290+ Awesome Kickball Team Names

Kickball Team Names

Kick your way to victory with an extraordinarily stunning team name for your kickball team! Yes, in this article, we are going to help you find the perfect kickball team name that matches the traits of your team. So, here we gooo!

Cute Kickball Team Names

Let’s kickstart our journey with some cute and cuddly team names that would fit well with a team of kids. However, adults too can pick one of these to spread the love!

  1. Baller Beans – For those tiny beany humans who look so cute running over the field.
  2. Pretty Little Kickers – Who knew we could use a show name to create a lovely children’s kickball team name.
  3. Puddings on the Pitch – An absolutely adorable name for a team of sweet kids.
  4. Cookie Kicky – A cutesy name that any kickball team can pick to melt the spectators’ hearts.
  5. Li’l Ball Busters – A fun and feisty name that will perfectly suit a skilled team of young ones.
  6. Tiny Terrors – Yes, they are tiny, but underestimating them will be a big mistake.
  7. Strawberry Cream Team – A yummilicious name for a team that likes the idea of having cute strawberries on their jersey.
  8. Chocopie Chums – This one is for the group of friends who are united by the love for kickball and choco pie.
  9. Kickball Kittens – Because these puny players look like kittens joyfully playing with each other.
  10. Kick Fu Pandas – If you are looking for a name for a kids’ kickball team, then this one has to be shortlisted.
  11. Friendship First – What can be more adorable than prioritizing friendship in a sports game?
  12. Puppy Kickball
  13. Kitty Kickball
  14. Hipster Kickball
  15. Mocha Kickballs
  16. Kawaii Kickball
  17. Street Kickball
  18. Keefer Kickball
  19. TalkKickball
  20. Shark Kickball Club
  21. Kilted Kickballers
  22. KickballChamps
  23. KickBallCuties
  24. KickballAmigos
  25. Zibball
  26. Team 6’7″
  27. Fuzzball Kickball Team
  28. KickballTenders
  29. Kick It!
  30. Ball Kickerz
  31. KitKat Kickball
  32. Agile Squirrels
  33. Xenu Kickball
  34. Kikiballs
  35. The Kicky Kritters
  36. Kickstarter
  37. CuteKickers
  38. Drunk Kickball
  39. Kitties Kickball Club


Funny Kickball Team Names

Start a laughter riot with these insanely funny team names that your fellow mates will die to have.

  1. Pitch Potatoes – A hilarious team name for the ones who are far from being couch potatoes.
  2. Kicky Mickeys – This one certainly has a sound of humor to it.
  3. Where’s the Trophy? – The overconfidence and eyes-on-the-trophy spirit might make the audience chuckle.
  4. Will Kickball fill your pocket? – Let’s laugh out loud at this question that your parents would have probably asked you.
  5. We Know We Aren’t the Best – What’s the harm in being humble and making people laugh?
  6. Kicking Since Kindergarten – If you are a group of naughty kids who kick anything that comes your way, then this one’s for you.
  7. Can You Feel the Kick? – Something that pregnant women get asked all the time, this will make an amusing team name for kickball.
  8. A Glass Full of Lemonade – For all the sweet and sour moments that you have shared and will keep sharing as a team.
  9. Sweaty Seals – You are a rare case if a seal doesn’t make you laugh.
  10. Kick and Run – A light-hearted reference to ‘hit and run,’ this is one witty name that you can use.
  11. The Oddballs – When it comes to humor and wit, puns are an all-time winner.
  12. Kick the Stick
  13. Lawnmower
  14. StikBall
  15. Drop Kick Pass
  16. Super Zorros
  17. Kickface
  18. KickballsForLunch
  19. KungFuKickball
  20. Kick Your Tail
  21. Flying Kickball
  22. Kickman
  23. Kinda Kicky Kicks
  24. Koko’s Kickbawls
  25. KickAllTheThings
  26. Jet Set Kickball
  27. The Kicksters
  28. Komix
  29. KICKit
  30. Slapshot
  31. The Puggies
  32. Pigdog Kickball
  33. LolKickballs
  34. KickIt
  35. Ballerz
  36. KickOutTheBalls
  37. KickMyShoe
  38. Kangaroos Kickball Club
  39. Kickathon
  40. Krunk Kickers
  41. The Knuckle Ball
  42. Kikballoot


Cool Kickball Team Names

If you are looking for cool names for your kickball team, then you are at the right spot. The names that follow are impressive, provocative, and full of energy – everything that you would want a cool team name to sound like!

  1. Kickers Don’t Quit – Puff up the spirit with this spunky team name that can double up as a chant.
  2. Ballers – Simple and grounded, just like your team has preferred to be.
  3. Ball Busters – A zealous name that would suit a team of kickballers who are super high on energy.
  4. Men in Blue – For the cool-minded boys who come to the field clad in big blue jerseys.
  5. The Slayers – What is a team name if confidence doesn’t ooze out every time you say it?
  6. Kings of Kickball – A dash of royalty always levels up a team name.
  7. The Brisk Ballers – If speed is what your team has mastered, then this peppy team name can be yours.
  8. The Rise of Runners – We love dramatic team names and so, here’s one for you.
  9. United by Kickball – A good team learns to let go of internal differences and focus on their love for the game.
  10. Fast and Furious – An epic team name that comes straight out of Hollywood.
  11. The Ballers’ Bay – Quite an interesting kickball team name, with the right amount of oomph.
  12. Score Shore – If you are known for maintaining a high score regardless of anything, then this one’s for you.
  13. Highland Hustlers – For the players who come from the highlands and believe in hustling hard.
  14. Ballstreet Boys – You might not be as popular as the Backstreet Boys, but what’s the harm in picking a hint for your team name.
  15. Mid-Game Madness – A little craziness will always help you amp up your game.
  16. Kick Squad – A crisp and classic team name that all your kickball buddies will love.
  17. Team of Titans – A dapper team name that might earn you some extra fans.
  18. KickballSquad
  19. KickballMomentum
  20. Kwik Kickball
  21. KickCallers
  22. Korn Kickball
  23. Kickballly
  24. Punchy Kickball League
  25. Create Kickball Team
  26. Pool Noodle Kickball Team
  27. A1 Kickball
  28. Brooklyn Kickball
  29. KickballPsych
  30. Generic Kickball
  31. Funky Kickball
  32. KickballCapital
  33. Kick Ass Kickball
  34. Intergalactic Kickball
  35. Kilted Kickballers
  36. Kick4Fun
  37. Kickto
  38. Private Kickball
  39. Human Kickball
  40. KicksAndChills
  41. Kicker Co-op
  42. Lit Kickball
  43. Kairos Kickball
  44. Sparta Kickball
  45. Boot Kickers
  46. Chuck Kickball
  47. KickChat
  48. Dodgekickball
  49. KickballStartup
  50. Kickball Carts
  51. TopShelfBall
  52. KickballSandbox


Badass Kickball Team Names

If you are a team of relentless, rebellious, and badass boys and girls, then we think we have got the right names for your kickball team.

The below-stated names will not only send a shiver down your opponent’s spine but will also push you to perform better.

  1. Base Beasts – Beware of the beasts, they care for nothing but victory.
  2. Balls of Fury – A name that will convey your readiness to attack.
  3. The Sick Kicks – If your team doesn’t mind taking malicious routes to win, then you wouldn’t mind calling yourself sick.
  4. The Daredevils – A snazzy team name wrapped up in the spirit to fight.
  5. Thunder Teens – The perfect name for a strong team of teens who have their skills in place.
  6. Straight Out of Hell – If ruthlessness is what you wish to reflect, then this devilish team name is a great option.
  7. Hurricane Alert – Because a hurricane alert always instills fear and so does this badass kickball team.
  8. Rage of the Runners – You may not have anything personal against the opponents, but this team name might kickstart the enmity.
  9. The Kicktators – We tried twisting ‘dictator’ a bit to get this hostile team name for you kickballers.
  10. The Kickball Crew – If passion and aggression go hand in hand for your players, then you will like this one.
  11. Let’s Get You Bruised – Yes, we have Satan on our mind right now and we don’t care.
  12. The Evil Side – For the times you want to have some fun scaring the opponent teams before the game.
  13. Here to Beat You – We won’t recommend you to be this direct, but if it suits you, go ahead.
  14. Wrath of the West – This one is fierce and audacious more than anything else.
  15. Lethal Legs – Convey to your opponents that you are all set to rip them off!
  16. KickSauce
  17. Footloose
  18. The Ballers
  19. Kickspitters
  20. The Kickerals
  21. Krunchballs
  22. Ass Kickers Ballhawks
  23. The Kickniffs
  24. Skull Kickers
  25. Ball Sharks
  26. The Babes
  27. The Burrito Brigade
  28. KickballNinjas
  29. The Hawks
  30. Kitty Kickball
  31. Kickballmaster
  32. Kickalicious
  33. Ubuntu Kickball
  34. Kickzone
  35. SuperPeers
  36. Alpha Beta Kickball
  37. Red Squadron
  38. The Kickboarders
  39. The KickChicks
  40. Kewl Kickballz
  41. Pro Kick Ball League
  42. Power Kickball Team
  43. Nutty Kickers
  44. Hooligans
  45. SpinKick


Creative Kickball Team Names

Take in the scent of victory with these fabulous team names coated in creativity. Let your team name reflect your passion for kickball in style. Go on and pick one!

  1. Base Aces – Hyping your team members is the best way to pump them up.
  2. Kicking Our Worries Away – If the kickball field is your happy place, then you quite rightly kicking your worries away here.
  3. We Get a Kick Out of Winning – When you think of kickball team names, the wordplay just never ends.
  4. Born to Kick – If playing kickball gives you the feeling that you were born to do this, then this will make a good team name.
  5. Kickin’ since 2004 – If you have been playing for years, then flex with a cool team name like this.
    We Came, We Kicked, We Conquered – Mould a motivational quote your way to get a soul-stirring nickname.
  6. Netkicks and Chill – ‘Netflix and Chill’ is too mainstream. It’s time to get sporty!
  7. Egg Benekick – If you all are egg lovers along with being kickball lovers, then this delicious team name is whipped up for you.
  8. Kicks Don’t Lie – A Shakira song reference is all you need to jazz up your team name.
  9. Slay Street 99 – A trendy hip-hop-like name is a great way to address your kickball team.
  10. All About That Base – By now, you would have got how much we love reforming popular song titles as kickball team names.
  11. Crimson Courage – Another arresting team name that would make sense if your jerseys are soaked in the shade of crimson.
  12. Caught Ya! – The kickball version of ‘Gotcha!’ that will crack everyone up.
  13. Breaking Ball – Imagine if the show Breaking Bad was about a ball game.
  14. No Hard Fieldings – Because there is simply no place for hard feelings on the field.
  15. The Big Ball Theory – Another famous show title reconstructed for your kickball squad.
  16. Shiny Shoes Ltd. – If your players are obsessed with their shoes, then this madness can be made into a classy team name.
  17. Serial Kickers – A crazy and creative team name that will haunt the other teams.
  18. Karmic Kickball
  19. The Kicktastics
  20. Boston Kickball
  21. Chamberlain Kickball
  22. Axe Kickball
  23. Kickballlabs
  24. TheRuffPuffs
  25. Kickin’ Corn
  26. Coed Kickball Team
  27. Avant Team
  28. Kiwi Kickball
  29. Kangarootball
  30. Sticky Kickballs
  31. Kleur Kickball
  32. TournamentKickball
  33. Sticky Kickballs
  34. Cannibal Kickball
  35. Kickitout
  36. WeFlyKickballs
  37. Charleston Kickball
  38. SuperKickballs
  39. Kickstart Kickball
  40. American Kickballers
  41. Uptown Kickball
  42. Sideways Kickball
  43. Kicktoons
  44. Kickball Squad
  45. Tantrum Kickball
  46. Kicksquad
  47. Kickbrawl
  48. Kickloball
  49. Crush Kickball


Gay Kickball Team Names

If you all are gay and ready to show the world how well you can play, then hurry and grab an awesome kickball team from the list that follows!

  1. Banana Boys – Have you ever seen a straight banana?
  2. Rainbow Stripes – With bright, rainbow-striped jerseys, they are all set to win your heart.
  3. Pitch Pride – ‘Pride’ is at the core of the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s bring it to the pitch.
  4. Kicking Homophobia Away – Show those homophobes how you kick and they wouldn’t dare open their mouths again.
  5. Lavender Lions – Lavender is a beautiful color associated with homosexuals and so, we used it to create this aesthetic team name.
  6. Queer Cheer – We are super ecstatic to have come up with this bubbly rhyme.
  7. Gayside Gusto – What do you think about this bright and gleeful team name for a group of gay men?
  8. Balling in Love – Because everything has an element of love in it. Pick this name if you agree.
  9. Coming Out, Stronger! – We understand that coming out is a challenge, but it can become easier with a team of constant supporters.
  10. Color Blast – For those cuties who love the rainbow
  11. The Pink Pylons
  12. Gay Kickball League
  13. TeamWorrier
  14. Gym Rats
  15. Super Soft Kickball
  16. Rainbow Kickball
  17. The Ball Kickers
  18. Beyond Gay Apparel


Women’s Kickball Team Names

Hello Ladies! Now, we present to you, a beautiful bunch of kickball team names that are exclusively created for a women’s team.

So, gear up for some strong feminine energy.

  1. The Ballistas – A delightful feminine name for an all-girls kickball team.
  2. Pitch Perfect – Are you also a fan of this popular film series? If yes, then go for this title as it goes perfectly well for a kickball team.
  3. Baller-inas – A clever name for a team of baller girls.
  4. Kick Chicks – A combative name that says, ‘Don’t mess with us.’
  5. Kickball Kweens – A brilliant team name that your girls would be proud to be known by.
  6. Pitch Princesses – An ideal name for those poised yet assertive women who are invincible on the pitch.
  7. Little Lionesses – A cute yet feisty name that appropriately defines your brave girls.
  8. Wonder Women – A superheroine that we all bow down to, there is a wonder woman in each one of you girls.
  9. Sisters of Speed – A super sanguine name for the leggy lasses who run with the wind
  10. Baller Belles – This one sounds like it comes from a fairytale with a sports-themed story.
  11. Femme Fighters – Gone are the days when damsels in distress called out to knights for help. Today, they fight, they win.
  12. Gutsy Girls – A name that kindles some sort of a thrill and interests one in the game.
  13. Spirit and Sass – The two that this women’s kickball team never fails to carry.
  14. Queens of the Green – A glorious team name for the queens who rule the kickball field.
  15. Pony Kickball
  16. Kickerz
  17. The Ballers
  18. The Sticky Kickballs
  19. LadyBirds
  20. Kicking It
  21. Knee Chest
  22. Kicking Up
  23. Kick Ball Ladies
  24. GoGoGirls
  25. KickballGirls
  26. Pixie Kickballs
  27. Kicking Aces
  28. Cactus Kickers
  29. Kicking Kocktails
  30. Balls and Strikes
  31. Kitty Pitch
  32. Kittypods
  33. Goofy Kickers
  34. The Kick Chicks
  35. The Sassy Kickballs
  36. Fairy Kickball


Inappropriate/Dirty Kickball Team Names

If your team doesn’t fear crossing limits and finds fun in inappropriate things, then you will want to check out these dirty and partially problematic team names.

  1. Son of Pitches – Who knew modern slang could have so much in common with the game of kickball.
  2. Pitches Be Crazy – Yes, pitches can be quite unpredictable. (Wink, wink!)
  3. Kick Butt, Kick Balls – If you come down on the field to give your best, then this slightly inappropriate team name might interest you.
  4. Doped Up – We all know doping is extremely unfair in sports. But this is just a name, isn’t it?
  5. Southern Screwers – An nasty team name that reeks of overconfidence.
  6. Kickballs
  7. Team Chutney
  8. KickOff
  9. Crack Kickers
  10. KickSliders
  11. Aggressive Kicker Ball

So, there you have it!  – hundreds of Kickball team name ideas to kickstart your brainstorming. Now it’s your turn! Summon up your inner creativity and come up with a kick-ass team name for your team.

Just remember not to get too wrapped up in choosing the ideal team name that you forget about practicing and playing properly. The most important thing is that you have fun!

If you’ve got any additions to the list, or if you want to share your opinion on my suggestions, please do so by emailing us.

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