60+ Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

Harry Potter Team Names

The Harry Potter series first popped up in the Pop Fiction landscape in the 1990s. And, ever since then, it has made waves across the world with its phenomenal storytelling, compelling characters, and mystic setting.

Whether it is the children or the adults, the Potterverse has seamlessly cast its spell on everyone, so much so that even after the release of the last film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, back in 2011, indulging in a Harry Potter movie marathon today on weekends seems incredibly enjoyable.

In fact, we know countless Potterheads and fans who are keeping the Hogwardian spirit alive by getting tattoos of their favorite characters, chugging the iconic butter beers, knowing all the spells by heart, and even commemorating the series by hosting Harry Potter trivia nights!

So, if you happen to be just another Harry Potter loyalist, and are soon invited to or organizing a theme-based trivia, then we are sure you must be in dire need of a team name that goes well with the vibe and shows your admiration for the Potterverse!

Fear not, and get The Hogwarts Express engines rolling, because we are ready to surprise you with some of the most creative Harry Potter trivia names in the Universe!

Additionally, each of our recommendations comes with a friendly description, so that you can pick the one that best appeals to you. Our round-up of Harry Potter team titles also works like a charm for different kinds of groups.

So, whether you are choosing a name for fan conventions, group chats, readathons, or game nights, we have got you covered.

So, without any further ado, let us get to business!


Awesome Harry Potter Team Names

From JK Rowling’s seven Harry Potter books to a whopping number of eight movies, along with two films belonging to the Fantastic Beasts series, there is no denying the fact that the Harry Potter paradigm is nothing short of awesome.

So, if you are interested in picking a team name that will help you stand out among other Harry Potter enthusiasts, then this section might just be the ticket for you.

Below, we have scored some of the most spectacular team names that are sure to blow your mind, so read on:

  1. Snitch In Time – A classic team name that is inspired by the small ball that Harry Potter won during his first Quidditch game.
  2. Happy Griffs – This is a feel-good team name that is culled by Hippogriff, the magical creature in Harry Potter.
  3. Granger Zone – A title that is inspired by Hermione Granger, who is one of the most excellent wizards, and also Harry Potter’s best friend. Notice the wordplay on “Danger zone” too!
  4. You’re A Quizzard, Harry – One of the most evergreen dialogues in Harry Potter that also goes well with the trivia.
  5. Voldy’s Goldies- We love this trivia name for two reasons. One, it’s Voldemort’s reference, and two, the innovative pun it carries along!
  6. The Prefects – A wonderful team name to pick if your gang happens to be one of the know-it-alls.
  7. The Hufflepuff Badgers – When you are underdogs, who steal the show and leave everyone surprised.
  8. The Department of Mysteries – Pick this team name, and your opponents will never know what hit them!
  9. The Daily Prophet Journalists – When you are dead sure you know the answer to every damn question in the Harry Potter trivia, just like they did in The Daily Prophet.
  10. Expecto Winno – Yet, your victory in the trivia would be quite unexpected.
  11. Dumbledore’s Army – Because when Dumbledore’s on your side, you gotta win for sure.
  12. 10 Pints to Gryffindor – No better combination than that of beer and trivia night, and of course, Harry Potter!


Funny Harry Potter Team Names

One of the most notable reasons why the Harry Potter series has garnered immense popularity is grounded in the fact that it covers a plethora of genres.

Whether it’s the spine-chilling part that captures the saddening death of Albus Dumbledore and Sirius Black, or the action-packed scenes involving Hogwarts’ battle against Lord Voldemort, both, the books and movies alike are nothing short of a rollercoaster ride.

This also includes boatloads of hilarity in some of the funniest moments of the Harry Potter movies that crack us up to date! For starters, remember when Potter was disguised as Goyle?

During his attempt to keep his act from Malfoy, he forgot to remove his iconic round-framed glasses. And that’s when Draco hilariously said, “I didn’t know you could read!”

Another giggle-inducing scene showcases Ron, funnily disapproving of his pet peeve, spiders, after nearly escaping the scary-looking Aragog in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. He says, “Follow the spiders? Why couldn’t it be ‘follow the butterflies?’”

In case you are willing to laugh some more, let us take you right through some of the most hysterical Harry Potter team names to choose from:

  1. Devilish Dementors – A comical team name for a gang that is all set to suck the life out of their opponents.
  2. The Big-Brained Basilisks – When you are pretty skilled at sssslithering your way up!
  3. Bunch Of You-Know-Whos – You sure can’t be named, but you very well know how to leave a mark.
  4. We, Fat Ladies – Some body positivity inspired by the one and only, Gryffindor’s guard.
  5. The Marvelous Riddles – We absolutely love this witty pun that’s based on Lord Voldemort’s original name.
  6. Ganged-up Gryffindors – Because when Gryffindor is in the game, the ball’s always in their court.
  7. The Gang That Survived – Yet another ridiculously comical take on “The Boy Who Lived.”
  8. JK Rolling – This team name involves a funny wordplay on the author, JK Rowling.
  9. Dumbledorks – Indeed a hilarious team name to pick in case you happen to be a bunch of dorks.
  10. Trolls In The Dungeon – Or, you could go with something more literal, yet funny!


Clever Harry Potter Team Names

From Severus Snape to Hermoine Granger, the feats of the wit of all the characters in the Harry Potter series are simply unmatchable.

Just like the movies involve a firework of magic, they also lend a unique, clever trait to every Hogwardian, leaving us all surprised. Luna Lovegood, for instance, might not have seemed to be an intelligent wizard due to her eccentric personality, but definitely dazed us with her out-of-the-box line of thought!

In fact, she serves as Harry Potter’s confidant, offering him an array of ideas throughout the series.

In case you are looking for a clever trivia team name that screams your love for Harry Potter, then scrolls through some of the best recommendations that we have listed below for you:

  1. Voldy’s Sidekicks – True Harry Potter enthusiasts would always revere Lord Voldemort.
  2. Page Turners – A clever team name that is meant for a bunch of nerds.
  3. The Goblet Of Answers – Whether you have an impartial judge or not, the victory is yours!
  4. Winners In a Bottle – Because we all need twelve hours’ worth of luck!
  5. Sherbet Lemons – Pick this interesting food-inspired name from Harry Potter and get going.
  6. Expecto Heroes – One of the many expected instances on the trivia night would be your victory.
  7. Capacious Mindus – More wit, more intelligence, more knowledge.
  8. Avada Trivevra – When you are sure your team is going to knock them dead!
  9. Devilish Dementors – Quite a smart team name to pick for a gang that is going to suck the points straight out of the opponents.
  10. The Dumbledorks – An appropriate team name for a group of dorks.
  11. The Department Of Mysteries – Because you will mysteriously fly your way to the top!
  12. Nearly Brainless Nicks – On another note, this is how you can throw a jibe at your opponent teams when they lose the game!
  13. Muggles United – With Hermoine Granger leading the pack.
  14. The Nimbuses 2021 – Use this team name for your trivia night and you are sure to soar high up in the sky.
  15. Wild Weasleys – If you and your teammates are as underrated as the Weasley clan in the Harry Potter series.
  16. The Team That Shall Not Be Named – Or, you could bring the eerieness of the Hogwardian chambers to your game night!
  17. The Rememberalls – Well, there’s one thing you sure are never gonna miss; the answers to the questions asked.
  18. McGonagall’s Mystics – Honestly speaking, we have always been ardent fans of Minerva McGonagall’s loyalty and fair-mindedness.
  19. The Triwizard Union – We absolutely love this trivia team name for a group of three.


Rude Harry Potter Team Names

When we think of some of the rudest personas in the Harry Potter series, the first name that occurs to our minds is that of Dolores Umbridge.

She was undoubtedly the vilest character in the Potterverse, and her rather calm disposition paired with her insanely cruel instincts sent shivers down our spine!

Be it getting a kick by torturing everyone around her, or acting like an absolute control freak, we can surely seek inspiration from her to brainstorm some really wicked names for the trivia night!

So, without further ado, let us take you right through our round-up.

Have a look:

  1. Sly Slytherins – A cunning team name that is meant for a group of Slytherin enthusiasts who won’t mind bringing their sinister side to life.
  2. The Death Eaters – A trivia team name that is derived from a group of terrorists in the Harry Potter series, who are lauded for their loyalty towards Lord Voldemort.
  3. The Whimpering Muggles – If not for yourself, then you can definitely use this team name to mock your opponent teammates when they lose against you!
  4. The Bloody Morons – This rude team name will either push your team members to play better, or offend them on a whole another level. There’s no in-between!
  5. The Mudblood Masterminds – Indeed a highly derogatory term in the Harry Potter universe, but who says they can’t be masterminds?
  6. The Seekers – Because all you are seeking are the right answers!
  7. The Nearly Headless – Remember how displeased Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington was to be addressed in this manner?
  8. Voldy’s Moldies – A highly fitting trivia team name when the game involves the millennials against the Gen-Z.
  9. Dumbos And Dumbledore – Quite rude to associate the “D” word with a great man, eh?
  10. Harry Poopers – A rather comical take on the protagonist’s name.


Creative Harry Potter Team Names

Every single scene in the Harry Potter movies is so creatively put together that it makes the series infinitely rewatchable.

Whether is Christmas eve, a cozy winter night, or a relaxing summer evening after a tiring day at work, the ingenuity and magic attached to the story get us all hooked to the screen.

This section is all about going creative, and this is exactly why we have brainstormed some Harry Potter trivia team names that are sure to cast a spell on your competitors!

Listed below are the options that you can choose from:

  1. Snapes On a Plane – Indeed a funny and innovative take on the Hollywood movie, Snakes On a Plane. Of course, the plane we refer to in the Horgwardian world is the broomstick!
  2. The Seekers – An awesome trivia team name that’s inspired by the most sought-after wizarding sport there is, Quidditch!
  3. The Hippogriffs – We bet there is a separate fanbase for these mythical Harry Potter creatures. Isn’t it?
  4. Accio Victory – Apparently, the ‘Accio’ spell is popular for bringing a certain object to you, so why not victory?
  5. The Battle of Hogwarts – With this team name, trivia night just got real!
  6. The Umbridge Package – Quite an interesting name to pick in case your vibe is too much to take!
  7. Winners in a Bottle – One cannot simply indulge in a Harry Potter trivia game without paying tribute to Fred and George’s comical antics!
  8. Team Winning Myrtles – Believe us, Moaning Myrtle’s voice still screeches in our ears.
  9. Rowling Grangers – A classic trivia team name for all the Hermoine Granger loyalists out there.
  10. Confundo – Probably the most perfect spell to use during a trivia night! P.S., this spell gets the other person to become befuddled for some time.


In The End

The Harry Potter series hit the screens two decades ago, and ever since, the story of the Boy-Who-Lived has touched the hearts of millions of Potterheads worldwide. Every fraction of the movies, varying from the characters to the mystical setting has redefined childhood for a plethora of generations.

This was all about over 60 Harry Potter trivia team names. We hope that our recommendations will add just a bit more magic to your game night!

Lastly, if there is another Harry Potter-inspired team name that you think is worth adding to our list, then be a dear and share it with us, for many more fanatics like you!

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