60+ Cool and Funny Cycling Team Names

Cycling Team Names

If your life revolves around the wheels of a cycle and cycling is your passion, competing in teams might be your cup of tea. Many cool and funny team names can add a lot more fun to the sport. We have curated a great list of some amazing nicknames for cycling team names with a perfect blend of humor and hype.

Team sports require a good amount of mutual understanding and a feeling of collectiveness from all the members. Although, there is no sure-shot way to garner the spirit of brotherhood, a team name that adds to the process. A team name that is uniquely yours and builds upon its group members’ particular characteristics is truly something special.

We present a list of 60 cool and funny cycling team names for your gang to choose from. Choosing a team name itself can be a great team-building exercise; we will love for you all to have a go at it.

Let’s have a look at what we have in store for you today.



Cool Cycling Team Names

If you want your team name to not only be trendy and unique but high on urban lingo, you will find your pick here!

  1. Fire on Wheels – Here is a superstar team name for people who are crazy about cycling.
  2. Pie Club – It is always a great idea to build your team name around something that you all collectively like to dislike, maybe just a pie.
  3. Cyclopedia – Isn’t this a cool name for a bunch of nerdy guys who come together to bike?
  4. Pedal Party – If you need a fun and festive team name for your gang? Here is what we suggest!
  5. Ting Ting – This silly team name is a voice that a bell of a cycle might make.
  6. Balance Police – We love how this name plays with the idea of balance that is essential to ride a cycle.
  7. Lucky 7 – The best thing about this team name is that you can modify it according to the number of members in your team, and it would still be great.
  8. Rabbits – Rabbits are fast creatures that are also very cute; hence this simplistic name might work for you all.
  9. Champions – This classic team name never gets old.
  10. Chain Reaction – Here is another fun name that is bound to be your favorite in no time.
  11. The Cyclist – This cinema-based team name builds on the title of a superhit Hollywood movie, “The Mentalist.”
  12. Globe Trotters – This team name plays around the idea of a cycle wheel and globe both being round in shape.
  13. Road Rage – If you are keen to experiment with your team name, here is something risky for you.
  14. Mad Men – Sometimes, you don’t need to put extra effort in deciding upon a team name; any chucklesome term can be a great team name, just like this one.
  15. Movers N Shakers – Use this enthusiastic team name that ticks all the right boxes of a great name for cyclist teams.
  16. CoolCyclingClub
  17. Cycle Chain
  18. TeamZambezi
  19. Cybros Cycling
  20. Woolf Cycling
  21. TeamHook
  22. CoolCyclist
  23. Brevet
  24. TeamLakeTahoe
  25. Hot Wheelz
  26. Cannock Chase CN
  27. CyclingBet
  28. TeamShirt
  29. Pedal
  30. Literal Bike Club
  31. CyclingBiz
  32. Patycakes Racing Team
  33. Artful Dodgers
  34. Bikepatrol
  35. Artful Dodgers
  36. Cyclona
  37. WorkCycles
  38. TeamSolid
  39. Team Metrics
  40. Jello Cycles
  41. The Hashtag
  42. Superbikers
  43. Team Doobie
  44. TeamCrunchy
  45. PaceSetters
  46. Cycle4Life
  47. PerformanceWheels


Funny Cycling Team Names

A little humor in a team name will make your team hard to forget. Find some witty and funny team names that would work well on a cycling team.

  1. Hot Wheels – If you ever wondered what is cool, here is an option that is undoubtedly very popular already. There is also a snack with this same name.
  2. Hulk N Bulk – Do you fancy a rhyming team name that is easy to remember and use? Here you go!
  3. Cyclonic Cyclers – It is a well-known fact that most team members love team names with repeating syllables.
  4. Chain Snatchers – Isn’t this an amusing name for a group of competitive cyclists with a bit of inside humor?
  5. Fast and Furious – If you like the idea of using movie titles as team names, this must be your pick for a team name.
  6. Shortcuts – Are you a team of people who prefer shorter and crisper team titles? Here is something special for you all!
  7. Giant Legs – This hilarious name builds on the fact that cyclists’ muscles develop and legs get bulky and strong due to regular exercise.
  8. Motion Sensors – We bet you have not heard of any team name like this one; truly an exceptional choice for you.
  9. Mummies – My Oh My! Choose this scary team name at your own risk.
  10. Grease-ly – Cycling team name but make it “Harry Potter”? Well, you want it, you got it!
  11. One Liners – One Liners are usually a type of joke, but here the reference is towards the ability of cyclists to move one after the other in a straight path.
  12. Ghostbusters – If you have an eye out for a team name that comes from the world of cinema, you have your pick here.
  13. Rocky Road – As many of you might know, Rocky Road is a very popular ice cream flavor as well.
  14. Mettle Heads – Do you like this name that seems like it’s a name of a pop band?
    Cyclists Anonymous
  15. RideSquad
  16. Cyclistnsa
  17. Pedalbunny
  18. Bike Polo
  19. BicycleMan
  20. TacoBellRacing
  21. Cannondale Team
  22. SmartCycle
  23. BikeFight
  24. Lifeline Cycle Team
  25. Hubris Cycling
  26. Powerstarcyclery
  27. On-Guard Cycling
  28. Cyclists Don’t Stop
  29. Club Robby
  30. FunnySquad
  31. CyclingJokes
  32. Upside Cycling
  33. Polite Bicycle
  34. Bike Promo
  35. Bike Laugh
  36. Cycling Puns
  37. CyclingParties
  38. Team Spandex
  39. Go Cycling
  40. HomeCycle
  41. RideWithPete
  42. CyclingQuotes
  43. BikeKamis
  44. BikeHookup
  45. Lazy Pedals
  46. Naked Cycling


Fantasy Cycling Team Names

If you are obsessed with the world of fantasy, we have a special section of team names dedicated to you.

Have a look!

  1. Dumbledore’s Army – This team name has a special place in the heart of every Harry Potter fan.
  2. Lord of the Rings – This movie trilogy title name is relevant for a team of cyclists as well.
  3. Maze Runners – How about this slightly off-beat name that you can use for your team of enthusiastic athletes?
  4. Smurfers – We have a particular liking for this short and cute team name that many of you can correctly associate with the movie “The Smurfs.”
  5. The Starks – Any list of fantasy team names would be incomplete without referencing “Game of Thrones.”
  6. Adventurers of Narnia – Here is another one of those team names that are hard to let go of once you hear it out.
  7. Rings of Fire – How about this team name that is high on drama?
  8. Team Tornado
  9. Team Ride
  10. Challenge Nibali
  11. Frenetic
  12. Bishop & Sons Cycling
  13. Peloton Cycles
  14. Team Yellow Jersey
  15. Made With Spandex
  16. Let’s ride together
  17. FantasyKit
  18. Cyclical Shares
  19. Movistar
  20. CycleRoadies
  21. Enthusiast Cycling
  22. Rainbow Road
  23. Cannondale Pro Cycling
  24. Bike Squad
  25. Eternal Glory
  26. Cycling Viatour
  27. Zero Gravity Racing
  28. Farm Team
  29. Handpicked Cyclists
  30. TeamVelo-Sci
  31. United Pro UCI
  32. SF Bike Monkey
  33. Cyclotracks
  34. Cycling and FBS
  35. Echelon Cycling
  36. Team Sky
  37. FatCyclist
  38. RideHub


Mountain Bike Team Names

If you are a travel junkie and mountain biking is your favorite sport, here are some team names for you and your buddies.

  1. Hilly Billy – This no-brainer team name for mountain bikers is an all-time favorite.
  2. Wildcats – How about this unique team name that is very exotic and wild?
  3. No Fear – If you have a team that is always motivated, even in the face of risk, then this team name is tailor-made for you.
  4. Shooting Stars – Are you getting confused with many great team names? Then here is a safe choice of a team name for you that you can never go wrong with.
  5. Polar Bears – Here is a winsome team name for a group of people who love to sleep and eat in no particular order.
  6. Terminators – There is a special place in our heart for cinematic team names, and that shows!
  7. Chain-Saw – How about this slightly gory and creepy team name?
  8. Mountain Bikes
  9. LoneRider
  10. BikeRadar
  11. BeanTown Bicycle
  12. Team Zola
  13. Team Foxy Brown
  14. Mountain Bikers
  15. Huffy Bikes
  16. The Canyon Crew
  17. Mountain Elves
  18. Stealth Bike Team
  19. WildRide Cycling
  20. Gold Rush Riders
  21. TeamHobo
  22. Team Del Valle
  23. Beirut Cyclists
  24. Hawaii Cyclist
  25. Off Road
  26. Team Bullfrog
  27. Kitty Hawk Flyers
  28. Team Dirt
  29. Enduro Hounds
  30. BikeVenture
  31. PeaksFast
  32. Bike Privateers
  33. Downhill Champions
  34. Downhill Thunder
  35. Jama Bikes
  36. Mountain Bikers
  37. Lonely Mountain
  38. BikeCrop


Indoor Cycling Team Names

Are you a part of a team that prefers indoor cycling as against outdoor? No worries, we have a special section of the team name for you all as well.

  1. Storm Troopers – Here is another cool team name that your teammates would approve of.
  2. Gyros – We bet you would not have come across this unique team name anywhere else.
  3. Power Throttle – Do you like this team name that is a bit different from all other suggestions?
  4. Round About – Playful puns in team names is all the rage right now. And we totally approve of this trend.
  5. Overachievers – It’s usually hard to find good single-lettered team names, but this one is a good exception.
  6. Rampage – watch out for this team will ravage you in no time!
  7. The Auto – Here is a subtle team name that many people will be impressed by.
  8. Bones Machine – Isn’t this a weird team name to keep?
  9. The Vampires – The inside joke behind this team name is that vampires prefer staying indoors and not step out.
  10. Junkyard Boys – This name comes from an old band name that was very popular during the ’80s.
  11. Spin
  12. Cycle
  13. SoulCycle
  14. Cadence Cycling
  15. CycleWerx
  16. Genesis Cycling
  17. Orangecycle
  18. TeamPyramid
  19. New York Wheelers
  20. CyclingIron
  21. CycleNation
  22. Bully Bikes
  23. CrossfitCycle
  24. Cycling Studio
  25. CycleBoyz
  26. Ride Solid
  27. Oval Cycle Club
  28. Team Pony Cycle
  29. Team Squish
  30. Synergy Cycle
  31. PedalPower!
  32. CyclingClub
  33. BikeME
  34. RealCyclist
  35. Strada Cycling
  36. Cycle Freaks
  37. CycleClub
  38. CycleBox
  39. TeamSpin
  40. The Fast Pedalers
  41. CycleHouse


Women’s Cycling Team Names

Showcase the amazing “girl power” of your all-girls team with an equally strong and power-packed name. Here are some suggestions from us that might come in handy.

  1. Pretty Peddlers – Hype up your gang of lovely ladies who are in it to win it.
  2. Party Wheelers – Here is a fun and laid-back team name for a group of girls who love to party and cycle. It also has a nice ring to it.
  3. Speed Senate – How about this catchy team name that will come in handy for competitions.
  4. Wind Catchers – Although this name is not limited to a women’s team, it is a great team name for cyclists.
  5. Women on Wheels – Here is a clear winner of “best team names for cyclists” specially curated for women.
  6. Gossip Gang – Is this the team name that would suit best for your group that has a talent for gossip?
  7. Estrogen Express – The Unique selling point of this name is that it can be used for any team of women athletes, irrespective of the sport.
  8. Footloose – We love this wordplay-based team name, and we know you all will too!
  9. Powerpuff Girls – Here is a slice of your childhood that will put a smile on your face whenever you use it.
  10. Ladybirds – Would you care for a team name that comes from the animal kingdom?
  11. The Females
  12. Ear Bicycle Racing
  13. Novel Cycling
  14. Cyclingteams
  15. Bikesister
  16. SportyChix
  17. CycleDivas
  18. SportyChix
  19. Gryphon Ladies Cycling Team
  20. Peachcyclist
  21. AccioCycling
  22. Pink Peloton
  23. Liv Cycling Team
  24. Sprinter Sisters
  25. WheelWomen
  26. Merida
  27. Team CYCLISM
  28. The Bicycling Grannies
  29. Bicycles Beer
  30. Cyclin’ Women
  31. Bicycle Angels
  32. Global Women Cyclists
  33. CytoSport
  34. Furious Femmes
  35. MamaRide
  36. The Lady Cyclers
  37. FullCycle
  38. JustCycling
  39. CyclingLadies
  40. Petra Rossler Team
  41. Cycle Club
  42. Cycle Sisters

Like all good things, our amazing list of some awesome team names for cycling teams has come to an end. Team sports are all about having fun and building lasting relationships; we encourage you to start by giving a common identity to all team members with a team name that everyone loves. You can also tweak and customize many of these team names as per your unique group.

Do share any comments or suggestions that you may have with us.

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