50+ Clever Nicknames For Abigail

Nicknames For Abigail

Abigail is a wonderful name that one can wear right through their life. First, it doesn’t sound babylike at all, and second, this Biblical name effortlessly stands the test of time! We love the fact that it ages well, and carries a tone that sounds pleasant to the ears.

Finding the perfect nickname for the special woman in your life is no child’s play. This is why, in today’s article, we have handpicked over 50 clever nicknames for someone named Abigail. Additionally, each nickname is accompanied by a friendly description to help you pick the one that fits your beloved like a second skin!

But before getting started with our list of nicknames of Abigail, let us first explore the meaning of this name and where it hails from.


Meaning And Origin Of Abigail

The name Abigail is a female title that bears a Hebrew origin and translates into “my father is joyful.” It is a derivative of Avigail, another Hebrew name, and is taken from elements such as “ab,” which means “father,” and “gyl,” which means “to rejoice.”

Abigail was a wise, beautiful, and prophetic woman, and the wife of David in the Old Testament. However, towards the inception of the nineteenth century, this name became a term to address maids. Apart from Abigail’s sensible image and biblical roots, this name stands at the top 11 among the most popular female names across the United States, according to the Social Security Administration data of 2018.

Thanks to famous stars like Abigail Breslin, Abigail Ratchford, and Abigail Spencer, this name has garnered massive popularity across several parts of the world. Abigail has also been featured in shows like Mad Men, Days of our Lives, and Skins.

Now that we are familiar with this name, let us jump right into the list of over 50 awesome nicknames for Abigail!


Cute Nicknames For Abigail

A cute nickname is an outstanding way of addressing someone who means the world to you, and makes them smile from ear to ear! This is why we have listed some of the most adorable pet names for a woman named Abigail. Have a look:

  1. Apple – Pick this nickname for a young girl to remind her that she’s the apple of your eyes!
  2. Abbygirl – A sweet wordplay on the name Abigail. Use this nickname for a teenager bearing this name.
  3. Abbycakes – An adorable nickname for a woman you hold dear to your heart.
  4. Gai – This nickname belongs to an Old French origin and translates into “lighthearted,” and “glad.”
  5. A-boo – This would be a fitting endearment for a toddler named Abigail who still struggles to pronounce her name!
  6. Dabby – From Abigail to Abby, and then add a D! We love this one for its playful tone.
  7. Abbz – A lovely nickname that is ideal for a friend/sister you share a strong equation with.
  8. Abbalicious – For a delicious woman with a sweet nature who you’d totally love to devour!
  9. Abbers – Yet another sweet nickname for a woman named Abigail who is a bit of a tomboy.
  10. Abyloo – A cute pet name for a girl named Abigail who visits the loo too often!
  11. Abyboo – Pick this delightful nickname for your boo!
  12. Ay-Bee – A classic endearment that is pronounced like the letters “AB.”
  13. Adorable – Use this nickname for a girl named Abigail who is too adorable to be true!
  14. Barbie – A beautiful nickname for a girl who loves to be treated like a princess!


Funny Nicknames For Abigail

If the special girl named Abigail in your life is blessed with a good sense of humor, then we bet she will appreciate a funny nickname that lifts her spirits!

If you are ready for some pun, then scroll through some of the most whimsical pet names that we have listed below for you:

  1. Apricot – Food-inspired nicknames always appear funny to us somehow!
  2. Abifail – Pick this nickname to tease a friend who acts like a sore loser!
  3. Absessed – A punny nickname for a woman named Abigail who is a bit of a gym freak.
  4. Abridiculous – Use this pet name to throw a jibe at a girl who says ridiculous things.
  5. Abracadabra – A magic spell-inspired moniker for a woman who enchants you with her beauty!
  6. Adorkable – Pick this nickname for an adorable woman who is also a massive dork.
  7. Flabbygail – This is another punny nickname that you can use for a woman with a bulky profile.
  8. Angrygail – A whimsical nickname to remind a woman with anger issues that she needs to chill!
  9. Assclown – This is a hilarious title to call out a woman who acts like a major idiot.
  10. Avocado – Yet another food-inspired option that serves as a giggle-inducing title.
  11. Americano – A cocktail nickname that you can funnily give to a big-time alcoholic.


Weird Nicknames For Abigail

Perhaps your loved one could use a minute’s laugh with a weird nickname that is tailored just for her! Below, we have assembled some of the quirkiest pet names for someone named Abigail, so have a look:

  1. Baby – This sweet pet name is an anagram of the nickname “Abby.”
  2. Crabby Abb – A sweet and funny nickname for a woman named Abigail with a bubbly and joyous personality.
  3. Abacado – Another eccentric avocado-inspired pet name for someone named Abigail.
  4. Gill – Seems like it is a bit of a stretch, but we love this one for a nickname!
  5. Abs of Steel – Not that weird, though. But a gym-lover named Abigail would love this nickname.
  6. CrappyGail – This nickname can be used to mock a really crappy girl named Abigail.
  7. Epic Fail – A punny wordplay on the name Abigail that you can use for a blockhead.
  8. Gaby – A weird nickname for Abigail that rhymes with Abby.
  9. Baddy – Use this English slang for a fiery and spunky woman named Abigail.
  10. Abigala – Pick this nickname for a woman who is a party freak!


Silly Nicknames For Abigail

Meeting new people in your life sure might be easy, but finding the idiots who will stay through your thick and thin is indeed a rare thing. This is why, you need a goofy nickname for your loved ones, to remind them how special and silly they are!

Listed below are some of the wackiest pet names for a woman named Abigail, so have a look:

  1. Algae – Culled from a gross-looking organism that you can use for a girl named Abigail who stinks!
  2. Tail – Use this nickname for a woman who is a compulsive dog lover.
  3. Abbae – Quite a silly-sounding pet name for someone named Abigail who is your bae.
  4. Ape – This is a fitting nickname for a girl named Abigail who loves hovering around the house like a monkey!
  5. Abuuu – A kooky nickname with a whole lot of emphasis on the Us.
  6. Ail – A nickname for Abigail that is derived by joining the first and the last two letters in the original name.
  7. High-gai – This is a dopey nickname for someone who, you know, loves to dope!
  8. Yabba dabba do – A silly and playful pet name which is also the popular catchphrase of Fred Flintstone!
  9. Bee – Pick this pet name for a high-spirited, hyperactive girl bearing the name Abigail.
  10. Abbazabba – This silly nickname is inspired by the famous taffy candy bar.
  11. Abby Patty – Pick this moniker for a woman who is a big-time foodie!


Short Nicknames For Abigail

Don’t you mind the length! A shorter nickname is as fabulous as a longer one! If you need a teeny-weeny pet name that is significant in terms of the effect for the woman named Abigail who is close to your heart, then look no further than this list:

  1. Ab – This one is probably the most sought-after short nickname for Abigail.
  2. Abi – A nickname that is formed by using the first three letters in the name Abigail.
  3. Ms Big – A short nickname for a bulky lady, that is formed by using the middle letters in the name Abigail.
  4. Bebe – This is a short and sweet nickname for a woman you treat like a little kid!
  5. Abelle – This is a French variant of the name Abigail, and translates into “breath.”
  6. Abrielle – Indeed a beautiful pet name for Abigail that bears Italian roots and translates into “God is my strength.”
  7. Ab Junior – You can pick this nickname for the daughter of a woman named Abigail.
  8. Drabbygail – A comical nickname that you can pick for a woman who is always sleepy.
  9. Biggy – Another short endearment for a girl named Abigail who is aging gracefully.



So, there you have it, over 50 clever nicknames for someone named Abigail. We hope that our roundup has helped you find a pet name that resonates with your beloved’s personality or at least inspired you to curate one of your own.

Remember, it is more about your honest effort and affection which the girl named Abigail in your life will cherish for years to come!

Lastly, in case there is another worthy nickname that you think is a must-add to our list, then be a dear and make sure to share it with us.

Happy nicknaming!

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