300+ Awesome Golf Team Names

Golf Team Names

Although golf is assumed to be a single man sport, any sport played with a team is much more fun. If you are a fan of this royal sport and planning to make the team or thinking of what a great golf team name can be, you are at the perfect place.

You might find a tone of imaginative team names here that will get your creative juices flowing.

A team name is a crucial tool to instill a sense of belongingness in the teammates. While there are several ways you can choose to name your team, we are here to make the process easier for you.

We have compiled today’s blog with 100+ great golf team names for you all; all of them come with a bonus tip from us.

You will find all kinds of great golf team names here, starting with the classics to some rather unheard suggestions.

We have infused golf terminology and puns to make these awesome team name for you. Can’t wait to see what these great names are?

Here we go!


Catchy Golf Team Names

Let’s get going into our great teams with the most catchy names first. These team names are easy to remember, and your team will approve these names wholeheartedly.

  1. Gold Clubs – This one is a classic team name for elite people playing golf.
  2. The Clubbers – Here is another one of those team names that sells itself.
  3. Strokers – If your team would like a shorter and simpler name, then this one is for you all.
  4. Golf Machines – How about this team name that is perfectly good for a group of people with a common love for the game.
  5. Ace Brigade – This one has to be mentioned for awesome nicknames for a group playing golf.
  6. Club Riders – This team name is a popular choice for great names for golf teams.
  7. Golf Gang- The best part about this otherwise commonplace team name is that it never gets out of fashion.
  8. Five of Clubs – Although this team name would work best for a group of 5 people, you can customize it according to your team’s headcount.
  9. God Strokes – Hyping up your team who own the game with this great team name.
  10. Tigers – Here is a team name that pays ode to the most popular golf player and combines the strength of a wild beast.
  11. New Yorkers – If all the members of your team are from a particular city, then this team naming technique can come in handy.
  12. Gold Miners – This is a commonplace team name in golfing circles that you might have come across.
  13. United Front – If you want to play it safe with naming your team, here is a good option for you.
  14. Tee Men – A tee is a little wooden or plastic tool fixed in the ground to elevate the golf ball in the game’s first shot.
  15. The Eagles – This name is inspired by the golf terminology under which an eagle is a score of two under par. Also, eagles have great vision and soar high in the sky, both of which are associated with the game.
  16. Par Panels – Here is another team name that will make sense to people who know the ins and outs of the game.
  17. Flag Bearers – Do you like this nice and cozy team name that is fuss-free name?
  18. Golfup
  19. Pro Golf Pro
  20. Callaway Golf
  21. Golfie
  22. GolfDash
  23. Golf Bags
  24. A Bit Golfers
  25. GolfDone
  26. Golfstarter
  27. Golf Gang
  28. PlayGolf
  29. Laser Golf
  30. Golf & Tee
  31. Mashable Golf
  32. Skunk Golf
  33. Let’s Golf
  34. Mashable Golf
  35. GolfWarriors
  36. Golfbag
  37. GolfVille
  38. The Apres-Golfers
  39. EveryoneGolfs
  40. Golf Teamer
  41. GolfHacker
  42. GolfRangers
  43. Golfers
  44. GolfCards
  45. GolfMonkey
  46. GolfBuddy
  47. GolfVespers
  48. GolfPark
  49. Golf Buddy
  50. PingPong
  51. Dojo Golf
  52. GolfAlliance
  53. GolfPlayAway
  54. GoofyGolf


Funny Golf Team Names

What’s in a name, you ask? Well, loads of things-an inside joke, a sarcastic remark, a humorous insight, and much more!

Find some amusing golf team names here that are too good to ignore.

  1. Bush Wackers – Let’s get the ball rolling with this chucklesome team name.
  2. Fire Balls – There is no shortage of winsome team names for this royal game; this is just one of the few.
  3. Bread Putters – Would you like a team name that is truly unique and witty? Try this one; you will love it!
  4. Putt Pals – Here is another one of those team names that win your heart instantly.
  5. Bogey Men – We cannot stop laughing at hearing this amusing name which builds on the term bogey, often used in the game.
  6. Goofy Greens – We love the cheeky vibe of this playful team name for a golf group.
  7. Hazard Smashers – Here is another funny name that builds on the word hazard, which is an obstruction to one’s shot in golf terms.
  8. Team Putt-Putt – Here is a plain name that becomes strangely funny when spoken aloud.
  9. Ball of Duty – As you may have guessed, this team name is a tweaked version of a superhit video game, “Call of Duty.”
  10. Huffle Putts – This interesting team name plays around with a house name in Harry Potter, Hufflepuffs, and infuses golf terminology.
  11. Gluttonous Golfers – If you are a group of foodies playing golf together, this team name is tailor-made for you guys.
  12. Wide Approach – Use this slightly unheard team name that comes riddled with an inside joke.
  13. Power Rangers – Keep your team name light-hearted with this famous childhood show name that will take you back to the good old days.
  14. Balls and Holes – We know you like this amusing name and think of using it for your team. Don’t think much; go right ahead!
  15. Bye-Bye Birdie – A movie-based name with golf humor infused in it? What more could one ask for!
  16. Bender Golf
  17. Joke Golf
  18. Sports Crypt
  19. Miracle Putt
  20. DrivenOnGolf
  21. FunnyGolf
  22. GolfZing
  23. Yo Golf!
  24. Twisty Putt
  25. Caddysat
  26. The Golfsters
  27. GolfFunLover
  28. GolfGenie
  29. Icon Golfing
  30. Gotcha Golf
  31. LaughingGolf
  32. GolferBookie
  33. GolfNow
  34. Golfing Buddies
  35. Golfify
  36. FunnyGlove
  37. Funtastic Golf
  38. HiGolf
  39. Stupid Putt
  40. Phatty Putters
  41. GolfMan
  42. PowWow Golf
  43. TipToeGolf
  44. GoofyGolf
  45. SMASH Golf


Clever Golf Team Names

Here is where we get creative with team names. If you have an eye out for unique team names out of this world, we recommend these great team names to you.

  1. Golf Machines – It’s a wonder how simplistic team names can stick around for a very long time.
  2. Putt Pirates – Here is a name that everyone in your team is bound to love.
  3. Club Masters – Here is another classic golf team name that is hard to beat.
  4. Tornadoes – Keep things simple with this one-word team name that is as powerful as it sounds.
  5. Boggles – This cutesy name is a tweaked version of the word bogey, often used in golf circles as a type of shot.
  6. Team Green – How about this clever name that remarks on the golfing skills of great players?
  7. Win Machine – You have a team name that works for almost all kinds of sports and remains a classic team name.
  8. A-Game – Here is a cheery team name that we recommend for a group of born-winners.
  9. Pack of Cards – A pack of cards would have clubs and ace both; hence, this golf team’s name is a win-win.
  10. Precision Police – This rather praising team name would be a fit for a team of winners.
  11. Shackle Sticks – It would be hilarious if a group of stick-thin boys playing golf together could use this name!
  12. Won Direction – Here, you have a name that would fit in well with a very competitive team.
  13. Hazard Breakers – Anything on the golf course that can be hazardous to the scorer is called a hazard.
  14. Crater Holes – As we all know, a golf ball has crater-like holes; this name builds on that fact. How do you find it?
  15. Pin Balls – How many of you love video games by the same name?
  16. Ace Machines – It is common in golf to term a very good shot that puts the ball in the hole in one short as an ace.
  17. ClicknGolf
  18. BarefeetGolf
  19. The Tee-Bot
  20. ClubChamp
  21. Power Play Golf
  22. Golf Wizard
  23. GolfUs
  24. SunX
  25. SnapTour
  26. Golfonomics
  27. GolfFocused
  28. GolfKrowd
  29. GolfBuddy
  30. GolfHack
  31. RatchetGolf
  32. TheRollout
  33. Golfholes
  34. GolfTime
  35. Golfcircle
  36. Pod Golf
  37. CheesyFavors
  38. GolfSwipe
  39. MyCaddie
  40. GolfPals
  41. FutureTees
  42. Smolders Golf
  43. GolfPlaces
  44. DigitizeMe
  45. Paradox Golf
  46. GolfIt
  47. Striker Golf
  48. GolfMatch
  49. Sploosh
  50. Woofie
  51. SatelliteOne
  52. Travel Golf
  53. CleverGolf
  54. GolfIt
  55. SocialGolf


Women’s Golf Team Names

If you have an eye out for a women’s team name that complements you, ladies, well, then you are in luck.

We have the best team names for a group of motivated women who are out to win the world.

  1. Golfing Girls – Is there a better way than this to address a group of lovely girls who are great in the game?
  2. Putt-ions – How do you find our little word-play-based team name?
  3. Sexy Strokers – Hype up your group with this voguish team name.
  4. Green Gang – Green is the area that is specially prepared for positioning the hole.
  5. Swing Gals – Here is another team name for the ladies who are goddesses of the game.
  6. Power Putt Girls – Use this 10/10 team name and thank us later!
  7. Wings and Swings – Jazz up your team naming game with this incredible team name that is a crowd-pleaser.
  8. Women of Steel – Here is a team name with a strong-willed vibe that we love.
  9. Sky Surfers – If your great golf team is constantly achieving new heights of success, here is our recommendation for a lovely team name.
  10. Bogey Babes – There, you have a team name that is cheery and cute-all in one.
  11. Pings! – We dare you to find a more simplistic name than this one!
  12. Holes and Heels – A team name that brings together the two things women in goldfish circles love.
  13. Foxy Gloves – Do you like this unique team name that we randomly came up with?
  14. Tiagra Woods – This playful name is a tweaked women’s version of legendary golf player Tiger Woods.
  15. Ping and Bling – Here is a great name for you ladies which mentions a popular golf brand.
  16. Ace Women – This power-packed team name is the one for your group of ladies who are born winners.
  17. Sporty Golfers
  18. Golf Galz
  19. Whistle Golf
  20. Gold Team
  21. GolfCats
  22. Lady Golf
  23. Mother Golf
  24. GolfClubGirls
  25. BabeRangers
  26. GolfForHer
  27. Hubspot
  28. GolfBuddies
  29. GolfChicks
  30. GolfGirls
  31. The Divas
  32. The Birdies
  33. WeGolf
  34. Golfopolis
  35. GolfSisters
  36. BlingGolf
  37. WomenGolfers
  38. GolfPros
  39. GolfingWombat
  40. GolfBuzz
  41. QueenLadies
  42. MyGolfing
  43. Golf Babes
  44. Golfin’ Nomads
  45. GolfWives


Dirty Golf Team Names

Would you like a dirty team name for your golf buddies? Here are some funny double-meaning team names infused with golf puns and inside jokes that are hard to ignore.

  1. Hole Seekers – Need we say more about this double-meaning team name that is bound to make everyone laugh?
  2. Big Balls – Bear with us and our dirty nicknames that you would have to use with caution.
  3. Hanging Albatross – This off-beat team name borrows a reference from a poem by the name of “The Albatross.”
  4. Fore Players – If you know, you know!
  5. Putt Holes – Pardon us for your dirty humor, but you have to agree that this team name will make everyone ROFL.
  6. Tee Spot – As you may have guessed, this name is inspired by the adulterous term “G Spot.”
  7. Dimpled Balls – A long list of dirty team names can be made using just the word “balls.”
  8. Goal in the Hole – You ask for dirty team names for golfing buddies? You got it!
  9. Beach Putts – We know how to make team names just the right amount of dirty.
  10. Happy Hookers – Use this rather offensive team name at your own risk.
  11. Dirty Birdies – If you happen to have a taste for dirty names but want to play safe as well, we recommend this name for you.
  12. Putt and Butt – Here is a team name that perfectly fits people who have a great butt and mutual love for golfing.
  13. Cheesy Tees
  14. Boring Golf Club
  15. GolfCleanup
  16. GolfPunk
  17. Dung Putt
  18. DirtyBird golf
  19. Zack Loves Golf
  20. GolfClan
  21. Moldy Golf Balls
  22. Blammo Golf Club
  23. WeedGolf
  24. Local Golf
  25. Hole Ragers
  26. Volcano Golf
  27. Cheap Golf


Disc Golf Team Names

Another popular sport which is played with similar rules as to golf is Disc Golf. If this is your sport, we have catered to your need for great team names as well.

  1. Grip Masters – Need a great team name for you and your golf buddies? Here you go!
  2. Disc Dancers – Here is another team name for players of disc golf that is a classic.
  3. Power Shooters – If you need a power-packed name for your gang of golfing buddies, here is what we recommend.
  4. Round About – Need a team name that suits your sport well and is easy to remember? Here is a great suggestion from us.
  5. Roller Blades – This team name is a win-win for people who play golf or skating.
  6. Scooby Dooby – Do you need a playful team name with a golf pun? Your wish is our command; here you go!
  7. Mary, go Round! – How about this distinctive team name plays around with the idea of disc golf?
  8. Sky’s the Limit – This plain team name is for people who would like a simple name with a strong message.
  9. Pride of Lions – Here is another team name that you will find has been sought after for a long time.
  10. Flexers – Flex is a shot in disc golf that is only achievable by pro players; hence this hyping team name would be awesome.
  11. Humpty Helicopters – We recommend this team name for a group of slightly chubby players who are great at throwing disc with helicopter style.
  12. Sky Hawkers – Don’t you love the cool vibe of this voguish team name that you might not have heard before?
  13. Booster Buddies – Here is another energizing team name to keep up the spirit of the game.
  14. DiscGolfFraternity
  15. DiscCrew
  16. Hole In The Sky
  17. Hole In One
  18. Bullseye
  19. Ring
  20. Amazing Bozzz
  21. GottaGettaDisc
  22. BomberGolf
  23. Oompa Loompa
  24. Disc-Con
  25. DiscPong
  26. VoxDisc Golf
  27. Alliance Disc Golf
  28. Enime Disc Golf
  29. Play Disc Golf
  30. Weed Golf
  31. Flying Mongooses
  32. Mighty Yoofs
  33. Flag Frisbee Golf
  34. California Disc Flyers
  35. Aina Haina Disc Golf Club
  36. DiscGolfers
  37. Zeus Disc Golf
  38. Flying Disc
  39. Team Birdie
  40. FanGolf
  41. ProDiscGolf
  42. Dynamic Discs
  43. Eaglemania
  44. PutterSneak
  45. DiscOral
  46. UltimateDiscs


Caddyshack Golf Team Names

Did you know that there is a classic comedy movie starring Bill Murray by the name of “Caddyshack”? Here are some great team names for Caddyshack golf teams.

  1. Caddie Puffs – Here is a sweet and snuggly team name that ticks all the right boxes.
  2. Ace 11 – How about this team name you can customize as per the number of members in your golf team.
  3. Cinderella Boys – If you have watched the movie “Caddyshack,” then you are bound to appreciate this name.
  4. Blisters and Misters – Here is a name reserved for a group of men who play golf like there is no tomorrow.
  5. Caddyshack – If you are fatigued with all these complex names, then the name “Caddyshack” alone suffices for an evergreen golf team name.
  6. Misfits – Who says all great names have to be complex?
  7. Wally – Is your team on the lookout for a single word team name? Here is a Caddyshack-inspired name that does the job beautifully.
  8. 12 Angry Men – If you like a cinema-inspired team name and have a team of 12 people, this one is for you. (You can also change the number according to the strength of your team)
  9. Billy Jays – Here is a rather unique team name that you will find nowhere else.
  10. Putt Cads – Fusing the love for the game simplistically with this team name. Short and catchy, this team name gets a big thumbs up from us.
  11. Adobe Golf
  12. Caddy-food
  13. JustChill
  14. GolfCube
  15. West Coast Golf
  16. Clicker Golf
  17. CaddySquad
  18. TheTycoons
  19. AppyCaddy
  20. Golfcart
  21. Golf Dawgs
  22. GolfDerms
  23. Caddyshack Golf
  24. CaddySnap
  25. MyGolfer
  26. CaddyBot
  27. CaddyGen
  28. CaddyBot
  29. Golf Moles
  30. LittleGolf


Mini Golf Team Names

Are you struggling to find a perfect team name for a team of mini-golf players? Struggle no more when we are here to put your mind at ease.

Choose any of these lovely team names and see the magic unfold!

  1. Minnie Mouse – Why not jazz up old boring team names with fun Disney characters everyone loves.
  2. A for Albatross – Here is a chucklesome name for a team who likes to keep things light.
  3. Natural Hazards – There is no way a competitive golf team would not instantly love this classic golf team name.
  4. Dream Catchers – This is an off-beat team name that we came up with; if you are keen to experiment with your team name, you can go for this one.
  5. Tee Party – If you have played golf for a long time, you might get the inside joke in this lovely team name.
  6. The Minions – Keeping it simple with a cartoonish team name that is a slice of your childhood.
  7. Red Demons – A cool trick to devise newer team names is to pick the color of your team jersey and add strong mascots afterward.
  8. Drive and Slide – Drive is a term used in golf to describe a golfer’s first stroke from the tee box.
  9. Elves and Clubs – Isn’t this name the sort of crazy title that you are looking for in a group of passionate mini golfers?
  10. Royal Club – Do you want to use a team name that is safe and sound yet unique? Don’t worry; we have you covered!
  11. All About Albatross – An Albatross is a rare occurrence in golf; it means three under par. Brownie points to this name for being witty and catchy.
  12. Small Success – A happy-go-lucky team name for people who like to keep things cheery.
  13. Holey Men – How do you like our sarcastic team name that plays around a little bit?
  14. GroupGolf
  15. GolfWranglers
  16. Office Golf
  17. The Golfers
  18. The Mini Golfers
  19. MiniMax Golf
  20. GolfGeo
  21. Golf Bug
  22. TeeTeeGo
  23. Golfchain
  24. ZigZag Mini Golf
  25. TeeUp!
  26. Minigolf Maniacs
  27. PartnerGolf
  28. TeeZone
  29. GolfZip
  30. SmartGolf
  31. Tee Club
  32. Goofy Golf
  33. Z Golf
  34. Stealthy Golfers
  35. GolfMates


This is the end of our awesome list of 100+ golf team names. We know you have your heart set on not one but many names. We would love for you to try and tweak these suggestions to suit your group and come up with creative alternatives.

If you have some fun suggestions for golf team names, please do share them with us. Have fun sharing these names with your team members and finalizing the one that fits you all best.

Happy Team Naming!

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