50+ Awesome Nicknames For Alejandro

Nicknames For Alejandro

Nicknames are universally appreciated and almost seem to be as important as names. A lovely nickname can come to mean the world to people. They are a way to attach importance and love to another person, a way to make them feel close, special, and unique.

The art of nicknaming is both, precious and confusing. Getting the right nickname is often a task in itself. There are way too many things to keep in check. If you’ve been feeling this way and are looking to give the perfect nickname to your special person, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to take all your worries away and hand you, your ideal nickname!

In this article, we bring to you a fantastic and intricately crafted list of more than 50 awesome nicknames for the name Alejandro.

A name that carries so much history, strength, and personality, Alejandro is someone as precious as royalty. The name Alejandro has both, grandeur and allure. It is the kind of name one never really forgets. Alejandro is strong-willed yet receptive, bold yet sweet.

A name that fits both, the beautiful and the damned, Alejandro is awe-inspiring in all the ways imaginable. Standing at the threshold, the possibilities for brilliant nicknames for this name seem endless. This name is our oyster and we are going to churn out the perfect nickname for your Alejandro!

Before we get into it, let’s find out everything we can about this majestic name: its origin, etymology, the whole shebang.


Origin and Meaning of the name Alejandro

Mostly used as a male name, Alejandro is the Spanish variant of the name Alexander, originally a Greek name. The greek word alexein means ‘to defend’ or ‘to help’ and andros means ‘man.’ Therefore, Alexander or Alejandro means “the defender or helper of mankind.”

The original name, widely acknowledged and highly popular is unforgettably attached to Alexander the Great, the ancient Greek king of Macedon. Alexander the Great was a conqueror and considered himself to be the greatest warrior of all time. The name Alejandro in this connotation also means “warrior.”

A Spanish name, Alejandro is pronounced as Aley-Hahn-droh and has multiple versions in various languages. A few examples are Aleksander in Polish/Czech, Alexandros in Greek, Aleksandr in Russian, Alexandre in French, Alsander in Irish among many others.

This name has been around through the ages and has been carried by some marveling people. The excellent Mexican film director, producer, and screenwriter Alejandro González Iñárritu has blown people away with films such as Birdman and The Revenant.

Other namesakes include the Peruvian President, Alejandro Celestino Toledo (2001-2006), Alejandro Fernández aka ‘El Potrillo,’ the Mexican singer with over 20 million records sold worldwide, Alejandro Falla Ramírez, the fabulous left-handed tennis player, et al. Pop icon, Lady Gaga named her song Alejandro, bringing the name further acclaim.

Now that we have delved deeply into the history of this ‘great’ name, let’s dive in and look at 50+ awesome nicknames for Alejandro. There’s a wide variety for you to peruse at your pleasure and find just what you’re looking for!


Popular Nicknames for Alejandro

Let us start by taking a look at some of the most popular and commonly used nicknames for the name Alejandro! Sometimes, all you need is a good ol’ widely known pet name to create comfort.

  1. Alex — a highly popular unisex name in itself, this is one of the most common pet names for Alejandro and we assure you, you won’t go wrong with it.
  2. Aley/Ale — short with a pleasing -ey sound, in the end, this one is truly a term of affection.
  3. Al — super short and very comfy, you can use this for any Alejandro you know and it will sit great!
  4. Alo — the -o sound adds an echo and turns it into a nickname that’s charming in its own way.
  5. Alec — this one is even better than Alex!
  6. Jando — pronounced as HAHN-do, this one is super Spanish and we dig it.
  7. Jan — this one is pronounced: Hahn. Isn’t it cool and hot at the same time?
  8. Dro — coined from the last three letters of the name, this one sounds trendy and is great for a close friend.
  9. Andro — second half of the name, sounds just right, don’t you think?
  10. Alexa — who is more in vogue now than the one and only Alexa? Just don’t ask Siri.
  11. Allie — one of those nicknames which just add so much love and joy to any relationship.


Cute Nicknames for Alejandro

Now, we have a list of adorable and endearing nicknames which warm the heart. If you want something to make your special person feel loved and adored, these cute nicknames are the way to go.

Take a look!

  1. Aloo — the -oo sound is the cutest and once you try it, you won’t know how to stop.
  2. Jano — can’t think of a nickname that is more adorable.
  3. Lexie — another kind of diminutive from Alexander, Lexie is surely the sweetest little nickname.
  4. Lex — or you could go for Lex, if you’re looking for something equally adorable but also a little cool and casual.
  5. Jannie — now isn’t this one just so endearing?
  6. Lejo — once again, pronounced as Le-Ho, we instantly loved this one. Alejandro will too!
  7. Lego — for the sweetest little baby who is always playing with his LEGO blocks.
  8. Andre — all things Spanish and soulful.
  9. A — initials are delightful. Period.
  10. Alla — this one just sounds gorgeous! Use it for your stunning Alejandro.


Funny Nicknames for Alejandro

Next, we have a list of hilarious nicknames to make your person laugh. Laughter accentuates the quality and worth of any relationship and what better way to achieve that than by giving them a funny nickname?

See for yourself!

  1. ATG — these initials stand for ‘Alexander the Great,’ so feel free to use it for your Alejandro, especially the one who geeks out on history.
  2. Warrior-man — fits any Alejandro that loved a good fight and is always on the defense.
  3. Defender — perfect for the one who loves sports!
  4. Drogo — got an Alejandro that loves dragons or GOT? You know what to call them now.
  5. Jaja — when pronounced Ha-Ha, this nickname becomes hilarious.
  6. Jojo — cute and funny!
  7. Andie — as far as comical nicknames go, Andie fits pretty well.
  8. Aloha — customized for Alejandro who loves to travel and explore!


Cool Nicknames for Alejandro

Now, let us move on to a list of very cool and trendy nicknames! These can be used for your newly made friends, for your adolescent children if you’re having a tough time finding a connection, for your partner even.

Just see which one fits your Alejandro the best.

  1. Joe — an oldie but a Goldie.
  2. Jo — a different spelling, a different vibe, even cooler and evergreen.
  3. Dro-bro — this one feels like the sunglasses emoji!
  4. Bro/Broh — cut it short and get to the point.
  5. AJ — why not use initials and elevate the level of coolness?
  6. A-brother — cool, chill, charming.


Spanish Nicknames for Alejandro

Since Alejandro is a Spanish name, we have curated a list of Spanish nicknames which will add a cultural texture to your relationship. We love these and you will too!

Check them out.

  1. Ale-Esé — used a lot in the Mexican culture, the word esé means something like ‘homeboy’ and we’ve combined both the words to come up with this gorgeous nickname!
  2. Jandro — the second half of the name: it’s Spanish, it’s stunning and so we love it.
  3. Al-chiquito — the Spanish word Chiquito means ‘lil boy’ in English, just like Chiquita means ‘lil girl,’ and this particular nickname is specialized just for your precious and young Alejandro.
  4. Jan-chulo — the Spanish word Chulo means cutie! So there you go, for the cutie Alejandro.
  5. Carino — this word means ‘darling’ and it is perfect for your loved one.
  6. Al-mi vida — mi vida, in Spanish means ‘my life.’ This one is for the Alejandro who is your heart and your life!
  7. Mi-Alma — this Spanish phrase means ‘my soul’ and the Al also adds an extra layer to this nickname for Alejandro. Use this for your dearest child, your partner, your loving friend, this nickname couldn’t get more ideal.


Unique Nicknames for Alejandro

Lastly, take a look at some unique and different nicknames for the name Alejandro. Unique nicknames have a way of making the person feel extra special!

Nothing is better than a beautiful and distinctive nickname, tailored for your special person.

  1. Aljo — new and amazing!
  2. Leja — different nicknames just bring something so special to the table.
  3. Dodo — funny and unique.
  4. Lena — an unusual nickname that actually fits really well, right?
  5. Andres — we just love how this sounds.
  6. Eja — a stunning name!
  7. Alexis — who doesn’t love A Little Bit Alexis?
  8. Ledro — this one is different and incredible.
  9. Aller — distinctively perfect.



There you have it! An awesome list of 50+ nicknames for Alejandro. Take your time to peruse through this extensive list and see which one fits your personality the best. Feel free to come to us with any suggestions you may have.

Happy nicknaming!

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