‘success’.
  10. Allisin – A badass name for an Allison who is always up for rebellious things.
  11. Allistun – For the richly talented girl who stuns everyone when she gets on stage.
  12. Lioness – If Allison is one of the bravest and fiercest women you know, then this is an excellent option.
  13. L.A.-Son – For Allison who is obsessed with Los Angeles.
  14. Rally-son – This is what you call Allison if you think she is a fighter.


Aunt Nicknames for Allison

Everyone has an aunt whom they love dearly and have a million childhood memories with. If your aunt goes by the name Allison, then the following suggestions of nicknames will be ideal for her.

Give them a read!

  1. Aunt Allie – For the loving aunt who waits for your visits.
  2. Missy Lisy – This one is for the stylish aunt with an impeccable fashion sense.
  3. Allicious – The perfect pet name for the aunt who prepares delicious dishes for you.
  4. Allite – For that elite aunt who is a pro at throwing high-end parties.
  5. Apricot – For the aunt who you remember by the old apricot tree in her backyard.
  6. Lady Lison – This is a nice nickname for a sophisticated and charming lady called Allison.
  7. Eightyson – If aunt Allison is in her eighties, then you can easily pick this name for her.
  8. Alliscent – For the aunt who you recognize by the refreshing scent that she wears.
  9. Old Ale – If she is old but classy like this fermented beer, then this is the nickname for her.


Unique Nicknames for Allison

Anyone who is special to you deserves a unique and well-thought nickname. Now, as we have taken up all the thinking for you, below mentioned are some of the most unique and catchy nicknames that we could find and create.

Do have a look.

  1. Elsy – An absolutely adorable for that special girl called Allison.
  2. Angel – Call her an angel and it will make her day!
  3. Crimson – This rhyming nickname is for an Allison who looks mesmerizing in this shade of red.
  4. Allifun – If Allison is fun-loving and a great company to have, then this fits well.
  5. Ally Valley – For an Allison who likes to travel and be amidst nature.
  6. Al Pal – An upbeat name for a friend called Allison.
  7. Amber – A beautiful name for a girl who you really treasure.
  8. Alyssa – These tiny flowers make for a delightful nickname for Allison.
  9. Alloween – For an Allison who throws the best Halloween parties.
  10. Alora – This African-Bantu name means ‘my dream’.
  11. Aleesi – If she is a Game of Thrones fan, then she will go gaga over this nickname.
  12. Al-listen – For an Allison who is a great listener.



And that’s a wrap for our loaded list with a large variety of choices for nicknames for Allison. We hope you’ve found just what you were looking for. But if you can’t decide on one, then be calm and take another look. There’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect nickname for the person you love!

Also, feel free to write to us if you have more nickname suggestions for this name.

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