50+ Charming Nicknames For Adriana

Nicknames For Adriana

The highly popular name Adriana, used much around the world, has Latin roots, more accurately- Italian. The Indo-European Adriana meaning ‘the dark one’ has a strong, refined vibe and also comes with that mystery and kindness.

If you are looking to find just the right pet name for your strong-willed and kind-hearted Adriana you have indeed landed at the perfect place, and are about to be delighted!

We have assimilated for you here more than 50 nicknames for Adriana and further sorted them into categories so you can match to just the kind you are looking for. We have also added descriptors to each of the wonderful pet names to help you make the best choice and enrich your bond with your dear Adriana.

Though before you jump in to make your pick, let’s learn a little more about where the name comes from and what it refers to.


Origin and Meaning of the name Adriana

The name Adriana or Adrian comes from the Latin words Hadrianus, meaning ‘from the city of Hadria’ or Adrinanus – ‘from the city of Adria’. These towns in current-day Italy are also lored to have lent the name to the very Adriatic sea!

This historically rich name with its stamp on world geography is commonly and most popularly believed to refer to the dark, or ‘the dark one’ where the root word ‘ater’ meaning ‘black’ is considered.

However, some believe the origin of the word Adria (that gave us Adrianus) is adur meaning the ‘sea’ or simply ‘water’.

Come to think of it, Adrian and Adriana carry that clear, water smooth quality to them.

Adriana refers and reflects someone dark, rich, and from the land of water.

Whether this well-named girl is your wife, colleague, girlfriend, friend, niece, or neighbor, let’s get you to the best of the nicknames to bring out and connect you with that new energy.


Common Nicknames for Adriana

Nicknames are the perfect way to add that personal touch and meaning to your connection. If you are looking to make your Adriana feel special and loved, here are a few of the best pet names generally loved.

  1. Adria – The truncated Adria is the most obvious and a great choice too. Being quite different from the more vowel-heavy Adriana, Adria brings out a sweet and sorted person.
  2. Adrian – The male counter to Adriana, this gender flip can work great as both a funny ice-breaker pet name and a cute one.
  3. Andrea – Also a popular Italian/Spanish name close to Adriana. It works to convey a more breezy personality.
  4. Driana – Snipping of the initial ‘A’, this nickname has a cool and casual edge to it.
  5. Angel – The very popular Angel works for most, well, especially if Adriana is quite the angelic sweetheart.
  6. Adrene – This less regal and more feminine name is great while adding a more personal touch.


Cute Nicknames for Adriana

Cute nicknames sound the way they do for a reason! You can’t fake it with them.

They can only be placed on the frame of a solid sweet connection and feelings, and there, they work their charm and highlight and continually add that warmth to your relationship.

  1. Adi/Addy – This gender-neutral name is great to highlight and keep the sporty and energetic spirit of Adriana.
  2. Ad – The tiny mono-syllabic name but contains the warmest vibe. It’s perfect for a sibling or a friend or even a partner.
  3. Ari – Your Ari is a smart, swank, spirited human! If that is your Adriana, you’ve found the name.
  4. Adi – Cute and versatile, Adi is a safe bet and a charming one.
  5. Adkins – This one is much packed with sweetness other than being cute. It speaks love like few others.
  6. Little Adree – Another one of your very sweet bites, it conveys love and warmth. A soft change from Adriana.
  7. Adrianos – A slight bit on the comical end, this Italian male permutation of Adriana works great when used teasingly.
  8. Ms. Adorbs – If your young cousin or niece is equal parts adorable and sharp this is a really good one.
  9. Ana – A neat combination of the initial and end sounds the name Ana can be very simple yet loving.
  10. Ader (Ah-dur) – Ader is casual yet comes with that cool factor. It can convey that warmth when used by a friend.
  11. Dree – The mid sound of Adriana, Dree is one of your homey and cute nicknames. It is also quite unique.
  12. Rain – Rain is a lateral bounce from the name Adriana but you can see the connection while it connotes all things fresh and lovely.
  13. Adree (ad-reeh) – An abbreviation and hence a very natural nickname, it’s both cute and smart.


Funny Nicknames for Adriana

Humor is the salt and pepper to human connection. It is but obvious – the more the laughter, the merrier the people.

And what better way to set a merry relation going than by picking a funny nickname to bring on that smile, or well… in some cases, a funny scowl.

  1. Rhianna – If your Adriana has great vocals, else is an aspiring singer the pop star reference sits perfectly.
  2. Adrianus – Taking it back to the Latin root, Adrianus carries that greek god vibe.
  3. Audriana – With the comical twist to the first syllable also spelling ‘Odd’ – Riana. This is a funny one, though best used to convey comfort and affection.
  4. Adee (Ah-dee) – Adee is a simplistic take on Adriana that plays with gender. It can be very quiet sweet as well.
  5. Alexandra – A queenly reference, if Adriana loves to play with ‘putting on those airs’, Alexandra is perfect.
  6. Alessandra – A slurry version of Alexandra this doffs the hat to the Italian root and can be pretty funny actually.
  7. Drianne (of Tarth) – Instead of the sing-song ‘ana’ making it curter, Drianne can excellently convey a more dry or focused vibe. Also for Game of Thrones fans a ‘Drianne of Tarth’ can be a fun reference to ‘Brianne of Tarth’.
  8. Rina – Almost too plain for the formal Adriana, rina is a cute and funny one.
  9. Dynamo — A more new age reference to dynamite, Dynamo works if Adriana is what’s called a catch, or deadly in any other manner.


Cool Nicknames for Adriana

Adriana has that refined classy touch and perhaps you don’t want to mess that vibe for her with your choice of a nickname.

Below are the best picks of the coolest nicknames available that sit right in with the smooth cultural touch of Adriana.

  1. AndreaAndrea is a great alternate name and similarly spirited to Adriana.
  2. Ads – This cute variation just oozes that cool factor.
  3. Adrianita – A play on the Spanish senorita Adrianita is clever, cool, and fun all at once.
  4. Aris – Sounding similar to the Greek god Aries, Aris manages the rare act of balancing cuteness with nobility.
  5. Ani – Ani is altogether sweet and allows Adriana to foster her soft side.
  6. Ana (an –nuh) – This interesting-sounding name is all the heavenly goodness bundled up.
  7. Arry – Arry is your unafraid spunky character with a heart of gold. Pick this if Adriana shares that special spirit.
  8. Jadran – A Balkan version of Adrian, this is bound to be unique.
  9. Audrey – Short yet strong. Adriana here gets to have name-sakes like the author Audrey Lorde.
  10. Andrienne – One could French it up and you get Andrienne, a more feminine and surely a very pretty name.
  11. Ann – This queenly name serves up perfectly for Adriana.
  12. Ariana – This subtle twist on Adriana brings out a more warrior quality, chose this if you characterize Adriana as a fighter. The name has also gained in current currency with the singer Ariana Grande.
  13. Dew – Connecting to the prominent ‘d’ sound in Adriana, Dew is one of the sweetest nicknames out there.
  14. Drake – Yes, if Adriana is a badass singer who loves to croon the pop numbers you have found your pick.


Creative Nicknames for Adriana

When it comes to naming you might as well get creative. Well, at least with a pet name where it is less stressful to take on that risk and yet indulge that imagination.

  1. Ada – Ada has a curious sound and carries a certain mystery other than being sweet on the tongue.
  2. Adriatic – A reference to the connection between the name Adriana and that of the sea. If your Adriana is a water bunny this is a great name.
  3. Giana – Giana neatly brings in the sound element of Adriana while the more casual ‘g’ sound creates a wholesome homey name.
  4. Ria – This one is a good simple name with that exotic touch.
  5. Adriri – The repetitive sound here can make this one of the cutest names out there with the added possibility of simply making it ‘riri’.
  6. Nana – The wise and cute parts of this name make it perfect to address a loved one.
  7. Alana – Alana is very ‘different’ and carries that composed and classic vibe as well.
  8. Ranita – You could stress those Spanish roots with this casual and definitely cool vibe name.
  9. Drifter – If Adriana zones out a lot, here you have a name.
  10. Diana – The unmistakable princess name, Diana conveys power and beauty, a matched pet name to Adriana.



There you have it folks, plenty of interesting nicknames for Adriana. With the help of this list, you can easily find a nickname for her that matches your relationship perfectly!

Hopefully, you haven’t been spoilt for choice and are able to zero in on just the nickname you needed. Do let us know if we have missed out on any!

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