300 Awesome Dance Team Names

Dance Team Names

If you are a member of an awesome dancing team and need a name for your team as awesome as you are, you are at the right place. We have some awesome team name suggestions for you today that will make your heart dance. We will pitch in with quirky commentaries on each of these names.

If dancing is the passion that unites your awesome group together, then a jazzy nickname to express your common love for the art is the way to go. A great team name can bind you together in the spirit of dance and boost the team spirit.

A spunky and unique team name for your group will come in handy for organizing rehearsals, creating a web presence, or even participating in competitions. While there are many great team names that you can choose for your dancing team, we have made your job easier by compiling the best of the lot.

Let’s have a look at some of them!


High School Dance Team Names

If your dancing team is a bunch of high school kids, you might need a playful and catchy name.

Have a look at some darling nicknames that might work for your group.

  1. The Groovers – If music is in your veins and your heart thumps to the beats, then this awesome team name is for you.
  2. Moon Dance – How about this lovely name perfectly good for a great team of dancing girls?
  3. Hypnotizers – How about this hyping name for a group of dancers whose performance will leave you spellbound?
  4. Friendly Feet – Here is a great name for a group of friends with dancing feet and a musical heart.
  5. Tater Tots – The names that seem too simple at first are the ones that stick around for the longest time.
  6. Crushing Crew – It is common practice to have team names that denote strength, power, and confidence.
  7. Fire Rangers – If you need a nickname that is easy to spell, say and spread, then one is the pick you should make.
  8. Beat Buddies – Here is a no-fuss team name for a group of friends with a shared passion for dance.
  9. Rock-a-fellas – How did you like our wordplay-based dance team name?
  10. Jazzy Feet – Perhaps you have thought about this classic team name for dance groups already.
  11. Moonwalkers – Here is another dance team name that is tough to beat.
  12. Shooting Stars – There is nothing better than a cutesy team name that makes everyone come together.
  13. Maroon 5 – This team name after a famous band is your safest bet if you are a group of 5 people in the team.
  14. Go Getters – Some team names are so evergreen that they never lose their charm.
  15. Smashers – Here is another one of those names that you can never go wrong with.
  16. Super Sneakers – Keeps things simple when it comes to giving a name for your team.
  17. Poping Pals – If Poping is your preferred style, you are bound to love this team name.
  18. Dancing Ninjas – What better than a simple name for a motivated group of people who love to dance?
  19. Killer Moves – This name is something that fits in very well for any dancing group.
  20. Fantastic Four – If you are a group of four girls in a dancing team, then here is a name that is hard to resist. (Pro Tip- Even if you are Five or fifteen members, you can still modify and use this name)
  21. Rhythm Catchers – Here is a lovely name for a dance team that never misses a beat.
  22. Dancesquads
  23. Ralph and the Rhythm
  24. TurnUpForTheBears
  25. Purple Rain
  26. Dancetime
  27. Footprints
  28. Cheer-all
  29. All American Cheer
  30. SchoolTeamNames
  31. DanceWoot
  32. Ballerz
  33. BabbleOn
  34. Phantastic
  35. DanceNames
  36. Go Bellas
  37. Liberty Belles
  38. Cool Kids
  39. Hoops & Hips
  40. Dance Track
  41. DanceWave
  42. Super Prom
  43. Namepagical
  44. Hoosier Dance
  45. Danceomatic
  46. Dancescape
  47. Ballerinas
  48. Billed Ballers
  49. Dancemania
  50. Superpals


Majorette Dance Team Names

Majorette is a unique dance form performed in marching style with a baton in the leader’s hands. If you haven’t zeroed in on what to call your team collectively,

Don’t worry, we have you guys covered. Have a look!

  1. Sexy Senoritas – This winsome name for a group of attractive women whose moves can kill.
  2. Tweety Twirls – Infusing your favorite cartoon character in the title of your team is a good idea.
  3. Drumblers – If your team wants a short and crisp name, we have a solution ready for you.
  4. Marching Maniacs – If the members of your dancing team have a crazy side to them, then here is a brilliant idea for you.
  5. Batonistas – Majorette is a dance form in which a baton plays a very important role; hence we thought of playing around with a name that highlights the same.
  6. Majorettes Maidens – If you like a team name that mentions your dance form here is something to catch your attention.
  7. Twirl Girls – Here is another team name that might catch your eye.
  8. Bold Battalion – Something about this power-packed team name sets it apart from all the other names.
  9. Dreamcatchers – How about this short and simple name for your lovely group?
  10. Swirling Divas – If you have a team of all-girl members, then this name can be your pick.
  11. MajoretteDanceCompany
  12. MajoretteBallet
  13. Go, Girls!
  14. Majorette Zombies
  15. Bumblebee Boogie
  16. BounceAndShake
  17. Suzy Salsa
  18. Cheerleader Twist
  19. SwingSet
  20. Majorette Squad
  21. Bunny Hop Majorette Squad
  22. Elle Dancers
  23. Simba Wombats
  24. DanceCrew
  25. DanceCat
  26. Blue Bombers
  27. Jazz Squad
  28. Boom Boom Majorette
  29. MajoretteToGo
  30. MajoretteTweets
  31. DanceDanceRevolution
  32. Lil Monkeys
  33. DanceDame
  34. MajoretteHipHop
  35. Hip Hop Majorettes
  36. NowDancing
  37. Blue Jay Majorette
  38. MajoretteData
  39. DottyN
  40. Majorette Buzzes
  41. TeachMeToDance
  42. Heads or Tails Majorette
  43. Zipper Dance Team
  44. MajoretteTV
  45. Juggleface
  46. Majorette Founders
  47. EasyDance
  48. Spanky
  49. The Majorette Men
  50. Millennium Majorettes


Hip Hop Dance Team Names

Hip Hop is undeniably one of the most fun and active dancing styles; it gets brownie points for being all the rage with millennial kids.

We have curated some cool and trendy team names for a hip-hop dance team that will capture your vibe well.

  1. The Hip Hoppers – This team name is pretty basic and popular; this one can be a catch if your team prefers simplistic names.
  2. The Trippy Gang – If your group moves in style, here is a name that goes well with your style.
  3. Beat Boxers – Here is another classic team name that is always in demand.
  4. Grass Hoppers – Here is a weirdly amusing name that you will find nowhere else.
  5. The Tornado – If your moves are strong like a tornado, here is a powerful name that will compliment your team.
  6. Sleeky Slacks – How about this off-beat name that will set your team apart from everyone else?
  7. Smokin Moves – This name needs to introduction; it sells itself quite well.
  8. The Hipsters – Here is a name that will suit a team of Hip Hop dancers who are Gen-Z.
  9. Rowdy Rambos – If you have an eye out for a distinctive and stylish name, we have a special recommendation for you.
  10. D Dawgs – Hip Hop team names are one arena where there are no rules. The ruder the name, the better it is perceived.
  11. Skull Smashers – Intimidating and scary team names have always been a rage in hip hop groups.
  12. Beat Police – Here is another witty take on devising a team name for a dancing group.
  13. Hydrogen – While it may seem weird, scientific names as team names are not something unheard of.
  14. The Revolution – Do you like this team name which is quite distinctive from other names?
  15. Jamming Jockeys – Here is another team name for you that ticks all the right boxes.
  16. Hopscotch – Looking for a cool name for your hip-hop gang? Here, we have something for you.
  17. Fusion Beats – If you are a sucker for popular team names that are safe to play around with, then this is the one for you.
  18. Golden Guys – We are spoiling you with so many brilliant choices of team names for your group.
  19. Sound Raiders – Here is a team name for your dancing group that you might like.
  20. Hip Hop Hustlers – If Hip Hop runs in the veins of your group members, then you all deserve a great name like this one.
  21. The Devils – This name is a name that is often used in hop hop circles as the group name.
  22. Rockerzz – Here is a name that has a unique and chic zing to it.
  23. RapTanzFine
  24. HiHo
  25. hipHOPdanceCrew
  26. Hipster Hop
  27. Hip Hop Champions
  28. Hip Hop Swagger
  29. StreetSquad
  30. BeKiddin
  31. HipHopAvatar
  32. Krump
  33. Rhythm & Flow
  34. The Rebound Crew
  35. HipHipHooray
  36. HipHopTroupe
  37. HipHopSquad
  38. MoveOnUp
  39. HipHopGreenTeam
  40. HipHopHappenings
  41. Hustle Movement
  42. Top Spinning
  43. FierceMob
  44. Mystic Crew
  45. Shim Shim Slide
  46. HipHopUniverse
  47. ShakeUps
  48. HipHopLyrical
  49. Thugables
  50. DanceWing


Praise Dance Team Names

One of the most serene ways to express your love for the lord is through praise dance.

If you are a member of a praise dance team and searching for a prim and proper name, we have made your task easier.

  1. Godly Gang – You will have trouble finding a name that better suits a group of girls who dance in the worship of the lord.
  2. Mountain Movers – Here is a team name for a group of girls who can do the impossible.
  3. Jesus Janes – Here is a Christian name that is dedicated to the lord and his worthy women.
  4. Glory Girls – This elegant name is made for the ardent devotees of the Lord who never tire in praise of his glory.
  5. Fire Blazers – Pick this passionate name for a motivated team and bring it intensely to praise the kingdom.
  6. Strength Givers – Here is another team name for you that wins our approval.
  7. Holy Ladies – A name that needs no introduction, the winner of religious dance team names.
  8. Kingdom Crew – How about this amazingly prideful name for the girls who dance for his kingdom?
  9. Lord Side – This name aptly conveys your religious sentiments in a very calm manner.
  10. Active Angels – It is hard not to fall in love with this beautiful name as soon as you hear it.
  11. Purpose Posse – Posse is slang for a group of military men but taken together, these words will be a brilliant team name.
  12. Spirit Chasers – There is no better way to reflect the common sentiment of your group than a brilliant team name.
  13. Grace Girls – For the girls who dance for the lord backed with his eternal grace on them.
  14. The Purifiers – We suggest this name for a group of women whose dance moves inspire and motivate people.
  15. Rejoicing Feet – Here is another great dance team name for you all.
  16. Daze of Glory – How about this slightly longer but impeccably beautiful team name?
  17. Faith Masters – Here is another name that excites your dancing group in the best way possible.
  18. Jingle Bells – Christmas carols are team dance names? Yes, Please! Keep the Christmas cheer going all year round with this lovely team name.
  19. Believers – There are many songs with the same name; hence it is a popular choice of the team name.
  20. Salvation Army – Hands down, this name is one of the best titles that you can give to your praise dance group.
  21. Soul Boosters – We are never getting tired of giving you lovely team names like this one.
  22. PlayerDance
  23. PraiseData
  24. Praise Dancetronauts
  25. Pace-Setter!
  26. Phenomenal Praise
  27. DanceArtsTeam
  28. Praise Dance
  29. PraiseDance
  30. Pac-Man
  31. Praise-Bots
  32. Praiseon
  33. Prancer
  34. Honor Squad
  35. CatFish Dance Team
  36. Cheerleader Group
  37. Danceshare
  38. Praisedance
  39. The Jazzy Jags
  40. Pepperdance
  41. World Dance League
  42. PraiseBallet
  43. The Praising Pilars
  44. PraiseCaller
  45. HomePraise
  46. DanceChants
  47. BeaMazing
  48. TeamApplause
  49. ThinkDance
  50. Dancing Souls


Funny Dance Team Names

A fun and entertaining artform like dance would be better with an equally great name for your dancing team.

Might we suggest some innovative options that we managed to come up with?

  1. Dancing Bones – Doesn’t this name gives you an image of a skeleton dancing in a creepy manner?
  2. Pink Panthers – Here is a clever idea of a dance team name from the title of a hilarious comic movie by the same name.
  3. Squeaky Squad – Choose this name if your dancing shoes move in rhythm to makes a sensational squeaky sound.
  4. Trippy Troupe – Here is a dance team for your team name that makes you chuckle instantaneously.
  5. Jumping Jacks – Isn’t this one of those team names that one is bound to remember and appreciate?
  6. The Lazy Crew – Here is another team name suggestion that many teams would resonate with.
  7. Sizzle and Stomp – We bet you could not have thought of such a witty and winsome team name for your group.
  8. Roller Coasters – How about this simplistic name that does the trick of being a perfectly good team name for a dance group?
  9. The Zombies – Gothic team names get a big thumbs up from us all the time.
  10. Stage Shakers – There are several hilarious connotations to this amusing team name. It is one of our favorite names for dancing groups.
  11. Sunny Step up! – Go creative with the team names!
  12. Dirty Dancers – It is impossible not to mention this name which is inspired by a song by Enrique Iglesias when delving into team names for dancing groups.
  13. Outcasts – If this name correctly captures your unique style, then you must go for it.
  14. Zumbalicious – This name stems from the word Zumba which is a very fun and cheery dance form.
  15. Freaky Feet – Let’s keep the ball of hilarious team names rolling!
  16. Cha Cha Chaps – No way a dancing group will love the dancing form “Cha Cha” not appreciate this team name.
  17. MoversandPackers – We cannot help but chuckle at this amusing team name for a dancing group.
  18. JellyJugglers – This one is for a crew of women who moves like jelly; it’s very funny when you take this name, though.
  19. AthleticApes – We cannot stop laughing after hearing this one, and we know you all cannot too!
  20. Dance-o-holics – There is no way that any team who wants a short and snappy name would reject this one.
  21. PartyAnimals – Here is a no-brainer team name for a group of women who are the spotlight of every dancing party ever.
  22. Camp Swag
  23. Smilebot
  24. DanceSyndicate
  25. DancingWithTheStars
  26. Rhythmic Quad
  27. Slightly Bouncy
  28. WakuWakuDance
  29. ChallengeDance
  30. Squad Bro
  31. Barbie Commercial
  32. Dancify
  33. Giggle Squad
  34. Funtastic
  35. BeFooty
  36. DanceMe
  37. Disco Knights
  38. DanceMashups
  39. Qwazify
  40. KittyCatCrew
  41. TeamFunny
  42. Team Boogie Woogie
  43. Atlantic City Jazz Cats
  44. Undercover Dancers
  45. TalkDance
  46. The Uptown Funkers
  47. PowWow
  48. Titanic Dance Troupe
  49. DancingDorks
  50. Hilarious Hipsters


Girl Dance Team Names

If you are a team of dancing divas whose moves leave people stunned, then here are some great team names that will fit right in with your team.

  1. Dancing Dolls – If your team wants a cutesy team name that is simple and sweet, here is what we recommend.
  2. Dancing Divas – Here is a stylish and classic name for a team of elegant ladies who have a way with the moves.
  3. Tiara Team – Let’s keep the bling going! If you fancy a girly name for your team, you need not look ahead.
  4. Myth Busters – Here is a kick-ass team name for a team of strong women who are out there to prove their mettle.
  5. The Jazza-gals – This name comes from the popular series “Schitt’s Creek,” which has been the talk of the town.
  6. Glam Gals – If the glamour quotient in your dancing group runs high, here is a name that will do justice to your style.
  7. The Mermaids – If your moves are as effortless as that of a mermaid, you have a team name ready.
  8. In Sync – How about this unique name that is not that easy to find among dancing groups?
  9. Girl Power – What better than this name that testifies to girl power’s strength in your dancing group.
  10. Contemporary Cats – If the dance for your group is contemporary, then we have the perfect team name suggestion for your group.
  11. Savage Sis – Here is a name that is high on the coolness quotient and will win your group’s approval in no time.
  12. Glimmering Goddesses – There is no reason why your group name should not hype you up as much as possible.
  13. Bombshells – Some team names are great to set the bar up high; this one does the job quite well.
  14. Charged Chicks – Here is a dancing girls team name that will win every millennial’s approval.
  15. Beats and Boots – Adding some classy team names here that your dance team will never be able to ignore.
  16. Tango Team – If the specialty of your dancing group is tango, then wait no more and use this name which will best denote your strengths.
  17. Beautiful Ballerinas – Here is another one of those names which will fit a group of pretty dancing ladies like a glove.
  18. Powerpuff Girls – Need we even say anything more about this name?
  19. Swaying Sisters – Need an impeccably chic nickname? Here you go!
  20. Beat Butterflies – Here is a nickname for a group of young women who move like butterflies and are hard to get hold of.
  21. Goal Diggers – There is no limit to potential team names for a group of ambitious young women all set to win the world.
  22. Hip Hop and Heels – If you guys won’t wind a slightly longer name, this one has a pretty cool vibe to it.
  23. Mystique Musicals – Do you have a taste for retro team names? If yes, this one is for you.
  24. Dance Darlings – Do you like this sweet and endearing team name?
  25. Girl Squad
  26. Girls Night Out
  27. Bang Bang
  28. Blingty Bling
  29. DancingGirls
  30. GoDance
  31. Suicide Squad
  32. GracieGrind
  33. The Dancettes
  34. Steppin’ Out
  35. GalaGirls
  36. DanceByte
  37. Ballet Slippers
  38. Alexandria’s Angels
  39. Zephyr Dolls
  40. Up Down Girls
  41. GIRL Group
  42. Lips N’Chaps
  43. DanceMonsters
  44. TumblGirls
  45. GottaDanceGirl
  46. Bae Squad
  47. SheDance
  48. The Entourage
  49. Mighty Minxes
  50. Crazy Glitter Girls


It’s time for you and your team to drop the dancing shoes for a bit and put on your thinking caps. We hope your team has as much fun picking a team name as we did while devising these fun names.

This blog might be a starting point in your journey of finding a perfect team name for your team, but you can always twist and turn any of these names as per your liking.

After all, there is nothing like one size fits all when it comes to finding names for a group of people coming together to have a crazy time.

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