60+ Disney Team Name Ideas

Disney Team Names

Since its inception in 1923, the Disney cosmos has been a prominent part of the lives of many. While some of our all-time favorites include Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Cinderella, it would be safe to say that even today, watching every single Disney creation takes us back to the memory lane of our dazzling childhood days.

Whether you are looking to play a casual game at a chill session with friends or bracing yourselves for a pretty rough game night, it is always a good idea to document your competitive streak by finding a great team name. And, while we are at it, what better than to revisit your teens and seek inspiration from the encyclopediac Disney history for a rocking name?

Leave all the legwork to us, because in this article, we have brainstormed some of the most fabulous Disney team name ideas and listed them categorically.

Each of our ready-to-use recommendations has been meticulously curated to fit all your game moods, be it comical, magical, unique, theme-based, or creative!

So, without any further ado, let us dive right into Disney-inspired team name ideas for your gang.


Funny Disney Team Name Ideas

Out of all the different varieties of names that can possibly occur to you, we bet the funny ones will always vibe with you the most!

They break the ice amidst the air of competition, crack you up, and when they are Disney-inspired, what’s not to love about them?

Below, you will find some of the most hilarious and punny team name ideas that we have listed for your friends, so keep reading:

  1. Evil Queens – A fitting team name for a group of all-girls teammates who can be really competitive, so you don’t wanna mess with them!
  2. Ugly Ducklings – Because when you are someone who laughs at themselves, the others laugh with you, not at you!
  3. Graduates From Monsters Inc. – A great team name to pick in case you want to send a freakish message to your opponents.
  4. Surrounded By Minions – Use this name to subtly throw a jibe at your competitors and let them know whose the OG here!
  5. Snow White’s Dwarfs – They are cute, but can rock your world if need be.
  6. Genie’s Companions – A team name for days when you are super confident about winning the game!
  7. Maleficent Meanies – Yet another classic Disney-inspired name option for an all-girls team.
  8. The Lion Kings – Meowing time is finally over because the Lion Kings are here!
  9. Sheriff’s Turf – A special mention for this Toy Story-inspired team name for your group.
  10. The Goofy Gangsters – In case you happen to be a wacky clan, but pretty much aim at winning the game!
  11. Big Heroes 6 – A super awesome name for a team of 6 strong players, ready to ace the sport.
  12. Dumbo Dumpsters – If this name is too offensive to use for your own team, use it for theirs and have a good laugh!


Clever Disney Team Name Ideas

The name that you pick for your team is not just a representation of yourselves but also speaks for your entire crew.

So, make sure that it does you mighty and proud! When looking for one such option, it is always a good idea to pick a witty name that leaves everyone astonished!

Scroll down to see some of the most clever Disney-inspired team name ideas that have made it to our round-up:

  1. Taco Belles – A team name for a bunch of beautiful ladies, all set to steal the show!
  2. Finding Answers – We love this Finding Nemo-inspired team name for a quiz game or a trivia.
  3. Happily Ever After – Yes, that’s exactly how you feel after having a taste of victory.
  4. Alice In Trivia-Land – In case the competition is a stage, and you are its best performer!
  5. The Flying Carpet Crew – You win the game so effortlessly, it almost seems like magic!
  6. The Fairy God-Gamers – Pick this witty name if you’d like your opponents to believe that you’ve got this!
  7. Quizney Princesses – This is a clever wordplay on the word “Disney,” perfect for a fun-filled quiz night with your gal-pals.
  8. The Glass Slippers Of Victory – Cinderella sure did miss taking the glass slipper along, but your winning trophy is going home with you!
  9. Peter’s Pals – You don’t necessarily need a Peter to use this Peter Pan-inspired team name.
  10. Poke-Ahontas – Because your victory is clearly gonna poke them bejeezus out of them, so why not use this in your team name?
  11. Walt Quizney – Drumrolls, please! A clever team name inspired by the pioneer himself!
  12. The Aristocats – Put your hands up if you’re gonna go straight to petting your cats after winning the game.
  13. The Minnie Barbies – A team name that is meant for a bunch of beauties with brains.


Disney Trivia Team Name Ideas

“Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the greatest Disney-inspired trivia team name of them all?”

Keeping the Disney spirit alive, we have compiled some of the most interesting names for when your team runs into a pub trivia situation!

You can either choose to pick your favorite name or tweak it as per your preference. Here are our best options to get you started:

  1. The Greatest Mouse Detectives – For a team where each player’s no less than a detective; smart, spontaneous, and logical!
  2. Turn Down For Walt – A super fun team name to go for in case you happen to be a fan of both; Lil Jon and Walt Disney!
  3. We Mermaid To Win – This Disney-inspired team name will definitely leave every attendant in awe!
  4. Tweedledrunks – A marvelous team name for a group of friends who are all about hitting the bar.
  5. The Minnie Bars – This Minnie Mouse-inspired team name is a witty wordplay on hotel minibars.
  6. We’re All Mad Hatters – Because you need a certain kind of craze to ace your Disney trivia!
  7. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Yeah – If you happen to be one of those who are always on the go to celebrate after getting a question right, then this team name is meant for you.
  8. The Absent-Minded Quizzers – This might be an oldie, but is sure a goodie!
  9. Someday Our Pints Will Come – An epic team name to keep if you and your friends are all about getting sloshed and having fun.
  10. Still Thinking! – That’s not what we hope for you to say during the trivia, but this makes for a wonderful team name, so why not!
  11. The Incredibles – Pick this team name in case you are almost positive that your crew can do wonders!
  12. Sneezy Inc. – What’s not to admire about this Snow White-inspired team name for your Disney trivia?
  13. Merryweather’s Magicians – The best team name to pick if winning the game counts as one of your superpowers!


Cool Disney Team Name Ideas

Who said that the only way your team can feel like a winner is by beating your opponents in the game?

Well, technically it’s true, but this section equips you with some of the coolest Disney-inspired team name ideas, each of which is sure to help you make a statement, turn heads, and feel like a champ!

Scroll through the recommendations that we have listed below for you:

  1. Flora’s Flowers – We absolutely love this princess-like name for a group of girls.
  2. Triple Threat Strollers – A cool team name to pick in case yours happens to be a team of three.
  3. Letting It Go – “The cold never bothered you anyway!” Isn’t it?
  4. Beauties And The Feast – Yet another Disney princess-inspired name for your team.
  5. Mad Hatter Hulks – Pick this team name if you’re looking for a name for a gang of handsome hulks!
  6. The Wee Ones – Well, that’s not how you’re gonna feel after winning the game, but this team name still makes it to the list!
  7. The Broken Spells – Shhh, don’t let the magic spell out!
  8. The Rajah’s Rebels – Because desperate times call for Aladdin-inspired Disney team names!
  9. Genie’s Girls – A cool and catchy team name to choose if you and your girls happen to be backed by a whole lot of superpowers to win the game!
  10. Olaf’s Officers – Use this adorable team name and you’re sure to welcome a whole lot of cuteness and charm to the table!
  11. Into The Unknown – …But you are going to find your way back to the top!
  12. The Smarty Pints – Win or lose, you’ll always be remembered for this team name.
  13. Dory and Nemo – In case you and your friend happen to be both—partners in crime and teammates!
  14. The Rabbit Hole Heroes – Yet another stupendous team name inspired by Alice in Wonderland!


Creative Disney Team Name Ideas

If you are a true Disney enthusiast, then there must be at least one movie or series that will always remain close to your heart.

So, why not get your thinking caps on and use it to devise a creative Disney team name that leaves everyone surprised?

Below, you will find some of the most thoughtful, on-the-go name recommendations to pick from, so let’s get going:

  1. Hercules’ Heroes – Quite an appropriate team name that’s meant for a crew of macho men.
  2. Onwards And Upwards – Because the only way for you is up!
  3. Evil Queen Division – For a group of girls who won’t think twice before walking the extra mile for the win!
  4. The Good Fairies – Quite a feel-good Sleeping Beauty-inspired team name for your gang.
  5. A Little Mischief – We think this team name would be the perfect fit for a group of guys who love getting into trouble.
  6. Merpeople United – If you are a Little Mermaid fan, then this is the team name for you!
  7. Weather Wizards – For a group of friends who can outrun any opponent with their wizardry skills!
  8. Destiny Awaits – When deep down, you almost know that nothing can come between you and your victory!
  9. The Tea Party Posse – When your team brims with teetotalers, but you’re far crazier than your drunk friends.
  10. Looking Glass Girls – Honestly, we just can’t get enough of Alice in Wonderland! Can you?


Have You Found The One Yet?

Who says you need an evil queen, superpowers, or a magic mirror to find yourself a great Disney team name when you have our all-inclusive round-up at your disposal?

Disney has been a major guiding force throughout our childhood, with its stories and tales being passed on generations after generations. From a wealth of animated movies to some of the most groundbreaking songs in history, there’s definitely an ocean of content you can use when it comes to finding the best Disney team name for your gang!

This was all about over 60 excellent Disney-inspired name suggestions that will be the perfect addition to your team. We hope that our compilation has helped you find a title that best represents your team members.

Lastly, if there is another catchy team name that you think is worth adding to our list, then be dear and help us expand our database by sending it across! Now be a sport, and break a leg!

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