60 Lovely Nicknames for Alice

Nicknames for Alice

Have you read the bestselling novel ‘Alice in Wonderland? Did you also get fascinated by the exciting journey of a lovely little girl into far-off lands and decide to use this name for your niece or daughter? Would you like an awesome nickname that goes with it?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, we welcome you to our blog. We are here with yet another super episode of finding awesome nicknames, and the star of today’s blog is Alice. Alice is a charming and delicate name that shot to fame in the late 18th century.

This name is so widespread that you may happen to have not one, but multiple women named Alice in your life with whom you share a close bond.

Today, you are in luck as you will leave this blog with some great nickname suggestions that will help you deepen your bonds with the Alice in your life.

We will give some helpful tips and tricks along with these nicknames that will guide you to pick the name that fits best for your dear one. Now that the stage is set let the nicknames begin!


Meaning and Significance of the Name

Alice is a name that originates from the French language. Many people have traced the history of this name to German roots, according to which Alice is a transformed version of the name ‘Alis or Alais.’ the meaning of the name is a noble or an exalted person.

Due to this graceful meaning and breezy sound of the name, it is one of the most loved feminine names of the century.

The wait is over; let’s dive right into the awesome nicknames that we have in store for you today.


Cute Nicknames for Alice

Who wouldn’t want a cheeky and cheesy nickname that oozes love and adoration? Find some adorable nicknames below that will make you go aww!

  1. Ally – This one is the first choice of nickname that comes to mind when anyone sets out to find cute-sounding pet names for Alice
  2. Allie – This one is simply an alternate way of spelling the above name; pick whichever sails your boat.
  3. Allyson – Dedicate this lovely feminine name which is super sweet to a woman who holds a special place in your life. Check out some cute nicknames for Allison.
  4. Olaf – Who can resist the cutesy snowman named Olaf, which melted our heart in the movie “Frozen”? (P.s- This nickname is worth melting for)
  5. Eve – The idea that inspired us to create this name is the story of Genesis. If you have a religious bent of mind, this name might strike a chord with you.
  6. Ada – Simple, sweet, cute, and short; What more do we need in a perfect nickname?
  7. Alana – Here is another noteworthy nickname that is a great option for someone who wants to keep it simple with a nickname yet be slightly different from the rest.
  8. Angel – The one name that you can never go wrong with! If Alice is the name of your little bundle of joy, then there is no better nickname for her than this one.
  9. Lisa – If you like nicknames that are commonplace and well-loved, here is another valid recommendation from our side which you will absolutely love.
  10. Celia – Here is another pretty name for a lady who stole your heart with her mesmerizing smile and charming personality.
  11. Mia Amore – If you need a lovey-dovey pet name for your girlfriend who is named Alice, here you have a Spanish name that means ‘My love.’
  12. Ana – What better way to appease your little daughter than to give her a cutesy nickname after a Disney princess she is obsessed with.
  13. Ellie – Does anyone remember the cute mammoth named Ellie featuring in the “Ice Age” series? That was our inspiration for this cheeky name.
  14. Lily – Flowery nicknames are so fresh and chique that they have a vibe of their own.
  15. Cia – Do you have a liking for super short one-word nicknames?


Funny Nicknames for Alice

The nicknames that are the most memorable are the ones that have some inside joke or a sarcastic comment in them. Here are some chucklesome nicknames that you would love!

  1. Apple Pie – What’s sweeter than a dessert nickname which is everyone’s favorite and no one can say no to.
  2. Alpha – What more could a tomboyish Alice need in a short and snappy nickname that describes her best.
  3. Acai Bowl – Is the Alice in your life a perpetual weight-watcher who always eats healthy?
  4. All In – Tease an Alice who is a pro at playing Poker with this unusual name that you would not have come across otherwise.
  5. Little Almond – Here is a cheeky name that works best for an infant named Alice. If you have a niece whom you love beyond anything in life.
  6. A Game – There is a great name that oozes out positive energy and sporty vibes. If you have an Alice who is always on the top of her game, you know what to call her.
  7. Stardust – People who are on the lookout for unique nicknames will find some awesome suggestions here.
  8. Ginger Ale – Here is a perfect nickname that you can pick for your booze buddy named Alice.
  9. Elephant – Will it be very mean to give this nickname to an Alice who is a bit chubby and could lose to shed a few pounds?
  10. Alto – Alto is Spanish for short. If your buddy Alice is tiny, this name is a perfect fit for her.
  11. Ceiling – Alternatively, if your Alice is taller than usual, you can use this creative name to poke fun at her.


Creative Nicknames for Alice

If creativity sets you apart from the rest, you will appreciate some distinctive nicknames that we have come up with for Alice.

  1. Elena – Here we have another elegant name that is fir for a lady. If you happen to know an Alice who is a woman of fine taste, we recommend using this name for her.
  2. Lucy – Some names deserve a high-ranking pedestal for being irreplaceably sweet yet simple; here is one such name that we can never have enough of.
  3. Alicia – Here is a fancy and pretty name that any woman named Alice would love to have.
  4. Alex – Tweak the name Alice a little bit, and you can arrive at this name which sounds very similar to the original name.
  5. Aileen – We can never run out of suggestions for great nickname ideas for you.
  6. Alice In Wonderland – How can a list of nicknames for Alice even be complete without listing this superhit name after a classic novel that helps popularize this name.
  7. Bruce Lee – Tag a fighter gal named Alice with this name that will fit her like a glove.
  8. Lettuce – Tease an Alice who began with this mocking name that will tickle everyone’s funnybones.
  9. Al Pacino – When in doubt over which nickname to pick, a celebrity nickname is your safe haven.
  10. Lizzy – Here is another laid-back nickname that is a win-win for you as it’s short and sweet both.
  11. Lana Del Ray – This phenomenal singer is the queen of hearts; she rules the world of music, and so this name would be a holy grail for anyone who loves music.
  12. Police – If Alice is a mother figure of your group who is always policing you not to do certain things, there is no better name for her than this.


Offensive Nicknames for Alice

Are you feeling a little adventurous today? If yes, we invite you to try using a nickname from the list of insults below and see how your Alice reacts.

  1. Lice Head – If you want a nickname that can piss your Alice off at you, it is this disgusting name that no one would bear with.
  2. Liar Liar Pants on Fire – Here is a name that any liar would hate having. Use this to annoy someone who lies left, right and center.
  3. Loon Moon – What could be a fun name for a loner named Alice? This is something that we came up with.
  4. Ass Face – We suggest caution while using this derogatory term for anyone. You should use it for your homie only.
  5. Malice – Isn’t it funny how a slight tweak to the name can alter the name so drastically? Here is a rude name that you might not be able to use with people you love.
  6. Callous Alice – Do you happen to know an Alice is clumsy and messy? If yes, we have with us the perfect insulting name that would suit her.
  7. Assh0le – Use this derogatory nickname with caution and majorly only for close friends who are like family.
  8. Allergy – Tease your younger sibling named Alice with this name that can be used for various offensive jokes.
  9. Splice – Anyone remembers the horror-movie Splice? It would be quite demeaning to name your buddy after a weird alien!
  10. Alien – Talking of aliens, if your Alice has a weird way about herself, you can jokingly use this name for her.


Unique Nicknames for Alice

In this section of nicknames where we have no rules at all, welcome to the section of nicknames that will blow your mind away!

  1. Ella – Ella is a Hebrew word for ‘goddess .’ this is a superior choice of nickname for someone who needs a nickname out of this world.
  2. Alias – Did you know that Alias is an acronym for ‘otherwise known as’?
  3. Elsie – How about this never heard before nickname that seems voguish and worthy of a diva-like girl named Alice.
  4. Slice of Heaven – Make your Alice go weak in the knees with this romantic nickname that anyone would drool over.
  5. Alfredo – There is a nice and cozy name after an Italian sauce for Alice, who is a die-hard foodie.
  6. Alohamora – This name must be used for a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter series as it is a popular spell from the movies.
  7. Allu – Here is a fun name that comes from the Hindi language and means a potato.
  8. Alabama – Dedicate this off-beat nickname to someone very fond of traveling to far-off places after a state in the USA.
  9. El-Sea – If your Alice is a beach person, we have a creative way to infuse that fact into a great nickname.
  10. All Mine – A possessive and romantic nickname like this is fun to show how much your girl means to you. Trust us; she will love it!
  11. Luna – We love how this concise name is all fun and yet sounds so sweet like honey.
  12. Aliza – This beautiful name means joy. Dedicate this wonderful nickname to a girl who brings joy to your life.


Here we are on a sweet yet bitter end to our lovely journey of finding awesome nicknames for your sweet Alice. We hope you had fun and could find a name that is as lovely as the girl for whom you wish to find a nickname. We welcome you to twist and turn any of these names to fit your friend or girlfriend Alice better.

If your list of awesome nicknames sent you on a spree of devising fun nicknames for Alice yourself, then we are waiting to hear what all names you came up with.

Share awesome nicknames suggestions with us, and they might get a chance to feature on our blog. Won’t that be fun? Until then,

Happy Nicknaming!

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